Top 4 Best Mouse Poisons That Kill Without Smell

Mice could cause one of the many problems you could face in your homes without you being aware of it. Yes, these nasty creatures can be living with you all this time, causing harmful diseases to you, especially to kids and pets, if you have any. 

Since Mice are not easy to catch and live in colonies where they’re almost impossible to reach, Best Mouse Poisons bait comes to your rescue in this case scenario. Poison bait could be effective if you’ve tried everything possible on earth to ensure the disappearance of Mice but failed miserably. These Best Mouse Poisons baits are the best possible way to maintain a healthy, hygienic environment without you having to be worried about the return of Rats any time soon.

Best Mouse Poisons

Obviously, rats and mice are such a nuisance that you can’t rely on one product. When my husband and I decided to eliminate them completely, we brought 15 Best Mice Poison products home. All of them were best rated, good for one reason or another. After having tested them in different weather conditions and areas indoors and outdoors, and for different types of baits, mixed or unmixed with food, we came up with these 4 mice poisons standing out of the rest.

Instead of wasting a year or two with mice and rats and testing out which one is the best poison, simply pick one from our quick pick section or go to a detailed review to understand the outcome. 

Here we go.

Quick picks:

01: 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control 

Starting with the first product, which is Contrac Blox, if we take a sneak peek at its price, it could come off as not so budget-friendly, but when we take a look at the amount of quantity we’re presented with, it would instantly do justice to its expense. Also, the Contrac Blox contains the active ingredient Bromadiolone normally known as blood thinners. It works wonders for every type of rodent and is more likely to work indoors for the best results.

02: Neogen Ramik Green 

The second product, Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored poison, absorbs the sweetness and freshness of fish flavor. These nuggets are weather-resistant and so could be kept both indoors and outdoors.

03: MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse And Rat Pack

People working in meadows and their struggles! Sigh! We’re aware of the amount of patience it takes to bear the existence of rats around you while you continue to work harder for a living. Our third recommendation could be your first choice because of its key ingredient, which is diphacinone. This ingredient gives the mice a slow and painful death without worrying about their return anytime soon. 

04: JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block 

Last but not least, JT Eaton Bait Block poison is an excellent alternative to get a rat-free environment. Its specially formulated peanut butter scent could be the cause of cravings in mice, luring them towards it, and once it reaches down their throat, another world awaits their arrival. 

Sr noName of the rodenticideWeight of the productActive componentBest for
1.18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control 18 poundsBromadioloneBest for indoors
2.Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavoured 4 poundsDiphacinoneIndoor friendly
3.MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse And Rat 4.5 poundsDiphacinoneBest for outdoors
4.JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide 1 ounceDiphacinoneEco-friendly

Best Mouse Poisons

1. 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control – Overall Best Mice Poison

18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control

When we started testing rodenticides, I was quite worried about the pets and the other friendly animals we had coming to our lawns. Any rat poison or bait can harm the other pets and kids at home. So we came up with LB Contrac Blox Rodent that claims not to harm pets and cause any secondary poisoning to animals or kids. 

Surprisingly, the bait comes with food-grade ingredients, loaded with a small amount of paraffin that makes it eatable and palatable for the mice and rats. 

The best part is its user-friendliness and weather conditions. You can either use it indoors or outdoors, and it is equally effective for both dry and wet places. So whether you use it for your backyard mice or for your store rooms, it works great for all. 

1. 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control

Also, it is an excellent bait to get rid of rats and mice along with warfarin-resistant Norway rats. This effective poison is a single-feeding anticoagulant (commonly known as blood thinners) containing the active ingredient Bromadiolone. Because this deadly rodenticide is weatherable, it works both in wet and dry atmospheres, anywhere you want. Also, a hole in the center of the BLOX makes it easy for operators to have the bait placed on securing rods in temper-abiding bait stations. 

Contrac Blox works wonders in dark, tight places, pinned to pillars, or anywhere where it does not get too much exposure, light-ideally its own Bell’s bait station. 

Recommended Usage:

Simply sit the Contrac Blox out the whole night, and the rats will find it one way or another, eventually leading to their death.

Be careful to keep it as far as you can from your pets and little kids since it could be harmful and toxic to them.




  • Long-lasting
  • Ease of use
  • Effective 
  • Worth every penny


  • A little costly
  • Slight odor
  • Fewer flavors

Final words:

If you’re someone who has tried everything to get rid of rats in your house, but nothing worked for you, then this bait right here, could be your go-to bait. Contrac Blox works like a charm on these perky little rats, attracting them towards it and killing them right in their nests later on. I would like to add one more thing before instantly giving this poison a try. You should consider the fact that it could stink, causing a discomforting odor in your house which could make you and other people living in your house nauseous, and the odor could last up to more than a couple of days.  

02. Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavoured – Best Mouse Poisons Bait for Wet Places

Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavoured

Neogen Ramik, a 4 lb bag, is processed in a system that manufactures an edible non-resistant fish-flavored bait. Therefore, you don’t need to cover it with wax as it is hot, extruded, and weather-resistant. Also, the best part is I used it in all kinds of weather conditions, and it didn’t deteriorate at all. Furthermore, If you are facing large infestations in your lawns, farms, or fodder storage, just use it, as it works great even in moisture or damp conditions. 

Neogen introduced a 4-step rat control program earlier in the day, and Neogen Ramik Green Rodenticide is one of its parts. If you’re dealing with these specific rats around you i.e, House mice, Norway rats, and Roof rats, then this rodenticide can work absolute wonders for you. While producing this bait for rodents, some safety measures were taken into consideration to ensure the security challenges faced by food intake. 

