5 Easy DIY Pest Control Tips

5 Easy DIY Pest Control Tips

A clean, pest-free home is a happy home. You can’t under-value the feeling of safety and security you get from knowing that you are in control of your living space. If rodents find a way into your home (and you’d be amazed how many ways they can do this) it can take serious time and money to get rid of an infestation. But there are plenty of easy pest control measures that aren’t time-consuming or complicated that you can do yourself. And you don’t even need to use toxic chemicals! All you need is the proper knowledge. So follow this guide for effective DIY pest control tips that you can get to work on today!

1. Take Care of Dirty Laundry

Make it a routine to wash personal items that are used daily such as towels, clothes, bedsheets, and blankets frequently- once a week is a good rule of thumb. What does laundry have to do with pest-proofing your home? Closets, dressers and your bed area can host a whole variety of pests, most commonly dust mites and bedbugs- sometimes mice! The pests love those linen materials and keeping them clean is the best method of prevention.

2. Check Ventilation

Your home’s ventilation system is important for releasing unwanted humidity. Rodents such as rats and mice will thrive in the unseen moist and humid nooks and crannies in your home. They require a water source to survive, and just the smallest leak or collection of condensation is enough to sustain them. To prevent this, your ventilation needs to be up to snuff. Start by regularly checking and inspecting the vents in your attic and any that lead to the outdoors. Make sure your vents aren’t backed up or blocked. They should, however, be properly covered, so as to not let in pests from the outside. Finally, consider using a dehumidifier in especially damp places, like the basement or crawlspace, to help them stay completely dry.

3. Add a Door Sweep

Pests and rodents are very crafty. They are in the market for a new home, and any hole or crack in the exterior of your home is just an invitation to them that says- come on in. Learn more about sealing entry points here! A very simple, inexpensive DIY pest control fix is to put in a door sweep. It seals the gap between the ground and the bottom of your door. You can find one easily at your local hardware store. Just stick it on, and you’re one step closer to pest-proofing your residence. This measure will also help you save energy by helping to regulate the internal temperature of your home.

4. Eliminate Faucet Leaks


5. Declutter your spaces

When you let clutter accumulate you are unwittingly providing nesting spaces for pests. Whether it’s magazines and junk mail piling up in the living room, or musty cardboard boxes of long forgotten storage items in the attic or basement- it’s gotta go! Insects, mice, and rats love to shred those undisturbed materials and nest and breed in there. Make your home less attractive to pest by keeping it clean and clutter free! If your attic needs a major overhaul, consider an attic cleaning service to get you on the right track.

All these DIY pest control steps can easily be accomplished in a weekend! If you have concerns or want to take your pest control efforts to the next level contact your local experts at Green Rat Control!

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