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House mice, rats, and rodents leave traces of their dirt and disease everywhere. It’s good to deal with them early on before they lay eggs in some corner of your house, and you get double the amount of filth. We live in Chicago, so it’s safe to say we have a fair share of rodents and mice. But luckily, we controlled our rat-infested area by using various baits for traps. Also, for people who are professional exterminators, we have even listed the best mice bait for bait stations. 

Best Mice Bait

The best bait to catch rats and mice is a spoon of peanut butter. This is for mouse and rat traps. Or you can go for Contrac Blox Mouse Control if you don’t have a rat trap and like using bait stations. 

The Top 10 best baits for mice and rats are given below, and you can jump to them. Or you can start by looking at types of baits for extra knowledge on how to lure mice and rats. 

Types of baits for rats and mice and how effective they are: 

There are many best baits for mice and rats, depending on how many there are in your house. If you have only two to three rats, then bait for a trap will work fine, but for a whole family of mice, you might want to take professional measures. In simple words, there are three types of best rat bait to use:

Types of baits for rats and mice

Food baits 

Food baits are the best bait to use for rat traps. We recommend using sticky food that tastes sweet and contains lots of fat. Using such a type of food will make the mice more likely to get attracted and trapped. 

Nesting baits 

Female rodents and mice look for materials like yarn or cotton so that they can build a nest for their upcoming family. So, by using nesting baits, you can save your house from unwelcomed mice tenants. But these don’t work every time. Nesting baits are also placed on mice and rat traps.

Professional baits 

People who have a large number of mice and rats will find the specialty baits helpful. You need to buy these, and there is no need for traps. Just place them in a place your pets and children won’t reach. You can use bait stations if you want. These attract the rats and mice out and kill them after eating them in two to four days.

Ten surprisingly easy and effective best bait for mice traps

Generally, catching a single mouse is easier, so there’s no need for professional boats. Here are the best mice baits for trapping: 

Best Food to Bait Mice

Best food to bait mice
Infographic: Best food to bait mice

1. Peanut butter 

Starting with our all-time favorite mouse bait, peanut butter. It has perfect sweetness and stickiness, which is the best bait for live rat traps. Place pea-sized peanut butter on the trap, and you are set to go. 

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2. Sugar-coated Cereal

Even breakfast cereal can come in handy while catching mice and rats. There were times when we used this and got amazing results in trapping mice successfully. But we did not get the same performance with salty cereal, so we just used sweet ones.  

3. Seeds and nuts

Using peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and bird seeds is an effective way to lure mice. Just make sure to place them on the trap where they fit perfectly. 

4. Gum drops

The best cheap bait for rat traps is gum drops. Not only are they colorful, but they also contain the right amount of sugar. So, they will get the job well done as best rat bait. 

5. Marshmallow 

Another cheap bait alternative used for rat traps is marshmallows. Being solid and soft makes them a safe bait to catch mice in traps. 

6. Pet-food 

Having pets is great, but you can use it to catch rats instead of cleaning up the pet food. For extra security, you can place tarps around the pet feeder so that catching mice is easier. Because mice are drawn to the pet food left in the feeding tray, watching and trapping them will be easier. 

7. Meat chunks

Meat chunks are considered as best mice bait for traps. You can use meat chunks as bait. It can be bacon, beef jerky, sausages, and deli meat. 

8. Jam

Jam is similar to peanut butter and is also one of the best bait for mice and rat traps. The only thing that can go wrong in this is jam sliding off of the trap or ants eating it. Aside from that, it has a nice amount of stickiness and sweetness to attract mice and rats. 

9. Cheese 

Let us shock you by saying cheese is not always effective in trapping mice. Cheese can be considered the best bait for rat traps, only if it’s soft and smelly. Rich cheese flavors like camembert, brie, and blue cheese help lure mice out of hiding.

10. Chocolate 

Mice love chocolate as much as humans do. With such a wide variety of chocolates, you might be wondering which one of them is the best mice trap bait. We recommend having a small piece of milk chocolate to trap mice. 

The best bait for rats and mice 

Mice and small rats are easier to catch using the best bait for mouse and rat traps, but some rats have large bodies. It is difficult to kill them simply by using food baits in traps. People don’t like using these mice baits as they may harm your pets and children if they eat them. Luckily, most of them have antidotes that can ease this problem. 

These are easier to place as no trap is required. They have everything a mouse would want to nibble on. By eating mice baits, the mice and rats will gradually die on their own. Plus, professionals can use these to kill large numbers of rats and mice quickly. Let us give you the best bait for rats and mice:

Contrac Blox Mouse Control: 

Contrac Blox mouse control takes care of the stubborn mice and rats in days. The active ingredient used to kill mice is Bromadiolone. And it even comes with an antidote Vitamin K1 in case your child or a pet eats it. 

