5 Genius Rat Traps that Make Us the Next MacGyver – Part 1

5 Genius Rat Traps that Make Us the Next MacGyver – Part 1

No one ever wants to see a rat in their home, but sometimes it happens. These pesky little rodents can cause quite a lot of havoc when loose in a home. They can chew on wires, leave droppings all around, rummage through food storage, and make those eerie scratching news at night. What’s worse, rats breed quite often, so if you’ve got a few rats, it could only be a matter of time before you’ve got a full-blown infestation. Luckily, people are getting clever when it comes to catching rats.

Check out these five times where people became the modern-day MacGyver of rat control.

1. When Household Foods Worked as Bait

rat macgyver

One of the best baits for catching rats is peanut butter. Something about the sweet smell attracts them regardless of whether or not this means they have to go out in the open where they are vulnerable and exposed. One of the cleverest ways to attract a rat using peanut butter comes from a Reddit thread and requires a bucket and spoon.

Dab some peanut butter on a spoon and place it on a counter top. Place the bucket just underneath the spoon handles hanging over the counter top. When the rat runs out to get the peanut butter, both it and the spoon will fall into the bucket, alerting you to its capture.

Apparently, the salty sweet goodness of peanut butter works better than cheese—who knew?

2. You Could Recreate Rat Nests


Rats breed a lot—like a lot—which means they’re often looking for places to nest. You can create a clever rat trap by making your own rat nest to lure the rat(s) to you so you can oust them from the house. Find materials like straw, grass, and cotton wool as these are the typical things rats and mice use to create their nests. Once you’ve created the perfect spot to rest, they will come.

3. Use Buckets and Bottles

This simple trick involves turning an empty bottle into a skewer, placing it across the opening of a bucket, and revisiting the use of peanut butter. Once the rat makes its way up to the bottle to get the peanut butter, the bottle will spin, thus dropping the rat into the bucket. This is a more peaceful trap that won’t harm or kill the rat.

4. The Basics: A Cage

Sometimes, the simplest traps are the best traps. As you’ll see in the video, there are great ways to catch rats using simple cages that are expertly placed in and around one’s home. Again, this is a good option for those who don’t want to harm or kill the rats, but simply capture them and set them free elsewhere.

5. The Bucket With a Plate


This trap also used peanut butter, a bucket, and other household items to expertly and peacefully catch your rat. By simply skewering the plate, dabbing it with some peanut butter, and waiting, you can quickly and easily catch your rat. The best part about this trap is that it’s self-resetting. Once the weight of the rat touches the plate, it will automatically dip, dropping the rat into the bucket. Once the rat has fallen in, the plate will spring back, ready for the next one.

Catching rats doesn’t have to be a whole production using poisons, kill traps, and other harsh and potentially messy methods. There are plenty of ways people can catch rats using creativity and their wits that don’t require any violence or mess. Try these methods or do some extra research for even more.

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