5 Genius Rat Traps that Make Us the Next MacGyver – Part 2

5 Genius Rat Traps that Make Us the Next MacGyver – Part 2

You hear a scuttle and your eyes dart across the room. Nothing. As soon as you turn your head, you hear a little squeak. This time, you catch sight of that annoying little pest! Once again, it’s man vs. mouse, and, this time, you’re surely going to win… if you use one of these genius tricks, that is. Some find it best to stick to the store-bought trap, but for these people, nothing is better than becoming a rat-catching mastermind with everyday tools at home.

Check out some of our favorite homemade rat traps – Part 2:

1. The Wheel of Death

Armed with only a bucket, a coat hanger, a bottle, and a drill, this man made a rat-catching mechanism fit for any frugal individual. To attract the critters, he lined the bottle with peanut butter, though any rat-friendly food will do. For extra measure, he filled the bucket with water in hopes of drowning it before it got loose. They might be clever, but they won’t find a way to swim out of this problem!

2. Chopstick Catch

This trap, albeit much more intricate, is a tried and true method, which is shown at the beginning and end of the video. This genius uses a bottle, some rubber bands and, yes, CHOPSTICKS to create a fail-proof rat-containment system perfect for anyone willing to take on an elaborate do-it-yourself project.

3. Primitive Perfection

If your rat problem doesn’t reach your front door (or if you live in the Stone Age), this tutorial provides a primitive way to catch those pesky things outside! It works best if you have a forest of bamboo in your front yard and tools made from the wildlife around you. This trap is so easy, even a caveman could do it!

4. The One Way Door

Sometimes it’s easy to catch the pests, but not so easy to release them in a humane way. This method ensures that the rats will go in on their own accord and come out only as you see fit. With a large bottle connected to a funnel surrounded by inward-pointing nails, this snare is a one-way door to success. Simply unscrew the funnel and release the rats once you get far, far away from home.

5. The Easiest One Yet

Literally, all you need is a piece of cheese inside a toilet paper roll. Stick that on a ledge overlooking a trashcan, and you’ve got yourself the simplest rat trap ever invented! Perfect for anyone who uses toilet paper, this trap is a simple gem that cannot be overlooked.


There you have it—if you’re dedicated enough to create a worthwhile rat trap, more than likely there’s a method to the madness that you’re going to want to try. Whether it’s elaborate or easy, with these 5 hacks, you’ll be catching rats in no time. More importantly, you’ll never have to share your cheese again!