Top 5 Best Glue Traps For Rats

Buying the best glue traps for rats can be a tricky task if you are new to the game. 

These days, rodents like mice and rats are a big problem in households and other places like factories and restaurants. In this article, we will light on several methods to eliminate the rat problem in households. Almost every human being have gone through this issue once in life, unless you are living in New Zealand and Antarctica or some other ocean islands.

Best Glue Traps For Rats

 The presence of rodents in homes is highly unhealthy and dangerous as it welcomes many diseases which we never knew are caused by rodents. We must not ignore any mice activity noticed in our house as it can be lethal in coming times.

Some common and well-known diseases from rodents are hantavirus-a life-threatening disease, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (lcmv), plague, salmonella, rat bite fever, and tularemia. To keep yourself and your family safe from these harmful diseases, we will guide you to buy the perfect and best glue traps for rats to catch all the rats in your house and finish this problem from its core. We have tested and put gathered the best bait mouse glue traps in this article.

One of the best mouse glue traps is the Tom Cat Glue Trap, which will solve the mice problem once and for all. This offers a very hard grip which makes it entirely unable to escape from the rats. These pads are also capable to trap all insects, including spiders, roaches, and scorpions.

We have tested various best mouse sticky traps. Including Peanut Butter Scented Traps, highly adhesive glue traps, the best bait for mouse glue traps with oil composition, and Eugenol mixed glue traps. Let’s have a detailed look into the best glue traps for rats to make your purchase decision easy.

Best Overall Glue Traps For Rats:

Upon testing all the best mouse glue traps, we found some amazing results in Kensizer Glue Trap. This Peanut Butter scented trap will catch the mouse, and no pungent odor will be observed in your house. The glue is evenly distributed on board which makes high chances of trapping rats. The environmentally friendly composition allows it to be used in food factories and restaurants too. While using some bread crumbs or cheese during your catch will make the results more fascinating and makes this the best mouse sticky trap to use.

Quick Pick:

  1. Kensizer Glue Trap: An easy solution to a big problem is this Kensizer mouse glue trap. It comes in a packaging of 3.34 pounds, making it convenient to use all over the house. The environmentally friendly technology makes it suitable to use in houses, restaurants, and factories.
  1. Tomcat Glue Traps: The best-selling mouse glue trap with the efficient Eugenol that makes stickiness more firm and hard. The highly flexible design makes the trap easy and can be used anywhere in the house.
  1. Catchmaster Baited Rat Glue Traps: The best mouse glue trap comes with a fastener putty attached at the bottom to prevent mouse escape and the non-toxic chemical-free composition makes it safe to use in homes in the presence of pets and kids.
  1. Peanut Butter Scented Glue Traps By Catch-Master: The peanut butter scented mouse glue trap that eliminates the rat problem without the spread of putrid smell in the house. The non-toxic composition also contributes to environmentally friendly use. The foldable design makes escape impossible for rats.
  1. Kat Sense Rat ‘N Mouse Glue Traps: The all-time easy-to-use rat glue trap that can be used in the presence of children and pets. The adhesive used in these traps is potent, with 300 sq feet of rat trapping coverage. They perform best in sanitary areas and moist places.

1. Kensizer Glue Trap – Best Small Space Glue Trap

Kensizer Glue Trap

An easy solution to eliminate rodents is this peanut butter, fragranced kensizer glue board. It contains evenly distributed glue all over its board, preventing mice 

from escaping. I have used this in cupboards and pantries just because of its easily tilted, flexible design, which makes it fit everywhere. Best mouse glue trap to use in restaurants and food factories because of its environmentally friendly technology. Every time my glue trap caught a mouse, I didn’t have to touch the mouse myself. Just wide open the trap over the garbage tray, and the job is done. In my experience, this glue trap offers a large surface area to hold and catch the mouse. 

Kensizer Glue Trap

The adhesive used in this mouse trap is scented with peanut butter which does not give the pungent smell in the house. To see some amazing effects I recommend you to use some bread crumbs or cheese on the glue board; fried fish can also be used to attract rats. This glue trap comes in a pack of 12 pieces which makes it convenient to capture rats whenever you see them around.

The box weighs 3.34 pounds which is an economical and budget-friendly deal to get rid of rodents. Then place the board where you notice the activity of rats is very high. However in some cases, I have noticed the glue traps being carried away by my mice, you can prevent this by sticking the glue board to the floor with some double tape.




