Best Sandfly Repellents – How To Get Rid of Sand Flies?

Are Sandfly bites so bothersome? You must protect yourself from itchy bites and infections from no-see-ums, sand flies, and beach fleas. The sandflies bites aren’t contagious, but they can sometimes be more painful than mozzie bites. When you’re looking for a Best Sandfly Repellents or bug repellent, make sure that’s safe, effective, and won’t stink or leave puddles of oil behind.

Best Sandfly Repellent

The best Sand flea repellents are most effective when they contain high-quality ingredients. Besides, these repellents have DEET and non-DEET, also natural compounds like oils. Below are some of the best repellents, ranging from organic products to the strongest. OFF! 2 oz Botanicals Lotion for Insect is our top pick due to its longevity effect.

Sandflies – What You Need To Know!

Sandflies are commonly biting, flying, and bloodsucking dipterans in sandy areas. Further, these are also known as “greenheads” in the United States.

Do Sand Flyes have the same characteristics as mosquitoes? The sand fly feeds on various animals, including humans, like mosquitoes. In contrast to mosquitoes, sandflies regularly attack humans. In addition to biting the victims’ faces, hands, and scalps, they will also bite any exposed skin.

Infected animals or people can carry diseases transmitted by sandflies that eat blood from them. In addition, sand flies do not make any noise, so people might not notice they are present. Further, they are tiny: even smaller than mosquitoes.

The bites of sandflies itch so badly. Why is that?

They’re a range of tiny biting flies known as biting midges, sandflies, or no-see-ums. Their size ranges from 4mm to 0.5mm. As a result, they can easily snack on you without you noticing. 

With their specialised mouthpieces, sandflies break your skin when they bite. Keeping your blood from clotting is made more accessible by injecting saliva. Most people have an allergic reaction to saliva, which makes them itchy. In rare cases, it can lead to anaphylactic shock, and your skin will turn red, angry, and itchy. 

In some cases, the bite may not flare up for several hours. As a result, sandflies are so annoying! Taking notice takes time a sandfly has bitten you.

Products to repel sand fly

A few of the most widely recommended personal repellents against sand flies are:

  • Deet sprays
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Repellent wipes
  • Skin-friendly lotions

Keep reading below to know about these repellents:

 5 Product Reviews For Best Sandfly Repellent

I researched countless best sand fly repellent for hours, evaluating their ingredients, types, protection duration, and scents to create this list. Let’s have an in-depth review of our top Best Sandfly Repellent.

1. No Natz 2fl.oz. Botanical Bug Repellant (Pack of 3)

No Natz 2fl.oz. Botanical Bug Repellant

Feature Description:

NO NATZ the Best Sandfly Repellent works well against gnats, sand gnats, no-see-ums, mosquitoes, and biting flies. Plus, this repellent has the finest essential oils formula. The sandfly-repellent oils include geranium, citronella, rosemary, olive oil, lemongrass, and coconut oil.

Besides being free of DEET, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for use on fabrics. You won’t even realise you’re wearing it due to its non-greasy formula and pleasant fragrance. Although the ingredients are organic, I don’t recommend using them inside. For travelling or visiting tropical places, this is an excellent bug spray! A reasonable price and a decent scent make this a good buy.

No Natz 2fl.oz. Botanical Bug Repellant

NO NATZ is one of the most popular odourless and best bee sprays in the United States. Besides being applicable, it also smells great. It’s as simple as shaking and spraying, and you’re back to enjoying the outdoors. In addition to offering a very effective formula, it also offers a variety of sizes, with the smallest being a pump-type bottle that holds just 2 oz.

NO NATZ Spray Contains:

  • Coconut and Citronella scents
  • There are 3 items in this item
  • Two fluid ounces in volume
  • In the form of a spray
  • The material is hypoallergenic
  • The unit count is 6.00 ounces

What makes me recommend it to you?

It has worked wonders for repelling our NH Black Flies. In addition, this best spray for sand fleas  is terrific in every way. An excellent repellent for insects. It has a fantastic smell as well. One of my favourite bug sprays of all time. 

For the most part, it keeps no pests away, but some come by here and there, but it’s effective overall. It’s the only thing we’ve found effective against sand gnats! I love the smell of this insect repellent as well. Recommended without a doubt.

2. Repel 4-Fluid Ounces 100 Insect Pump Spray Repellent

Repel 4-Fluid Ounces 100 Insect Pump Spray Repellent

Feature Description:

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Repels known as the best repellent for sand gnats repel mosquitoes, sandflies and sand gnats. Also, this includes ticks, sand gnats, chiggers, biting flies, and fleas, which may transmit the West Nile, Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya viruses. Get long-lasting protection from bites while enjoying the outdoors. It protects for up to ten hours. Having fewer bugs means you can enjoy your adventures more.

