Have you noticed your home thermostat fluctuating? Duct and attic insulation are very important to your home’s heating and cooling system. It keeps it running efficiently! Poor insulation can result in the loss of up to 30% of the energy used by your HVAC system. Stop throwing your money away! With a little home improvement, you can get your energy bills back on track.

You need attic insulation replacement & repair service to revamp your old, ineffective insulation. Our attic insulation contractors will conduct a quick consultation and give you an estimate for the project.

Removal and replacement of attic insulation is not a DIY job. It can be very difficult, labor-intensive and even dangerous. Risks include to the homeowner include: spreading airborne contaminants, mold spores, and even disease.

Haven’t been up to the attic in a while? Odds are, you have uninvited guests. Roof rats seek out the safe isolation of neglected attic spaces. Dusty, dirty attic insulation is a rodent’s paradise! The material is perfect for rat and mice nests. Rodent droppings are often found littered in old attic insulation. The droppings carry infectious disease and should only be removed by professionals with proper protective gear. Never attempt to do this yourself!

Make the smart choice- leave this tricky process to the attic insulation contractors at Green Rat Control. Our friendly staff is fully certified and heavily experienced with insulation replacement. We have the equipment and knowledge to handle any job!

Learn how you can improve the quality of your home and lower your energy bills with attic cleaning and new insulation!

Attic Cleaning

Attic Insulation Contractors in Los Angeles, CA by Green Rat Control

Spring is around the corner, which means- spring cleaning! Attic cleaning might not be at the top of your list, but it should be.

Without a deep attic cleaning, rodents such as roof rats, mice, and possibly raccoons (yikes!) will be attracted to this area. They love to nest in the insulation, in cardboard storage boxes. What’s worse than a rodent nesting in your attic? The havoc they can wreak on your insulation and attic structure. Complete contamination will happen immediately when rodent droppings or urine come in contact with attic insulation and wood. If undiscovered or untreated, it can lead to airborne contaminants that are very hazardous to your health.

An annual or quarterly attic cleaning is standard practice for home upkeep. Don’t neglect the attic, be proactive! The cost to clean an attic depends on how big your space is. But it is definitely cheaper than trying to deal with a rodent infestation or completely ruined attic insulation.

What does a professional attic cleaning include?

If your idea of attic cleaning involves an hour with a broom and a mop, think again!

For many people, the sheer amount of junk in the attic is a major barrier to cleaning. We will remove the storage, junk, and clutter! Next, there will be an inspection for signs of rodents. Our team can handle the worst case scenario- an infestation. Rodent removal is our expertise!

Where there are rodents, there will be droppings and urine. During attic cleaning our team will evaluate the attic insulation. We’ll check to see that it has not been compromised by rodents or water damage. It costs approximately $1.50 per square foot to have both insulation and rodent feces removed from the attic.

Decontamination is an important part of professional attic cleaning for our attic insulation contractors. High-grade cleaning solutions will be used on every square foot to remove the threat of disease and restore the attic space to safety. Professional rodent removal specialists wear protective suits that cover them head to toe while disinfecting previously infested areas.

A foul odor is also a common problem in attic spaces. Deodorizing is one of the final steps in the attic cleaning process. This can leave your entire home smelling fresher!

Attic Insulation

attic insulation contractors have insulated this attic

Properly installed attic insulation retains the heat that rises and travels up through your home. It helps to regulate and maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature throughout the seasons all year long. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends having your insulation inspected at least once a year.

Shabby, shoddy DIY or just plain poor craftsmanship can sabotage the vital role that insulation plays in your household. Without the right type of professionally installed attic insulation, heat will escape right through your attic and ceiling!

If you determine that you need to replace your old insulation, you have a few different options:

Types of Attic Insulation

  • BLANKET INSULATION: Made of Fiberglass, Mineral wool, Plastic fibers, or Natural fibers, this inexpensive type of insulation is most commonly used on unfinished walls and works best in spaces that are relatively free from obstructions.
  • CONCRETE BLOCK INSULATION: Usually used on new construction, concrete block is a foam board style insulation. Installing concrete block insulation requires special skills and should not be attempted as a DIY project.
  • RIGID FOAM INSULATION: Acceptable for unfinished walls and floors, rigid foam is made of Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate and Polyurethane materials. One advantage of rigid foam is that you get high insulating value for relatively little thickness.
  • LOOSE-FILL AND BLOWN-IN INSULATION: Probably the most common home insulation, loose-fill style insulation is really handy for hard to reach places. Ideal for an enclosed existing wall or unfinished attic floors. It is literally blown or sprayed in using special equipment- you’ll need a contractor for this job!
  • RADIANT BARRIER: If your attic looks like it is covered in tin foil, then you have what is known as radiant barrier insulation. This insulation’s bubble-form can be ideal if your framing is off-kilter or if obstacles are in the way. It’s ideal for reducing summer heat gain and reducing cooling costs.

Each type of insulation has its pros and cons. Our experts can help you decide which type will best meet your needs.