There’s no lie in the fact that mice and rats have been and have continued to remain a means of threat to food and fodder. Speaking from personal experience, this poison could be a lifesaver for you because since I’ve started using it for rat-killing purposes, I’ve noticed no such mice rattling around my house anymore; in fact, my neighbors were left awestruck after I suggested them to try this really effective and powerful rodenticide.

Note: Usage not approved to be used against the following breed in California.

Recommended Usage:

To make the rats vanish effectively, you should not just spread it on the ground or present it on a plate whole night long; it is likely not to work that fine because rats are clever creatures and can guess when something does not sit right with them so for this purpose we would suggest that you get some boxes preferably cereal boxes filling them just halfway up and then placing them on whatever corner of your house where you think a rat could come unannounced, make sure to stick out 2-3 baits for the rats to catch them at earliest.

This will look like an appetizer to the rats, and they’d eat it all out in an instant.




  • Easy to use
  • Good scent
  • Value for money
  • No odor
  • Large quantity,  enough for a large rat population 
  • Mice can carry the bait to its hole that can kill others as well


  • A little time-consuming
  • Not pet safe for other pets 

Final words:

Ramik Green Rodenticide has an active ingredient which is Diphacinone (.005%), it is an anticoagulant and acts as a weak acid. Also, these nuggets give rats a fatal death in 3-4 days. Ramik Green Rodenticide is also indoor friendly but keeps it away from other pets; best suited for numb areas with its wax-free formula, making it all weather-resistant.

After using it, I didn’t see any rats or mice scampering around the house. Lately, I came to know that when we use this bait for indoor rats, they eat it and go out in search of water, where they finally die. So, practically you don’t need to worry about the aftermath cleanup. But make sure to use gloves as they are dangerous for humans as well.

03. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse And Rat Pack – Best Mice Poisons for Outdoor Farms and Meadows 

Motomco Tomcat Mouse And Rat Pack

If you are fed up with rat activity in your attic, backyard, or farms, this is what you must look for. Motomco Tomcat poison is that one magical and results-oriented product which does wonders for people working in meadows and is nearly done with mice around them every now and then. Moreover, the Tomcat buckets contain 3 ounces packets 20. 

Also, motomco Tomcat poison has proved to be trustworthy to its customers throughout the years. This rodenticide is worthy of your every dime, it will leave your outdoors tidy and rodent-free. 

03. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse And Rat Pack

I used this bait pallet in my own way by putting a few of them in a jar top. As soon as the finished, I added more. After a day or two, there was a clear decrease in rats activity which was surprising to me because I didn’t have to pick up the dead rats and mice from my area. Also, it is safe for your skin; you might not need to wear gloves but washing your hands afterward is a must. 

These baits do not have an unpleasant odor; in fact, mice and rats find their odor quite pleasing.

Recommended Usage:

Just place it in your outdoor area where you might think rats could reside. Maybe give it a mix with a delicious ingredient so that it lures the mice in. Give it 5-6 days to notice clear results. However, before placing it in your area, make sure you don’t have wildlife or any pets around, and if you do, then make sure to get the dead mice cleaned out before it gets consumed by other living species.




  • Effective
  • Cost friendly
  • Applicable to all kinds of mice.


  • Toxic to pets
  • A little time-consuming

Final words:

Motomco Tomcat poison is one of the finest poisons for rat killing out there. It has diphacinone in it; an ingredient toxic enough to kill in minutes after consumption although we would suggest you blend another food item with this bait to achieve greater results.

04. JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block – Best Peanut Butter Mouse Trap

JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block

The JT Eaton Bait Block poison has a special type of flavoring to it which is the peanut butter flavor. It comes in the size of blocks specially made to captivate rodents. The key ingredient; Diphacinone 0.005 percent, is present to get rid of these perky rodents around the house.

JT Eaton has always been home friendly, they try their best to come up with value-added and high-quality products for their customers. Their main goal has always been the safety of their buyers, and so for this purpose, they make sure that their hard work does not go down the drain by maintaining the quality of items i.e resealable buckets and whatnot. The moment I took this bait inside my home to date, I only stumbled upon dead rats, and there has been a pleasant odor of peanut butter which makes the survival of other pets living in the house easy. I also used it for my basement as I noticed a large amount of rat activity there that decreased in only one use of this peanut butter bait. 

You can use it outdoors, in your garage, backyard, or lawn without any fear of weathering. 

Recommended Usage:

Sprinkle it in the area of rodents and wait for them to come for it. Once they reach out to it, the smell of peanut butter would lure them in while they grab a handful of it; after some time the poison will slow them down, and they’ll say goodbye to this mortal world in no time.




  • Pleasant peanut butter odor
  • Effective
  • Easy to use


  • Slightly loose-packed blocks
  • Not waterproof

Final words:

Our final and last recommendation is the world-famous JT Eaton Bait Block Poison, if absolutely nothing worked for you from our suggested products above then don’t shy away from trying out this last product. Not only will it keep the rats at bay but also provide security for your pets.


While opting for an impactful poison for rat killing purposes, a few things should be kept in mind; Whether it’s budget-friendly or not, and toxic at what level since too much toxicity of these products could be dangerous to humans and pets around the house, how many days is it taking for the demise of the mice if more than a week then it’s better to switch to other alternatives. Hope this helps you make up your mind about choosing the best mice poison for yourself without wasting your time and draining your energy!


Can a human consume these Best Mouse Poisons?

Absolutely Not! No human should ever consume these poisons since they’ve deadly properties and could lead to a terrible death.

Do mice take the poison back to the nest?

Yes, mice do take the poison back to the nest, they consume it and die on the spot. However, nests cannot be easily located so it is advised to not go looking for them on a deeper level.

How many mice are usually in a house?

An average of a dozen and two dozen mice could be hiding in a single house. Mice have things for dry places that are secured and uptight and also surrounded by good food to raise their pups.

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