5 Common Places to Find Rats in Your Home

5 Common Places to Find Rats in Your Home

The thought of rats in your home is definitely enough to keep you up at night. It’s an idea you’d like to dismiss, but not so fast- most people wouldn’t have a clue if there are rats in their home. Not because they are negligent, but because people tend to avoid the dark, dusty, hidden, spider-web filled areas of their homes- exactly the type of spaces rats are attracted to.

Rats are sneaky, smart, and cautious creatures. It’s entirely possible that they are cohabitating without you knowing about it! To really be sure your home is rat-free inspect all the spaces on this list. Or if climbing around your crawl space and possibly coming face-to-face with a rat freaks you out, get your local Green Rat Control experts to check it out for you!

1. The Attic

The attic is an excellent place to get started when checking your home for rats. The roof rat is one of the most common residential rodents, and it’s favorite place to nest is in the attic. Rats are adept climbers and can sneak into the attic by running up the walls or by squeezing through holes in the walls and roof. They can enter through a hole that is only ½ inch in diameter!

Rats are attracted to warm spaces. Attic insulation is a soft material that rats love to shred and burrow into to make a nest. Insulation can be ruined by shredding and by contamination from rat droppings and urine. Contaminated insulation is very dangerous and poses health risks. See https://greenratcontrol.com/rodent-control/rat-control-rodent-removal/health-hazards/ to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family.

A long hallway that goes through to a dusty basement

2. The Basement

The other common residential rat is the norway rat. Opposite of the roof rat, the norway rat prefers to lower-level dwellings. Basements are normally dark, moist and warm which appeals to rats. Often used for storage, the basement provides both isolated hiding places and favorable materials- like cardboard- for nesting. Rats will burrow underground and can even gnaw through metal and concrete to gain entry to your basement.

In the case of rat infestation, first check for the overall status of the pipes, drains and walls. Speedy repair and sealing off of any cracks or holes will help prevent future rodents for getting in. The Green Rat Control team conducts an examination of the entire area and seals all holes and possible entry points with steel!

3. Inside the Wall

Nothing makes your skin crawl like being woken up in the middle of the night by persistent scratching noises coming from the walls. Something is inside there. The question is, where? How many are there? This is one of toughest locations to deal with when it comes to rat infestation because you just can’t see what you’re dealing with. Luckily rodent control specialists have special tools and the know how to locate and exterminate the rats without ruining your walls! Learn more at https://greenratcontrol.com/rodent-control/rat-control-rodent-removal/.

4. The Kitchen

Obviously, rats need a source of food. They are known to be dumpster divers and scavengers, but rats really prefer fresh grains or meat and they can climb to find it. Your kitchen is equipped with many major appliances. The power supply unit behind the stove is where rats most often make an access hole into the kitchen. One serious hazard of rats near your appliances is compromised electrical wiring. Rats will chew and gnaw on electrical wires. This is very dangerous! It can cause an electrical fire in your home. If you see signs of rats in the kitchen- gnaw marks, rat droppings- call rodent control services asap.

A rat chewing on wires in a garage

5. The Garage

Rats will normally enter a garage by squeezing through the gap under the garage door.  After that they like to nest inside furnace ducts and chew on anything they can find. Rats’ teeth can cut through almost anything! Beware, your vehicle parked inside could be damaged. Chewing on wires and tires is most common. If you have rats in your garage you need to exterminate and then take steps to rodent proof your space. This will prevent rats from entering into the main living spaces of your home! See https://greenratcontrol.com/rodent-control/rodent-proofing/ for professional rodent proofing services by Green Rat Control.

Reclaim your home- inspect for rats today!

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