How long does new insulation last? According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, spray foam insulation, wrap tape, and house wrap insulation can last for more than 80 years! Cellulose, loose-fill, foam board, loose fill, and rock wool insulation have the potential to last up to 100 years! Sound too good to be true. It is (sort of). Those numbers assume that the insulation stays in mint condition. Regular attic cleaning is the best way to protect your new investment.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to do this project yourself. Your weekends and free time are precious. Spending time, energy, and money on a DIY project, without the skills and know-how, will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Worse, you could actually get hurt or sick in the process!

When it comes to home improvement, plumbing is best left to plumbers, and wiring is best left to electricians. When you want the peace of mind and the guarantee that it’s done right, make the smart move- leave attic cleaning and insulation installation to us! At Green Rat Control, our attic insulation contractors are ready for the problem your attic is facing.

We’re heading into spring, and warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Our attic insulation Los Angeles services are guaranteed to improve the quality of your home and your energy efficiency.

Act now for a free attic insulation consultation and estimate!

  • Tom was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I submitted my online service request in the evening and he was out to clean my attic from the rat infestation that we had the next afternoon. Great service, Great Company! Susan Frank - Encino, CA

    Susan Frank – Encino, CA

    Susan Frank – Encino, CA
  • From the first phone call this company is very professional. they explained how they clean the attic and the price was really reasonable compare to other companies. The technician man, Mark called 10 minutes before he arrived to my house, which I found very helpful. Mark was very professional and friendly throughout the process. Highly Recommended. Great Work and service. Tom Stern - Woodland Hills, CA

    Tom Stern – Woodland Hills, CA

    Tom Stern – Woodland Hills, CA
  • I had rats.  At least one had died under my sub-floor. It had begun to smell. It wasn't the first time and I was frustrated.. :-/ I called Green Rat Control and they were there in the morning the next day.  It looks like the rat proofing has worked so far. Great Service! John Fox - Pasadena, CA

    John Fox – Pasadena, CA

    John Fox – Pasadena, CA
  • Green Rat Control was just phenomenal. They was there on time, told me the cost did the work and explained everything I needed to know. They guarantees their. I totally recommend them. You know that everything is taken care of. Ronald Wuless - Tustin, CA

    Ronald Wuless – Tustin, CA

    Ronald Wuless – Tustin, CA
  • Green Rat Control are the best.!! Fantastic! They just finished outfitting my home as we had a rat in the attic. They have been SO responsive; coming to my home 3 times this week. The serviceman was polite, knowledgeable, and did everything possible to make sure we felt comfortable with the process. I am VERY happy we spent the extra $ to go with a professional outfit like Green Rat Control. Joe E. Los Angeles, CA

    Joe E. Los Angeles, CA

    Joe E. Los Angeles, CA
  • I had a great experience with Green Rat Control, was very pleasant and helpful. They got rid of my problem and conducted follow-up to make sure the problem was resolved. Thank You Jenny S. Calabasas, CA

    Jenny S. Calabasas, CA

    Jenny S. Calabasas, CA
  • Green Rat Control is the master of rat elimination and a very pleasant company to deal with. They're quick, effective, answers questions, knows their stuff, and guarantees his work. A real professional. Susan Frenzo - Orange County, CA

    Susan Frenzo – Orange County, CA

    Susan Frenzo – Orange County, CA
  • Green Rat Control are amazing. We have some persistent critters in our neighborhood and Green Rat Control has rat-proofed out house and helped us to remain pest free. They guarantees his work so if you need him to come back, he will. I cannot begin to tell you how nice that is. The customer service is excellent. We could not be more pleased. Sam Gerson - Topanga, CA

    Sam Gerson – Topanga, CA

    Sam Gerson – Topanga, CA
  • Everyone I talked with from the first consultation to the dispatcher on the phone to the crew that sealed off my attic were all very nice, very professional, and answered all my questions. Samantha Brown - Palos Verdes, CA

    Samantha Brown – Palos Verdes, CA

    Samantha Brown – Palos Verdes, CA
  • The problem was solved and overall I found their pricing reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again in the future if I need pest control. Steve Mar Del - Beverly Hills, CA

    Steve Mar Del – Beverly Hills, CA

    Steve Mar Del – Beverly Hills, CA
  • Very professional and worth every cent. I agree with all the reviews. If you have a rodent problem which is causing you sleepless nights, call Green Rat control. Judy Laws - San Diego, CA

    Judy Laws – San Diego, CA

    Judy Laws – San Diego, CA
  • We used Green Rat Control It when we started noticing a stench in our house earlier this month. It was a smell that could only be that of a dead animal. My husband called Green Rat Control It for some help. Tom came out and found a dead rat in our crawl space which he removed. He also determined one had gotten into our wall and died near the waste line. He disinfected and deodorized the area to help the smell and hopefully accelerate the decomposition of the dead animal. Additionally, he patched up the vent screens on the outside of the house. Very professional and reasonably priced. I'd recommend these guys if you have any kind of rodent or pesky animal issue. We would definitely use them again if we need to. Linda Horn - Glendale, CA

    Linda Horn – Glendale, CA

    Linda Horn – Glendale, CA

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