  • Peanut butter Scented
  • Flexible design
  • Environmental friendly


  • Sometimes mice run with the board
  • Smaller than usual traps

Final Words:

If you face a regular problem with rats in your house, especially the places you can’t go searches like pantry and closets, then you must try these mouse traps out as they can fit inside small areas and solves rat problems

2. Tomcat Glue Traps – Best Glue Trap For Rats

Tomcat Glue Traps

One of the many effective ways to trap and solve the mice problem is to use the tomcat glue traps. This glue trap is equipped with enhanced sticking capability, which makes the trap for rats their last breath. The grip of this glue trap is very hard, and the mice cannot escape or run away with the trap attached to their feet. I have used these traps in many places such as washrooms, cupboards, kitchens, garages, and even in my car, and the results were always extraordinary.

This trap can also be used on all types of pests. I have personally not used this over other creepy crawlers, but the company claims it to be highly effective on all insects. These claims are backed up by some reviews that reveal these traps are also capable to trap a variety of insects like spiders, roaches, scorpions, etc.

I have only used these glue traps for rodents and I am satisfied with the results. They easily fit in small places and are highly flexible, which makes catching rats easier and they cannot hide for long hours. This trap comes with Eugenol which is well known for its stickiness and no doubt it makes the mice stick hard to the trap.

These highly effective rat traps come in a 5.3 ounces box. Each box contains 6 traps making it an economical deal to truly eliminate the rat problem from your house. Though eugenol comes with quite a smell to it and is not advised to store for long hours. While using these glue traps, don’t place them in high-temperature areas as the glue can melt in extensive heat. 




  • Comes with eugenol
  • Pest-free
  • Effective on other insects too


  • Liquid melts at high temperature
  • Eugenol comes with a smell

Final Words:

You can easily get rid of rodents and other insects or pesticides problems with these glue traps. I have had a great experience with these glue traps as they are highly effective and show results in very little time. You don’t have to wait for days to trap a mouse. Although the eugenol used in these traps smells a little off, you can dispose of the pad after use.

3. Catchmaster Baited Rat Glue Trap – Best Mouse Sticky Trap

Catchmaster Baited Rat Glue Trap

The catch master-best mouse sticky trap comes with heavy-duty strength and formula to catch rodents in every place of your house, office, and factory. These glue traps are very lightweight and come with a fastener putty attached at the bottom which prevents the rodents from escaping. These rat glue traps can be used not just for mice but for roaches, spiders, and many crawling pesticides.

Their use in homes and offices is very environmentally friendly as they are non-toxic and cannot harm humans with their chemical composition. These traps are highly disposable and can be thrown immediately after use. Their highly flexible material allows them the fold and even round in a tunnel, making each and every place of your house terrible for rodents. 

Catchmaster Baited Rat Glue Trap

Just place it where you have noticed the rodent’s activities. These are the best bait for mouse glue traps and are highly recommended for damp and humid placements. Placing these traps only in one place can notify the rodents of your plan. Using it in different locations can get a high number of rodents caught.

The rodents are very attracted to moist areas, you can place these near kitchen sinks, or washrooms to catch them. This mouse glue trap is also preferred for its economical side as the box comes with a weight of 2.84 pounds and contains 12 glue traps.However, these traps are also very likely to melt off in the tray at high temperatures which can be a little messy.




  • The attached fastener putty, prevents rodents to escape
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Foldable design


  • Can Cause Smell after the catch of mouse
  • Melts off at high-temperature

Final Words:

If you are looking for a permanent solution to control rodents problem at your place, these traps should be considered. They offer a really hard, strong, and effective catching ability as the glue used in the traps is highly adhesive. If you cannot bare the sight of a dead mouse, stay away from these traps.

4. Peanut Butter Scented Glue Traps By Catch-Master – Best Odorless Glue Trap

Peanut Butter Scented Glue Traps

These peanut butter-scented catch master glue traps for rats are highly recommended for catching mice, rodents, and all other small rats. The peanut butter smell makes the use of traps in the home easy as the other traps are not breathable. These traps are non-toxic and can be used in households. The rats will be trapped in their way because these glue traps come with highly adhesive glue with a scent of peanut butter induced in them.

The glue used in catching the master glue trap is effective for a complete year and is environmentally friendly to humans and pets. Many glue boards come with oil in their composition, this oil can mix with the body of a rat and let the rat escape. But the catch master glue boards do not come with any form of oil in their composition.

The placement for these traps is also very easy as they are quite low profile in their placements. These traps are also foldable to block any passage the rats could use to use escape. Each box contains 20 mouse glue traps which are enough for eliminating the rat problem from its core. The peanut butter flavor used in these traps is to lure the rats in the aroma and as a result, more rats are trapped. These traps can also be used on snakes, spiders, and all kinds of insects and pesticides.




  • Round foldable
  • Peanut butter scented
  • Non-toxic


  • Melts off in tray at high temperature.
  • Cant be placed directly in the corner, use multiple positions.

