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Rats, mice, and other rodents thrive in the Southern and Northern California and cause damage to attics and crawlspaces as well as carry diseases and parasites.

Getting rid of rats and mice can be difficult and requires a proven method to effectively get rid of them and keep them away.

For more information please read about common causes of rodent infestations and the risk the entailed - Click Here!


 Rodent Control:

Home Inspection

A thorough inspection of the home to identify rodent entry points. Rats only need a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry to your home and mice can get through a hole smaller than that. The trapping system is installed on this visit.

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Clean-Up & Sanitation

The rodent waste is removed and damaged materials are replaced. Infested areas are sanitized and deodorized.

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Prevention and Sealing

This step is also known as "rodent proofing" your home. In this step your home is repaired with rodent-proof materials. The trapping system is checked and reset.

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Attic & Crawl Space Repair & Restoration

Materials are replaced. New insulation and other damaged materials are being repair or replaced.

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Rodent Prevention

Protection is the rodent repellent system of controlling rodents by lowering the rodent population which prevents re-infestation by using rodent repellent installed in your attic and crawl space.

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5 Year Warranty

If all four steps are followed, Green Rat Control will guarantee your home rodent free...or we will fix it free of charge! After we perform all of the necessary tasks we promise to keep your home rodent free.

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Green Rat Control offers all your attic cleaning, rat control, rodent control, decontamination, debris cleanup, and insulation removal & replacement services. We have experience all types of attic cleanup in homes and offices in Southern and Northern California in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, San Jose and San Francisco area.

Almost every home has had a rodent infestation at one point. We have done attic cleanup in homes and offices in most cities of Southern and Northern California. Rodents and other Pests are in almost every community and can find their way into most homes. Green Rat Control specializing in rat cleanup and our exclusive rodent decontamination services.

Our attic clean out service for the Southern and Northern California area, includes: Attic Cleaning and Removing of Pollen , Viruses, Smoke, bacteria, Mold Pet Dander, Odor Often the attic gets cluttered with old cardboard boxes, christmas decorations and Christmas trees, packing materials and just plain old junk. If the trash in your attic gets out of hand, call Green Rat Control attic cleaning services to help.

Our trained professionals employ will clean out all the garbage from your attic while you wait.

When Green Rat Control & attic cleaning, clean out an attic, we take special care not to damage the walls, floor and ceiling of your home or apartment. It doesn't matter how large the junk is, we will take it. We can clear out old furniture, memorabilia, papers and books, clothing, whatever it is, we can handle it. For any attic cleaning jobs in the Southern and Northern California area, call Green Rat Control up for help.

What Green Rat Control Do

Rodent / pest infestation resulting in animals in the walls, attic, or crawlspace.
Raccoon or opossum with litter of babies in attic.
Raccoon, opossum, or armadillo digging in yard or pooping in pool.
Dead animal of unknown location causing odor problem inside building.
Bat or bird colony nesting, roosting, or perching on building.


Rat Control and Rat removal is a very common problem found throughout the state of California, Mostly found in the bigger cities such as Los Angeles, San Jose, San Fransisco and The Surrounding area. Rat Removal and Rat Control can be a very hard problem to deal with. Some of the situations that you may find yourself face to face with a rat is, Rats in the attic, Rats in the crawlspace, Rats in the house, Rats in the garage and several other situations in which you may come face to face with a rat.

There are several different kinds of rats that are found throughout the state of California. The most common rat is the Norway Rats. Followed closely by the Roof Rats. Norway rats are often found in the Crawlspaces and in the walls of the home or the garage, The roof rats is often found in the attic area of the home, hence the name, The roof rat.

Roof rats can cause several different problems in the attic area of your home, some of the problems associated with roof rats are as follows:

Roof rats destroy insulation in your attic
Roof Rats drop fecal and urine in your attic
Roof rats will chew on wires in your attic
Roof Rats carry several diseases in which humans may contract


Norway rats are not as destructive as the common roof rat, however they carry many problems of their own and should not be a welcome guest in or around your home.

We will go over the problems and damages that the Norway rat will do to your home in a future blog, however If you feel that you have a problem with roof rats or Norway rats, you should give the listed professional on these pages a call, these are the Rat removal and Rat control professionals in the Southern and Northern California areas.

If you feel you have a rat infestation and you are not in one of the above areas, you can find a professional rat removal and rat control professional here.

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