Everything You Need To Know About Types of Best Mousetrap Bait – Review

There’s nothing worse than seeing an actual mouse in your home… or finding poop in your cabinets. Rodents can contaminate your food and carry diseases, so mice are a nuisance. An effective and efficient way to catch mice is by using attract baits in mouse traps. The best way to eliminate rodents indoors is by using Best MouseTrap Bait. Using these baits, you can quickly and affordably deal with mice infestations.

Best Mouse Traps Bait

Finding ways to attract mice to your traps will help you catch mice before they cause significant damage. Well, what are the best baits for mouse traps? We conducted over 21 weeks of research and interviewed industry experts to find the best mousetrap bait. 

Mouse Trap Bait: Why Do We Use It?

Whenever mice infest a household, they cause a variety of problems. In addition to damaging furniture, floors, and walls, mice carry a variety of diseases that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. These rodents spread several diseases, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever. Mouse traps with enticing bait can quickly eliminate your property.

How likely is it that a mouse will bite you? When mice feel threatened, they can bite, so it’s best not to pick them up. If a bite occurs, washing the affected area with soap as soon as possible is important. 

Types Of Best Mouse Traps Bait 

There are three main categories of baits for mouse traps:

Ready-made Products For Best Mousetrap Bait

1. Meal Bait Motomco 008-22920 198889 Tomcat with Bromethalin

Meal Bait Motomco 008-22920

Feature Description:

These seeds resemble real food in appearance, smell, and taste, making them attractive to mice and rats. Oats and nuts in their formula contain bromethalin, a poison that rats are unaware of. With the handle built into the bait container, you can transport it securely and safely.

Moreover, Tomcat’s meal bait for rat traps will eliminate rats for good. Oats and grains are the main ingredients in this edible bait that attracts rodents. Therefore, it has a high effectiveness. It is likely to bait active burrows of rodents with this product. The versatility of the pest control method is verified.

  • It weighs five pounds.
  • The killing of anticoagulant-resistant animals
  • It is likely to use rodent burrow bait.

The product can be placed directly into tunnel openings as well as puncturing tunnels. These two methods require a funnel and tube. The only time I use it is to kill a single meal. Customers reported that these seeds killed rats and other pests.

Meal Bait Motomco

In fact, I left it on a plastic plate for weeks without touching it. When I added a bit of peanut butter to sweeten it, it was a big hit with the mice. Rats and mice, however, avoided eating the seeds in some cases, according to unhappy customers.

Why do I recommend it to you?

I highly recommend this product. A break was in one of the two containers inside the last shipment, and most contents spilt out. In these containers, there should be a better balance between brittleness and breakability. We need to make it more pliable. The system worked well, but be careful when disposing of rats and mice. 

It is fatal for animals that consume them, including birds like owls, hawks, and eagles. Additionally, vultures are likely to die as well. There is a risk involved. I am satisfied with this product because it meets my expectations. You will also benefit from it.

2. MOTOMCO Tomcat 3-Ounce Mouse Bait Pail

Durvet MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse

Feature Description:

One of the product’s standout features is its effectiveness. These bait packs contain a powerful formula that kills any rodent that consumes them. Additionally, the pail prevents moisture from entering the bait and keeps it fresh. The potency and effectiveness of it will last a long time.

The MOTOMCO bait poison can effectively remove rodents from your home and its surroundings. A pail containing twenty-two bait packs weighing 3 ounces each can be used as a rodent control solution.

  • In six days, it kills rodents.
  • This product is in the form of pellets.
  • Ingredients of food grade.

Another fantastic feature is its convenience. Premeasured and ready-to-use bait packs eliminate the need to handle messy chemicals. The traps work well in areas where rodents travel. This portion size allows rats to absorb the poison most efficiently.

This product is excellent if you want to rid your home of rodents. It is convenient, easy to use, and practical for anyone who wants to control their rodent problem.  Rats usually die after two to three days of consuming pellets. 

Why do I recommend it to you?

My house mice prefer pieces to blocks at my house. One bucket lasts me a whole year, I definitely recommend it! I bought two more buckets because it is a perfect product. It was time for the mice to return from the neighbours. 

