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This is for people who are fed up with useless pest control products on the market. As people who love traveling, we have had enough shares of pests and ticks in our tents and in our unkempt houses. 

We tried over 500 different pest control products and were impressed with our experience with some. While trying out different products, we figured sharing our experience with pest control products with everyone was best. We hope our pest product reviews will help people make wise and reliable choices.

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Aurora Green


As a pest control expert who loves to travel and camp, I started “Green Rat Control” to share my knowledge and experiences with others. The purpose of thia website is to provide recommendations for eco-friendly and humane pest control methods for campsites and outdoor spaces.
As much as I love camping, not even camp lovers are immune to deadly pests revolving around the bonfire.
I have camped in many countries like California, Japan, Canada, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. During all this, i have to bought mosquito repellents, fast ant killers, and pest control sprays during each trip. Some disappointed me amidst camping which was a nightmare. I had to fill the shelves of camping stores, testing countless pest control sprays in a desperate attempt to keep the bugs at bay.
I also worked as a bed bug specialist for two years, which is also reflected in my reviews of products. You can check out my articles and reviews to make a trustworthy choice. The website would focus on eco-friendly and humane pest control methods for campsites and outdoor spaces.


Marilyn Holloway

Food Pest Control Service Provider

Bugs during camping are common, but one can have an infestation right at home too. As a food pest control service provider, Marilyn have seen infestations in the home pantries. Not even her backyard was safe from the annoying plant-eating pests.
She was faced with pest issues whenever we came back from camping trips.
To have her house pest-free, she tried different indoor and outdoor pest control products. Overall, she made use of a variety of products to get rid of thorough infestations revolving indoors and outdoors. For our wesbite, she made a list of the best pest control products that swiped her house clean of pests of all kinds.
Check out reviews section to learn more about her work.

What do we cover?

As you can tell, we are not new to a variety of pests ranging from mice, rodents, and termites, to scorpions, fleas, and bed bugs. We offer easy-to-skim reviews and guides to ensure quality and trustworthy content. From traps, and bait stations, to repellents and poisonous sprays, you can know about all for free! 

Detailed product reviews:

Our product reviews are honest and rely on study and testing. The outline is made for normal people who have no idea about pest control products. We strive to save you from stress and time-consuming research. Read our reviews for straightforward content on pest control products. 

Guide to control pests:

As someone who is familiar with pests, we have tricks up our sleeves to prevent pests in different parts of the house. Our guides are based on personal experiences and extensive research. We make it as brief and simple as possible for quick understanding and pick-up.