3 Signs You Need Professional Dead Animal Removal

3 Signs You Need Professional Dead Animal Removal

Watching wild animals like squirrels, mice, and chipmunks might be cute and funny on youtube- but watching them invade your home is horrific! Wildlife and rodents are very persistent and highly capable. They can make their way into your home despite precautions you may have taken. It’s arguable that the only thing worse than an unwanted animal in your home is a dead animal rotting somewhere in your home.

Wild animals will weasel their way into your home to gain protection and reprieve from the outside elements. They desire a warm, isolated space and easy access to food and water. Basements, attics, and crawlspaces are favorite hangouts and nesting grounds for the rodents and wild pests. Sometimes, animals can find a way in but cannot successfully find the food and water they need to survive. Then you’re in a really tricky situation- locating the whereabouts of a dead animal in your home can be tough! And the longer the mystery goes unsolved, the worse the damage will be.

Don’t draw out the process. Use this guide to recognize right away if you need professional dead animal removal services :

Discoloration or Stains on the Ceiling


Starting with the less obvious sign, spotting discoloration or staining on the ceiling can actually be the most visible pronouncement of the presence of a dead animal in your living space. Relaxing on your living room couch, and you look up to see a stain that has appeared out of nowhere? Most people’s instinct is to suspect a leaky pipe or water damage as the culprit. (Which is possible) But a dead animal carcass, when left untouched to decompose, can actually seep into the walls, floors, ceilings, and even the duct work of your home!

This, unfortunately, is probably the worst-case scenario when it comes to a dead animal in the house. It means that the rotting animal tissue has ruined the wood, insulation and other materials that it came into contact with. Wild animals and rodents carry harmful diseases and bacteria. That bacteria will contaminate any material that it comes into contact with and sometimes can even become air-borne. Removing a dead animal has many health risks involved. You need to hire professionals who have the right equipment and protection to do the job safely.

Bug Attraction

A dead animal inside your home will also become bug central! Notice an increase in flies? A trail of ants? If you are witnessing an unexplained presence of insects in your home, it could be due to a dead animal. Depending on how long the animal has been decomposing, the bugs may have had time to reproduce, leading to an infestation. You absolutely need to get professionals involved to remove not only the dead animal, but also any insect infestation that may have manifested. Insects can do major damage of their own to your home.

Foul Odor

Last, but certainly not least, is probably the most obvious sign you are suffering from sharing your living space with a dead animal- the terrible, rotten, stench. You know that expression- it smells like something died in here? That’s the odor we’re talking about. It’s worse than the I forgot to take out the trash odor, or the milk is definitely sour odor. The foul odor of a dead animal will go from bad to unbearable in a matter of days. Your sense of smell is your most powerful detection and defensive tool. The earlier that you take notice of an odor and call in professional help, the easier it will be to control and minimize damage to your home. Once the dead animal is removed, you will need professional grade odor removal services to truly restore your home to its original condition.

A dead animal in your home is a serious problem, and dead animal removal is not a DIY project. When not executed correctly, dead animal removal can result in costly damage to your property and dangerous health risks. For the safest and most effective results, contact your local experts at Green Rat Control for dead animal removal services.


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