Contrac Blox Mouse Control

We got rid of many rodent infestations upon using it, but it is pretty expensive. Make sure no crumbs of food are lying down, or rats will be attracted to them instead of the bait. 

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Who it isn’t for: It may be too expensive for people on a limited budget. 

First Strike Pacs:

People who live in hot areas will love the First Strike Pacs. This is a soft mice bait that contains Difethialone as an active ingredient. You also get Vitamin K1 as an antidote for emergency cases. 

First Strike Pacs

You get four pouches in one pack, and one pouch can kill a house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat in only 4 to 5 days. It also comes in different amounts depending on the price. 

Who it isn’t for: The only drawback is that it may be hard bait instead of soft bait in cold weather. 

Ditrac All Weather Blox:

By using Diphacinone, Ditrac All weather Box takes care of rats and mice in a few days. You can place it in all types of settings, indoors, outdoors, and in hot or cold weather. Furthermore, the mice bait works flawlessly even in moisture-filled areas. 

Ditrac All Weather Blox

Keep in mind that this is a multi-feeding mice bait. This means it will take a significant dose to kill rats and mice. So, this may take some time, from three to seven days. 

Who it isn’t for: This one is not so fast in effectively killing rats, so some people may get impatient. Sometimes, it even takes seven days to kill rodents. 

Motomco Tomcat Mouse Bait:

MOTOMCO Tomcat mouse bait is for impatient people. It can kill mice and rats in mere four hours, or it might take a maximum of two days. The best thing about MOTOMCO mice bait is that it smells similar to peanut butter. So it attracts rats from all corners of your house and kills them quickly. 

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait

The active ingredient is Bromethalin which is toxic, so keep it away from children and pets. 

Who it isn’t for As it does not come with an antidote. It’s best to keep it away from children and pets. And in case it gets eaten, make sure to get medical help as soon as possible. 

Cautionary measures: (when using mice baits )

If you are using mice baits, you must ensure you don’t put your children or pets in danger. Are mice baits harmful to humans? Yes, baiting mice without traps is risky. We recommend checking the label to see if the mice bait has an antidote in case of swallowing it. 

Only use the mice bait in the bait station instead of leaving it anywhere in the house. We do not advise using it if it does not have any antidote. 

Myths about food baits 

When we say cheese isn’t an effective bait, it is because of the myth that rats and mice love cheese. Most of the time, mice and rats aren’t always lured by regular cheese, which is why we recommend going for soft-smelling cheese. Or you can go for something sweet-smelling like peanut butter instead. Also check out best cheese for mouse traps.

Tips to catch mice in traps 

There may be lots of the best bait for catching mice, but catches also involve setting up the trap. Maybe even by using the best bait for mice, you aren’t catching any. So along with having the best bait for mice traps, you should follow these tips for a successful trap setup:

Tips to catch mice in traps
  • Instead of placing extra food bait, you should set up more traps around it. This way, a small amount of bait can help lure the mice right into the field of traps so they will get caught for sure. 
  • Use a live trap instead of a snap trap if the rats keep getting away. Keep alternating until you finally catch it. 
  • Place the trap or the specialty bait in strategic places. Put the trap or the mice bait in the room or place where you see mice filth often. Look around the house for evidence of mouse activity, and then select the place near it. 
  • Change baits and try out different options until you find the right one. Being patient is essential to eliminating the mice problem in the long run. 
  • Make sure you keep it fresh and change the bait every day.
  • Once you get rid of the mouse or rat, take care of it by wearing plastic gloves and a mask. Rats and mice carry diseases whether they are alive or dead. 
  • Clean the trap if you see any activity on it, so it stays hygienic. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mice learn to avoid traps?

Mice Are Constantly Alert and continue to be wary even after finding food. As they eat, they are pretty vigilant. This makes it possible for some mice to evade snap traps. 

Is a live trap better than snap traps?

We find that snap traps eliminate mice better than live traps. Because live traps just release the mouse, they are likely to return. The mouse may find their way back to your home, so it’s best to use snap traps rather than live traps. 

What type of food appeals to mice the most?

They can’t resist the allure of food, whether it be a freshly prepared meal, residual scraps, or food detritus. The best bait is sweet yet sticky food like peanut butter or nuts.


We hope you eliminate annoying tenants in your house, whether they are mice, rats, or rodents. Some mice are sharper and may not get in a trap, so make sure to get professional baits if necessary. Overall, no rodent can withstand bait like peanut butter in traps. And if they are fast enough to run from traps, you can use Contrac Blox Mouse Control as mice bait. All of the above-mentioned are the best bait to trap rats, so try them out to see results! 

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