5 Reasons You Need Professional Pest Control Services

5 Reasons You Need Professional Pest Control Services

Having rodents in your home can quickly lead to a nightmare of problems. Those furry creatures might be fun to see or touch at the pet store, but they’re often repulsive when they find their way into your house. Damage and contamination caused by a rodent infestation is typically not easy to repair or sanitize and can lead to illness and large expenses if not dealt with properly. Here’s a list of reasons why you should need professional pest control services.

1. Mice/Rat infestation

Mice and rats are constantly seeking shelter and food, and they will certainly not hesitate to take up residence in your home, where they can find an abundance of warmth and edibles. These rodents prefer tight crawlspaces, where they can easily avoid detection and come and go as they please. Because of their constant gnawing, this often poses a problem to furniture, as well as electrical cables within and around the home. This is a major safety concern, considering that rats and mice have even been known to start house fires from chewing on wires.A mouse scurrying on the ground might be a sign you need professional rat control services.

Once these pesky rodents have found their way into the house, they waste no time making themselves at home, leaving their scents behind to attract others of their kind, and usually, a mate. In a matter of weeks, you could have an entire infestation on your hands that only continues to grow in number as the days go by!

To make matters worse, rats and mice alike will eventually find their way into your cupboards, even if that means they have to chew through wood to get to the easily edible things such as your grains and boxes of cereals. They not only contaminate the food they’re eating, but also pollute the counters and cupboards with their feces. This poses a serious health concern to anyone who might consume food from or around the same spot where the rodents were.

2. Dead Animals

What’s worse than a live, unwanted animal in your house? A dead animal. The smell of a creature’s rotting corpse is certainly repulsive, but sometimes these odors can go undetected when the animal dies in a place that residents usually leave alone, such as an attic or within a wall. When this occurs, it can lead to further health issues to not only humans but to pets as well. It’s important to handle a dead animal with great care, as the carcass may carry diseases and contaminated parasites that may infect you or a loved one.

Rotting odors are not only offensive, but they can attract other living creatures into your home to feed upon the dead. This could leave you with the possibility of having even more infestations such as with flies, ants, and other insects, as some will likely use the corpse as a breeding ground for their larvae.

The damage that a dead animal can cause to your home could be permanent and may hurt your wallet to replace. This usually happens when a decaying animal is left in one spot for a long period of time. Walls can succumb to lasting stains, (which are often mistaken for leaking pipes) while ruining the wood, insulation, and other materials.

3. Raccoons and Possums in the Attic

Raccoons might appear to be cute, silly-looking animals in pictures or when you see them outside, but they become destructive troublesome pests when they find their way into your home. Raccoons usually prefer attics because of their temperament for making homes in tree cavities and are more than satisfied to live in a high, warm, and sheltered environment where they can come and go as they please.  A tell tale sign you might need pest control services are raccoons in the attic.

Raccoons are simply dangerous to leave unattended as they will not only gnaw, scratch and destroy your attic, but they often carry diseases that present major health hazards to humans, such as rabies. Raccoons, although mostly skittish by nature and afraid of encountering humans, have been known to attack pets and people when in a rabid state.

Opossums, like raccoons, prefer to live within your attic or sometimes even your basements, and can cause great damage to your walls and insulation. These creatures also carry diseases and will excrete large amounts of waste which contributes to bad odors and contaminated parasites. Female opossums typically give birth to large litters, and it is commonplace for the young to become trapped within the attic or fall down into the walls, where they will scratch persistently and create foul odors when they die.

4. Bat Colonies

Rodents are not the only pests that are a nuisance to your property. Most people don’t consider bats a major problem, since it’s more rare for these creatures to enter the home in the same swift manner that rodents do. Bats are drawn to cooler temperatures, especially in the summertime and will follow the air currents as they lead into the cracks, screens, and open doors of homes. They are more likely to dwell within dark areas like an attic or chimney, as the animals are often drawn to caves, where they usually hang from the ceiling. This is mostly how they obtain protection from the environment and predators, and your house might be the closest thing to a cave that they could find!

Bats are fairly quiet creatures, but can be heard scratching on walls and making squeaking noises at night, which can be annoying. They are very agile creatures, and like opossums, they have been known to get stuck in walls, where they die and create the inevitable odor that wreaks throughout your home as the decaying process starts. Odors also come from their feces, bat guano, which is not only foul in scent, but carries diseases that could be hazardous to humans.

5. Rodent Prevention

The most important part just after getting rid of bats and rodents, is making sure that they never return. Once the animals have either been exterminated or safely released back into the environment, it’s important to set up the appropriate traps and blockade all previous entry and exit points. Decontamination of the feces and odors left behind by the critters is especially important in ensuring that these animals are not once again drawn to your property.


Professional Pest Control Services are there to make your life easier. Handling a rodent infestation on your own without the proper knowledge of these creatures, their habitats, and what attracts them is likely to leave you frustrated with only time and money wasted. Rodents are persistent animals and, like you, they don’t want to give up their home easily, so getting rid of them can certainly be a challenge. Tasking yourself to handling waste and contaminated materials is something that you should try your very best to avoid, as this can be a major health hazard for you, your loved ones, and your beloved pets.

Insulation is an easy material for small rodents to burrow, soil, and nest within, and it will definitely need to be replaced. Professional pest control services will handle this for you so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.Green Rat Control, will not only decontaminate, sanitize and rodent proof your home, but they will do it using effective, natural resources that will be safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Contact Green Rat Control when you’re tired of your home being used as a nesting ground for rodents and ready to see some effective results!



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    My wife and I had rats in our basement a few years ago, and it seems like they are returning now. I had no idea that decontamination of the feces and odors left behind by them could draw them back to the property. We might have to find a professional to help us seal up entry points and prevent this.

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