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Then, I returned to purchase another bucket, surprised to find that I was trying to purchase it. There was a lot of interest in it among the rats. After two days of eating the product, I saw no rats.

3. Rat Bait Cake Blocks by Just One Bite II

Just One Bite II Pack of 8 16 oz

Feature Description:

Whether you are living in an apartment, a homeowner, a DIYer, or a maintenance person, this method will help you get rid of tough rats in less time. There is no harm in considering the 16-ounce Just One Bite II rat bait. 

In addition, these cake blocks will help eliminate pests like roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice. These blocks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of their ridges, it is easy for rodents to nibble and gnaw on these posts. 

  • Effective among other baits
  • Environment-friendly cakes bars 
  • Kill mouse within a day

Rodents were effectively controlled by these bait bars, according to customers who rated them four or five stars. Further, this cake poison kills rats in just one night of snacking on bromadiolone.

Rat Bait Cake Blocks

The most effective and best mouse trap bait bars contain plenty of potential poisoning that rats can’t steal.  Blocks with ridges attract rats into nibbling them because they have ridges. They can thus not be stolen by rats due to their large size.

Why do I recommend it to you?

There was a severe rat problem at the home of one of my friends. Among the products I found online, one bite is the best. One bite for this price was great. I was able to disperse it without any problem under refrigerators and beds. 

The effectiveness of this mouse bait is better than that of other mice baits. Rats squealed when they ate them, and then they died. It’s great to hear that it worked! Rats are no longer an issue!

4. Anticoagulant Bait 704-PN Block by JT Eaton

JT Eaton 704-PN Pail of 64 Bait Block

Feature Description:

The products manufactured by JT Eaton are designed to eliminate pests. This bait block attracts and kills mice and rats with its peanut butter flavour. In addition, it contains 64 blocks of rodenticide weighing 1 ounce each.

A unique feature of these best rat bait blocks is that they come with a 1-year warranty. Keeping rodents away from garages or basements is easy with this product. Aside from its size, the pail measures 9 inches by 5-1/2 inches. It usually takes six days for rats to die.

  • Specially formulated peanut butter flavour
  • It will kill Mouse forever
  • Limited warranty of one year

A rat usually dies after 5-7 days when it consumes some daily. Therefore, secondary poisoning is extremely unlikely (secondary poisoning occurs when a predator consumes a rat that has consumed bait). It can also cause problems for other rodents since it does not always kill all rodents.

In this bait, seeds are shaped into 1 oz blocks. This brand is the only one rodents will touch. It was important to me to take care of pests outside myself. I placed this in my bait boxes. I am glad to see that there is an efficient product.

Why do I recommend it to you?

Each night at sunset, I placed these blocks in strategically located areas where rats lived and went into attics. My key locations were all empty every morning after I placed them there. There would be at least eight of each spot. 

The rats took them straight into their dens as soon as they saw them, and they loved them. Four days into the seven days, the blocks remained in two places. Due to this, I stopped putting any more out. As of day five, we have noticed a strong smell of dead rodents in the neighbourhood. In addition, two blocks have remained in one place for good measure. I highly recommend this product!

5. Neogen 4 lb Ramik Green Fish Flavored Rodenticide Nuggets

Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored

Feature Description:

Suitable for killing rats, and voles, Neogen Rodenticide Ramik Nuggets, has a number of uses. You can lose a lot of crops in your vegetable garden if you let voles and rats out of control. Chipmunks and squirrels will benefit from this product without a doubt. 

Various Ramik products are available for preventing mice infestations at home as well as rat infestations in livestock and poultry facilities. In contrast to other pellets, these best bait for mouse traps won’t melt if they get wet. 

Neogen 4 lb Ramik Green Fish Flavored Rodenticide Nuggets
  • The product is suitable for exterminating rats, mice, and voles.
  • Indoor use is recommended.
  • It is wax-free in formulation and Wet-resistant.

Once-off feeding your vermin with pellets will kill them in your garden. Rats cannot eat the best mouse trap bait to use, so it will be an effective rat killer. Bars are hot-extruded to withstand weather and wear.

