Why is Attic Decontamination Important?

Why is Attic Decontamination Important?

In this post, let’s explore why attic decontamination is a job that should be tackled by a professional. 

What’s the most important room in your home? The kitchen, say those who love to cook. The bedroom, say many who appreciate a restful retreat. The rec room, say the kids. The attic – said no one ever!

Sure the attic space is not glamorous, maybe doesn’t even seem useful, and it’s definitely neglected. But whether you realize it or not, your attic is truly one of the most important rooms in your home.

Why? Because even though it’s out-of-sight, the attic plays a very important part of your home’s make-up. Clean and properly installed attic insulation retains the heat that rises and travels up through your home. This helps to regulate and maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature in your home throughout the seasons all year long.

Dust, mold, water damage, rodent infestations, and other forms of contamination can sabotage the vital role that the attic plays in your household. But, beware! Attic decontamination is not a DIY job. Dangerous allergens and airborne germs can lurk up there. Professionals use special protective gear and high-grade cleaning supplies to get the job done right.

Here are a few reasons why attic decontamination is so important and completely worth your investment!


Attic Decontamination: The Science of Deep Cleaning

Attic decontamination is a term used by rodent control professionals for the process of restoring an attic to its original state after it has been invaded, contaminated, and damaged by rodent infestation. To the untrained eye, it may seem like the attic just needs a good sweeping and scrubbing. But the experts at Green Rat Control know that there are potential dangers lurking that could jeopardize the health of your family.

Whether you are just starting your homeowner journey, or have been living in your home for many years, you likely know that there are many important facets of effective home maintenance.

When you first buy a home there are tons of inspections to be done, and having attic decontamination done by professionals should be at the top of your list. Even if you’ve been living in your home for a while, you should have the attic deep cleaned and decontaminated about every three years.

These are the steps you can expect during high-quality, attic decontamination deep cleaning:

  • Scrubbing with brushes, sponge, water and other solvent cleaning solutions to wash away dust and loose dirt hence decontamination.
  • Evaporation or vaporization that separates solid dirt from the vapor which can then be condensed and recollected as clean liquid whereas the residual is disposed off hence decontamination.
  • Dissolving chemicals into liquids that react with the dirt in the process of chemical leaching.
  • Washing lightly with water using pressurized or gravity flow in the process of water rinse this enable decontamination of loose dirt.
  • Use of steam jets using the injector, ejector, steam injector, eductor-jet pump or thermo compressor for decontamination.

Chemical detoxification and sterilization are what take attic decontamination to the next level. Attic decontamination is a science. Several methods may be used to achieve the best results. Consult with your local professionals to determine which strategy will work best for your space.

Neutralization is a method where chemicals react with the dirt and eliminate the harmful chemical.  Another option is thermal degradation, which involves heating chemical substances to decompose into simple elements that are harmless. Essential to success is determining the correct amount of heat required for decontamination.

Dry heat sterilization is a professional strategy that can achieve decontamination by using electricity to kill harmful microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A similar process is gas sterilization, in which poisonous gas attacks the dangerous microorganisms. If you have pets or young children in the home, be sure to ask the professionals if it is safe to use this method in the home.

Destroying bacteria with exposure to short-wavelength gamma rays, or electromagnetic radiation, is how irradiation works. This can be yet another effective method of sterilization during attic decontamination.


When deciding what type of method is best for your space the pros will assess the situation. For example, if there are items in the space that would be negatively affected by a heat-based method, a chemical disinfection decontamination that uses a liquid chemical is a better way to go.

As you can see, attic decontamination is so much more than a simple cleaning. The procedures involved require thorough training and should only be conducted by a licensed professional.

The deep clean an attic decontamination provides is so important because it cleanses away hazardous bacteria and microorganisms that cannot be seen, but can be harmful to your family’s health. Not only will you enjoy a spotless attic afterward, but also the peace of mind that your home is clean and safe.


Attic Cleaning and Removal Services

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you need to remove in order to clean your attic, let alone the thought of removing anything that can move, never fear! The friendly team at Green Rat Control will remove any unwanted storage or trash from your space as a complementary part of their attic decontamination services.

Few of us ever really disturb the attic, so it isn’t surprising that this location is a favorite nesting ground for all types of rodents. It is entirely possible for a whole clan of mice or rats to being squatting in your attic without you being any the wiser!

Normally, preparing your space for attic decontamination involves removing any hazardous or unwanted material – including a rodent infestation.

Removing a rodent infestation doesn’t just take guts and willpower. To truly remove the threat, carefully implementing a strategy is necessary. Experts will inspect your attic and find and seal all possible entry points. This keeps all rodents out. Then professionals will look for any leaks in your attic that may be providing a water source for the rodents, and eliminate them.

Finally, it’s time for the removal of rodents on the inside. Professional grade gear and equipment are required to remove rodents (dead and alive) because they often carry bacteria and diseases that are very harmful to humans. A homeowner should never attempt to trap or remove rodents in the attic on their own!


Proactive Home Maintenance

One other important reason for scheduling your attic decontamination is that well-cleaned attic will improve the overall functionality and energy-efficiency of your home. Your attic, when properly cleaned and insulated, regulates the comfortable temperature of your home.

If the insulation becomes, dirty, damaged, or contaminated, it will be rendered ineffective. This leads to two unintended negative consequences. First, The attic and insulation cannot properly do its job, and air will escape. This means energy wasted and higher monthly energy bills! Second, you’ll need to replace your damaged insulation with new insulation to restore your attic- not a cheap endeavor!

Sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot. Save yourself tons of money in the long haul by investing in regular, high-quality attic decontamination services. You’ll thank yourself later!

Everyone loves to save money, but ultimately, your family’s health is your top concern. Be proactive.

The most important reason for attic decontamination is to prevent harmful bacteria from wreaking havoc on your space or posing a health threat to your family.  And when it comes to protecting your health, this is a job that’s best left to the professionals – save the DIY for another project!

It might not be your favorite room in the house, but now you know why the attic is so important, and why attic decontamination is absolutely worth the investment.

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