Final Words:

These peanut butter scented traps would make your mice-catching experience not so unpleasant as the smell of other traps is a major problem in households. This bait mouse glue trap must be easily used in the kitchen, pantry, and washrooms. The round folded design can make the rat’s escape impossible. These traps are always advised to use in pleasant weather. Using them at hot temperatures can melt the trap in its tray which is a mess to clean. When a rat is trapped it is not killed, you have to kill the rat yourself or just throw it outside your house.

5. Kat Sense Rat n Mouse Glue Traps Best Child Safe Glue Trap

Kat Sense Rat n Mouse Glue Traps

These are pre-baited glue pads that best mouse baits for glue traps and are also induced with peanut butter fragrance that is non-allergenic. This prevents rats, rodents, and all other pesticides from entering your personal space. These glue pads are easy to use and can be handled in presence of children and pets. While using them these glue traps have shown entirely different and satisfying results than the other false claimed traps circulating in the market.

The rodent problem will be solved once and for all. This rat trap is best to use in sanitary areas and performs best in humid and moist places. The adhesive used in these traps is highly powerful, with 300 sq feet of rat trapping coverage. This huge surface area is not only best for catching rats but snakes, spiders, bugs, roaches, and all other creepy crawling insects that are unwanted in your house.

Kat Sense Rat n Mouse Glue Traps

Using the traditional wooden snap traps and ineffective electronic rat traps would only make rats in your house smarter to escape from these traps. The box weighs around 1.23 pounds containing 6 mouse glue traps. These pre-baited glue traps are best in this situation and will solve the rat problem forever. However, it has been observed that too big rats do not stick for much time on this board and might take the trap along. But it is best suitable for small and mid-sized rats




  • Pre-baited glue traps
  • Huge surface area of 300 sq feet
  • Peanut butter scented


  • Big rats can move away with the trap

Final Words:

These pre-baited traps have shown results and clearly are capable to solve the rat problem at your house. However, big-sized rats can’t stick to it for a larger period of time so it is advised to check the trap pad during a few intervals. 

Comparison Table 

Rat Glue traps Peanut butter scentedAdhesive quality CapacityBest for 
1.KensizerYes Strong glue, evenly distributed12 packsBest glue trap for small places
2.TomcatNo Contains Eugenol for enhanced stickiness6 packsBest glue trap for the immediate catch of rats
3.Catchmaster Baited RatNoHigh-quality adhesive with fastener putty12 packs Best glue trap for use in homes
4.Peanut Butter Scent Glue Trap by CatchmasterYes Highly adhesive peanut butter scented glue20 packsBest glue trap with no odor issues
5.Kat sense Rat N MouseYes Adhesive with 300 sq feet of trapping area6 packs Best glue traps to use in presence of children and pets.

Buying Guide of Best Glue Traps For Rats

Here is a short buying guide you should keep in mind while buying the best glue trap for mice.

Buying Guide of Best Glue Traps For Rats
Infographic: Buying Guide of Best Glue Traps For Rats

Adhesive quality:

While buying a glue trap for rats you must consider a trap with high-quality adhesive offering enhanced stickiness so that mice won’t be able to escape the trap. The glue traps discussed above are highly rated in their adhesive quality and can be used without any fear of rats running away from the trap.

Scented glue traps:

When you are looking to buy glue traps always go for scented glue traps because they minimize the odor caused by mice trapping. In our above list, we have discussed several peanut butter-scented glue traps that are highly effective in households to maintain a pleasant aroma in the house.

Foldable design:

Mostly the mice hide in places where human intervention is difficult. They tend to hide in places like washrooms, kitchens, pantries, tunnels, garages, and places where they find small areas to hide. To catch the rats in these specific areas you must use the best glue traps for rats having a foldable design that can easily fit in tunnels and holes and small entrances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which glue trap can be used in homes?

Any glue trap can be used in homes, but the most preferred glue traps offer you a nice aroma and can be easily folded.

Which glue trap is considered the strongest?

The tomcat glue traps are considered to be the strongest and best glue traps for rats because they have Eugenol composition that is highly powered with stickiness.

Can sticky traps catch big rats?

Yes, sticky traps can work on both mice and big rats.

Should we bait the glue trap first?

Yes, you can bait the glue traps but avoid baiting them with oily substances like peanut butter.

Do a sticky trap smell after mice are trapped?

Yes, a sticky trap may smell after mice catch so it is advised to dispose it of as soon as possible to avoid the putrid odor in your house.


While going through the complete article you must be aware of how lethal can rats be in our homes and what are some easiest ways to get rid of them. The best mouse sticky traps discussed in this article are the tomcat and kensizer with 100% catching rates and overall best reviews from customers.

  • Best mouse glue traps for home: Tomcat glue traps are the best glue traps for rats for home use and can eliminate the rat problem immediately because of their Eugenol composition that offers a hard and effective stickiness to hold the rat.

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