With its compact size, the backpack is perfect for outdoor travel regardless of your adventure gear. It is formulated for severe insect infestations. A further advantage is that it contains 99.11% DEET, making it highly effective in heavily infested areas. Make your outdoor space more bug-free by creating a barrier.

Repel Insect Repellents offer long-lasting protection against insects. Don’t let insect pests ruin your next adventure – Repel Insect Repellents have you covered. It is safe for children 2 months or older to use formulations whose concentrations are 30 percent or less.

Repel 100 Spray Contains:

  • There is no scent
  • The volume of the item is 4 fluid ounces
  • Spray Form Item
  • One item is included in the list
  • 4 Fl Oz Unit Count

What makes me recommend it to you?

Our recent vacation to Kauai led us to purchase this insect repellent. I was glad I had this already in my car when we hiked to a waterfall. The parking lot was full of bugs, but we avoided getting bitten! 

The spray bottle was easy to use, but the repellent’s oils smeared its expiration date. Not getting bitten was made much easier with this product. Even though I must reapply after 7 hours, I highly recommend using this product. You can also check the best IGRs spray for fleas.

3. Repel 94100 Sportsmen 6-Pack Deet Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Repel 94100 Sportsmen 6-Pack

Feature Description:

Repel wipes repellent has a fantastic scent and is DEET-free. This product repels sand fly and sand gnats that carry the serious Virus. Also, this mosquito repellent wipe offers on-the-go protection. There are 15 wipes in each pack that are infused with DEET to protect against sandflies, mosquitoes and ticks outdoors.

Insect repelling wipes contain DEET to offer lasting protection from insects outdoors. The formula contains deet as well as wipe-on protection. Repel designed a resealable wipe pouch that is packed and comfortable to carry. As a result, these wipes are suitable for on-the-go usage.

Repel 94100 Sportsmen

Choosing the right active ingredient can make repelling bugs painless, regardless of your repellent. Those over 2 months can use insect repellents containing 30 percent DEET or lower. There is a scent to the REPEL Wipes product, but it is pleasant.

Repel 94100 Wipes Contain:

  • The scent is peppermint and citronella
  • Item Form is Wipe
  • There are 6 items in this list
  • 30% DEET contains
  • 15.0 units counted

What makes me recommend it to you?

My favourite part of the wipes concept is that they are easy to carry in a fishing bag, car, or anywhere else. It’s much better than deep woods off. On one weekend, we took them to Mexico, and then on the next, we took them camping in the mountains. They were a lifesaver on both trips! 

Besides, it prevents mosquito bites and doesn’t smell or feel sticky. Additionally, the wipes are easy to pack in a ziplock and take with you. Very convenient packs. Backpackers will find it light enough. It works remarkably well. It is very convenient and effective. Definitely recommend.

4. Murphy’s Naturals 4 Ounce Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent Pump Spray

Murphy’s Naturals 4 Ounce

Feature Description:

Enjoy 6 hours of worry-free touring with Murphy’s Naturals 4 Ounce Pump Spray, which does not contain harmful chemicals like DEET. In addition to protection against deer ticks, it performs well for up to four hours. Furthermore, it provides up to eight hours of protection against lone stars, sand flies and brown dog ticks.

You can enjoy its natural power on your skin or gear. Also, this sandfly product uses natural plant-based ingredients to harness its power. Furthermore, the product contains 70% Distilled Water, 30% Oil from Lemon Eucalyptus, and 20% Ethanol from corn.

I am happy with the performance of this product. The most significant factor of this repellent is how it smells and how natural it is. Further, it should not use for kids under two. In addition to not staining clothes, it is a natural product that keeps bugs at bay.

Murphy’s Naturals spray Contains:

  • It smells like lemons
  • The item has a 236 mm volume
  • Feature of the material: Plant-based.
  • A DEET-free product.
  • 25% of the packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials.
  • The item is in the form of oil or spray
  • The number of items is 2.
  • The unit count is 8 ounces

What makes me recommend it to you?

I purchased the spray, the incense, and the candles. It’s the best sandfly spray I’ve ever used. It works great but has a strong smell that isn’t offensive. It has a powerful smell. There’s always been a draw for significant bits in me, but a welt, sandfly and a gnat. I don’t like DEET because I don’t want always to apply poison. My family doesn’t think this one smells bad. I appreciate this product! I am in love with it!