Rat bait specially formulated for use in heavy rain areas is one of the best options available. Due to its wax-free formula, it is particularly suitable for wet areas. For controlling rats and mice indoors, this is the ultimate rodenticide. 

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Why do I recommend it to you?

Throughout the past three years, I’ve tried numerous rat traps and baits without success. Once I purchased this, I put it in a safe place where my dog couldn’t reach it. Observe a difference after a couple of weeks, so be patient. After I put out some every night, it was all gone by morning. As time went on, it gradually disappeared. Over five weeks we last saw them. Don’t miss out on this product!

Food as mouse traps bait 

The most common bait for mouse traps is food. When they enter your home, rodents such as mice and rats always search for food.

Food as mouse traps bait
Infographic: Food as mouse traps bait

Soft cheese: 

It serves as an enticing bait for mouse traps due to its salty and fatty taste. In addition, you can use regular cheese in enough quantity to attract pests. Also check out cheese for mouse trap.

Hot dogs: 

You can use these as mouse traps as well. Since hot dogs have a strong, distinct odour, mice can easily detect them. In addition to being great for any mouse trap, they can also be easily cut to any size you need, and they are commonly found in refrigerators.

Fruits & Vegetables: 

Fruits such as apples, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and pears are mice’s favorite fruits. Sticking dried fruit or fruit jam on the trap is also possibly for an easier option. Be sure to put only a small amount of jam on the trap’s far end to force the mouse into setting it off.


Nuts and their by-products, such as hazelnut spread and peanut butter, are excellent baits for mice. Rodents love this type of food because it’s loaded with protein. It is also more effective to use peanut butter and hazelnut spread. In addition, it is because it is sticky and takes longer to eat.

Grains and Seeds: 

Grains and seeds make great bait for rodents, particularly field mice. Sunflower seeds and cereals are also excellent bait for mouse traps. A bird feeder in your garden is more likely to attract mice, so you will have a rodent infestation when you have bird seeds.


Mice like sweet foods. In order to attract mice to your mouse traps or refillable bait stations, candy is the obvious choice. Soft candy is preferable to hard candy because mice and rats will be attracted to any candy. The trap mechanism is more likely to be triggered by soft candies.

Marshmallows or gum drops: 

Mice love sweets because of their sugar content. Several sweets will do the, trick, and one or two should suffice.

Pet food: 

Your cat or dog’s food can also attract mice. Place the pet food on the trap after wetting it to make it more effective.

Raw Meat: 

Mice are not known to feed on meat on a regular basis. In spite of this, meat is a tasty snack because of its high protein content, which is one of the reasons mice enjoy it so much.

Nesting Materials baits for mouse traps

Using nesting materials instead of food can sometimes attract mice to your trap if food isn’t enough. During their stay in your home, rodents may seek out the following materials:

Nesting Materials baits for mouse traps
Infographic: Nesting Materials baits for mouse traps


When it comes to nesting materials, cotton is one of the most effective. It is possible to tie cotton balls to the trap’s trigger. This forces them to pull or bite the material.

Cardboard and Paper:

Besides the materials mentioned above, mice enjoy chewing on paper and cardboard. Put cardboard, shredded, or tissue paper in your trap to attract rodents.

Using twine or yarn :

Twine, yarn, or dental floss are all types of string-like materials that will attract mice. When the mice try to grab the trap, tie some string to it so the trigger will fire.

Scraps of Fabric:

Mice may also use fabric scraps to build their nests. It is, therefore a good bait for mouse traps as well. Put some drops of vanilla extract on the fabric to coat it with a sweet scent.

Tips For Mouse Trap Bait

Before using the best mouse trap bait, you should keep a few tips in mind.

  • First, do not handle bait bare hands, as they can contaminate it with human scents. As mice perceive human odours as predator scents, your trap will be less effective, and your bait will no longer attract mice. Handle the bait with gloves to prevent it from losing its scent.
  • Another tip is that a pea-sized amount of bait should also be placed on the trap. A mouse trap with too much bait can allow rodents to get some bait without setting it off. When you place too little bait, mice might not notice it.
  • Last but not least, remember to change your bait regularly to keep it fresh. It is possible that mice won’t be attracted to rotten food so that it won’t be as effective. Furthermore, if the bait doesn’t work, try switching to another one and see what works.