5. OFF! 2 oz Botanicals Lotion for Insect, Bug & Mosquito Repellent

OFF! 2 oz Botanicals Lotion for Insect

Feature Description:

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Sand flies, Mosquitoes, gnats, black flies, and no-see-ums are effectively repelled with this OFF! 2 oz. lotion spray. Plant-based active ingredient and dye-free formulation. West Nile virus-carrying mosquitoes will be repelled by it. A pump spritz makes application easy and won’t damage clothing.

Further, this best repellent for sand flies has a concentration of 15% DEET, which helps provide protection for six hours. According to the manufacturer, this product repels mosquitoes, gnats, sand flies, biting flies, chiggers, and fleas. Runners and hikers can use sweat-resistant lotion. Compared to other sprays, it has a less strong smell.

OFF! 2 oz Botanicals Lotion for Insect

The product is made from a plant-based ingredient that repels mosquitoes. Suitable for children aged 3 and older. The active ingredient is a chemically synthesised pine oil extract. Furthermore, OFF! ® Botanicals Spritz has a shelf life of two years. Even in humid Gulf Coast mosquito breeding environments, it does not cause skin irritation.

OFF! Botanicals Lotion Contains:

  • It smells like pine
  • The item volume 2 is fluid ounces
  • Lotion item form
  • The number of items is 1.
  • The unit count is 2 fluid ounces

What makes me recommend it to you?

I purchased this spray during a trip to Mexico and was not disappointed! I wanted to ensure we were adequately equipped for the mosquitoes and bugs when travelling abroad. 

My trip home was relatively bite-free. Additionally, the bottle is a reasonable size, which makes it easier to travel with than a larger bottle. It works, is unscented, and is not greasy. Overall, I’m satisfied with it. It was not too expensive. This makes it an excellent option for family outings (or for adults as well).

Sand Flies: How Do You Get Rid of Them? Six Ways To Avoid Them

Best Sandfly Repellent
Infographic: How Do You Get Rid of Them? Six Ways To Avoid Them

Invest in a good repellent 

Before going outside, wear repellent, especially early in the morning and late at night. Choose a product that lasts long without DEET, such as OFF! 

Some people swear by homemade repellents containing sticky mixtures of Dettol, meth, kerosene, and baby oil. The protection won’t last long because they are sticky and won’t last if you sweat or swim.

Cover Up yourself

Wear leggings under your skirts/shorts or tuck your pants into your socks. I guarantee that it works! Whenever you are day-walking, it is a good idea to carry a sarong with you. 

When you stop for a break, you can wrap your legs in it for comfort, sun protection, and swimming towels. Sandflies prefer darker colors, so choose neutral colours whenever possible.

Take care of yourself. 

Your diet can influence your attraction to bite insects. In general, avoid bananas, sugary foods, and alcohol, and eat plenty of garlic. Vegemite/Marmite or B Vitamins may stop the bites for some people, but no scientific studies support this.

Stay away from shaded areas and water’s edges. In order to get out of the sun when sitting in the shade, choose a dry spot or one cooled by a breeze. 

Once the weather improves, sandflies will return with a vengeance, so keep your stops short. The sandflies will be unable to keep up with you if all else fails.

Home remedies may help 

Invest in candles that contain lavender, citronella, or eucalyptus – these deter sand flies. You can place orange peel extracts around your entry points to keep flies away.

Vitamin B tablets – Take one a day

Did you try Marmite and decide it wasn’t worth it? Marmite isn’t for everybody… Vitamin B tablets are a good alternative. Doing this will raise your vitamin B intake and hopefully avoid being bitten by sandflies.

Buying guide – Choosing The Right Sand Flea Repellent

Choosing the right active ingredients is the most crucial factor you prefer between sprays and lotions. Here are some things you should know about before buying the best repellent for biting flies at the beach:

Choosing The Right Sand Flea Repellent
Infographic: Choosing The Right Sand Flea Repellent

Type of repellent

Sprays, lotions, soaps, wipes, and oils are all examples of topical bug sprays. Insect types in the area and personal preference will determine the type of best bug spray for sand fleas to use. Making your decision can also be made more accessible by understanding the differences between ingredients.

DEET or non-DEET 

DEET-based lotions or sprays are the most potent bug repellents available. Despite not being natural, DEET is known for its effectiveness in repelling sand flies. There has been extensive research on DEET, if you’re worried about using something this powerful. EPA has determined that using it as directed poses no health risk.

Plant Oils

The best repellent for sand fleas infused with plant oils might be the best way to repel sand fleas. It is commonly known that citronella repels sand fleas, and lemongrass also repels them naturally. Also used against sand fleas and other biting insects, lemon eucalyptus oil is commonly used. According to the EPA, essential oils are safe against bugs.

How long does protection last

Bug and sand fly sprays can protect for two to 14 hours, depending on the ingredients. Depending on how long you plan to spend outdoors, this factor is important when choosing the right repellent. A battery lasting more than 10 hours may be desirable if you’re camping. You may not need a long-lasting repellent if you just have dinner outside.

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The EPA’s registration

All experts recommended EPA-registered insect and sand fly repellents we spoke to. In all registered repellents, mosquitoes are protected, but ticks are not.

An active ingredient’s concentration

According to our experts, a higher concentration of an active ingredient does not increase protection. However, it keeps you protected for more extended periods of time. It is possible to have concentrations ranging from 10% to 100%. The first couple of hours after applying repellent will generally be the same.

Scent of repellent

Most bug sprays have strong smells (unless they contain Picaridin, which is usually unscented). There are many kinds of essential oils, synthetic and natural, like lemongrass, peppermint, citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, and pine. The smell of these will cause bugs to avoid you on purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best types of sand fly repellents?

In this review, we have compiled the best repellents on the market.

  1. No Natz 2fl.oz. Botanical Bug Repellant (Pack of 3)
  2. Repel 4-Fluid Ounces 100 Insect Pump Spray Repellent
  3. Repel 94100 Sportsmen 6-Pack Repellent Wipes
  4. Murphy’s Naturals 4 Ounce Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent Pump Spray
  5. OFF! 2 oz Botanicals Lotion for Insect, Bug & Mosquito Repellent

Sand flies: How do you get rid of them quickly?

Keeping sandflies away from your home

  • Plants and trees should be trimmed away from home and kept from the foundation.
  • Make minor repairs to screen holes.
  • Especially if you have sandy soil, keep pooled water from collecting after rain.
  • Midgies are most active after sunset, so do not water gardens then.
  • You should use mosquito coils outside.

Sand flies: what is a homemade remedy?

In the past, sandflies really repellent with Dettol, baby oil, and eucalyptus oil mixed. Baby oil was supposed to protect against bites due to its smell and physical barrier.

Is it possible to repel sandflies naturally?

Yes, of course! Sandfly repellents need not be filled with DEET to work. There are many natural repellents available in the online market.

Why do sandflies attract each other?

In warm, cloudy weather and at dawn and dusk, sandflies are more active, so take extra precautions. As well as dark clothing, they are attracted to lighter colours, so they cover up as much as possible. Water is also a prime location for sandflies.

Keeping sand flies away from your home: what do you need to know?

Follow these steps:

  • Fix small holes in screens.
  • After the rain, do not leave pooled water around, especially if your soil is sandy.
  • Midgies are most active at sunset, so gardeners should avoid watering then
  • In the outdoors, use mosquito coils
  • You can literally “blow them away” with fans in the summer
  • Make sure you wear long sleeves

Does off repel fleas?

OFF! Sand fly repellent contains long-lasting insect protection against sandflies, chiggers, ticks, black flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.

Final words

It is not uncommon to find Best Sandfly Repellent on the market that claims to repel insects, such as sprays and lotions, rubber bracelets and patches that contain essential oils.  As per expert advice, EPA-registered sand fly repellents with up to 30% of the ingredient have been listed first.

Our top picks

  • No Natz 2fl.oz. Botanical Bug Repellant (Pack of 3): NO NATZ is hypoallergenic and safe for synthetic fabrics. Aside from gnats, no-see-ums, and mosquitoes. Further, this best sand gnat repellent is also effective against sand gnats. It has a decent scent and a reasonable price. Additionally, it smells great.
  • Repel 4-Fluid Ounces 100 Insect Pump Spray Repellent: This repellent is effective against mosquitoes, sandflies, and sand gnats. Enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from bites. In heavily infested areas, it has a high level of effectiveness. Create a bug barrier for your outdoor tours. Protect yourself from insects for a long time with Repel Insect Repellents.
  • OFF! 2 oz Botanicals Lotion for Insect, Bug & Mosquito Repellent: A plant-based ingredient is used in the product to repel mosquitoes. In addition to providing six hours of protection, this repellent contains 15% DEET. Aside from that, OFF! Botanicals Spritz ® has a two-year shelf life.

In addition, We recommend OFF Insect Repellent for its affordability, long-lasting protection, and effective repelling of countless insects, including sand flies. The best natural sandfly repellent is a product that is APVMA registered or tested and proven to work.

Have a great shopping experience!

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