Baits Don’t Work: What To Do

Consider these solutions:

  1. Replacing the bait if the mouse doesn’t take it is as simple as changing it.
  2. Mice can recognise traps and thus attempt to escape without being caught if the trap is switched. Try switching your trap if it has been out for a few days or weeks without results.
  3. Placing the trap in high activity area.
  4. Mouse bait has gone, but so has the mouse – as mentioned previously, mice are reasonably intelligent, can recognise traps, and will attempt to dislodge them to avoid getting snagged. In this case, verify that the trap’s trigger works by testing it.
  5. Baby mice are very light so standard snap traps may miss them. If you buy a trap with sensitive sensors, you’ll likely catch them. The trap you will need in this case will have a sensitive trigger. Electric mouse traps’ sensitivity is higher than classic snap traps.
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Buying guide

Best Mouse Traps Bait
Infographic: Best Mouse Traps Bait

Check Type of bait

Various types of rat bait poisons are available, such as blocks, chunks, nuggets, seeds, and bars. As a result, there are few differences between these forms. 

Setup may be simpler and less messy if the pieces, such as blocks, chunks, or bars, are more significant. A bait station is sometimes referred to as a large piece of bait. 

Kill Time is necessary

Baits come in two types: slow-acting and fast-acting. Slow-acting poisons usually kill more rodents than by fast-acting poisons. 

A rodent may carry poison to its friends, believing it shares a meal with them. If they become aware of them, it may be possible for rats to learn how to avoid fast-acting poisons.

The difference between fast-acting and slow-acting bait

Fast-acting poisons (when dosed correctly) kill rats faster, but they are not the only way to kill rats.

A poison that works quickly and kills many rats in a short period is suitable for large infestations of rats. Fast-acting poisons may cause rats to avoid them if they see other rats becoming sick after eating them. 

Rats do not detect slow-acting poisons because they take time to act. 

Applicability and ease of use

It’s because rats are attracted to rat poison, just as they are to most rat traps, that they are so easy to use. If the bait runs low or becomes ineffective as it ages, you can use refillable feeding stations with rat poison.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect time to change a mouse trap’s bait?

A conventional mouse trap should be rebaited whenever a dead mouse is found. Snap traps usually allow dead rodents to nibble on food supplies. When the bait fails to attract mice after two days, changing it’s a good idea.

Is there any food that mice cannot resist?

There is an even better way to catch mice than cheese. Rodents seem to love peanut butter the most because it is the most cost-effective food. This best bait for a mousetrap has a strong nutty aroma and is sweet.

What are the benefits of rodent bait stations?

Since rodent bait stations have a high success rate, professional exterminators rely on them. Refillable bait stations are so effective because they can kill multiple rodents at once, unlike mouse traps that can only kill one.

Which bait is best for mousetraps?

In homes, mice are often attracted to sweets and fatty foods because they are naturally seed eaters. Adding tiny bits of peanut butter or soft cheese has always worked well. The trap will spring if mice bite into a marshmallow, gum drop or beef jerky.

Do mice like Nutella?

The best bait for mice will contain nuts and seeds. Nut butter like peanut butter, almond butter, and hazelnut butter work incredibly well. Mice are very attracted to spreads like Nutella.

Is garlic a mouse attractant?

Garlic’s pungent smell can be overwhelming for rodents who dislike it. When rodents find garlic at entry points, they will run away and look for a new place to infest.

Final Thoughts

Domestic mice are common pests. You can catch mice in a variety of ways. Choosing speciality mouse baits from our review list will keep your home free of mice and other pests. In addition to having extensive rodent exclusion experience, our highly trained staff is well-versed in various rodent removal methods.

This article aimed to review some of the best baits for instant mouse removal. Our best bait for mouse traps and trapping methods are all humane. Have a great time shopping!

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