Termite Takeout: The Best Termite Bait System for Eliminati

Want to take care of the termites by yourself? Let us help you. By testing and researching numerous Termite bait liquids, bait stations, and chemical products, we picked our top choices. 

Best Termite Bait System

The under-given bait systems are proven to combine cellulose with poison chemicals that are harmful to insects. This way, these termiticides limit the widespread infestation and destroy colonies of termites in your house. For more information, check out our buying guide. Let’s get right to the termite baiting system reviews.

Best Termite Bait System

1. Taurus SC – Best Professional Termite Bait System

Taurus SC

Taurus SC solution is all you need for any type of pests. This is used by professionals and has an active ingredient of Fipronil. This will not damage your pets and plants. You can get this from Amazon or Walmart. 

Just dig 6 inches deep pit around your house soil and pour the liquid formula. Keep a distance of ten feet between pouring, which will take effect in less than 90 days. You have to wait for a week to see its effects, and in under 90 days, all the termites will be exterminated. 

1. Taurus SC – Best Professional Termite Bait System

Although it works slowly, it can last for ten years. Plus, Taurus SC gets rid of ants and other pests as well. Lastly, it can only be used to get rid of outdoor termites. 




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  • Professional grade 
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting performance 



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  • Expensive and for outdoors only


Final Words

People who want a professional-level termite bait system but have the patience to wait for results can go for this. 

2. Bifen XTA – Best Effective Termite Bait System

Bifen XTA

To get rid of termites or any other wood-eating pests, Bifen XTA is the best oil-based bait system. By using Bifenthrin as the main ingredient, it can kill any termite that touches it. This can not be used indoors; just spray it outside within the perimeters of your house. 

The drawback of oil-based products is that they can harm plants. However, it takes action in under 1 day and can have long-lasting effects. As a preventative step, after spraying, the residual material kills any termites that touch it for up to 90 days. Lastly, it can kill 70 pests, including termites. 

Final Words

If you do not mind strong-smelling termite bait systems, then get this! 

3. Spectracide Terminate – Best overall termite bait system

Spectracide Terminate

The above two are direct-liquid bait systems, but do you want a termite bait system that detects and eliminates? Then Spectracide termite is the go-to option. You can install them easily around your yard by following the manual and tools in the kit. Check them out on amazon or any pesticide products website. 

It has 15 stakes with Hexaflumuron bait filled in them. As the termite takes the bait, the indicator of this system pops up. The effect will gradually occur as termites carry the bait and kill their colonies. Although the stakes can last for a year, check them each month. 

3. Spectracide Terminate – Best overall termite bait system

You might need to purchase many packages since, depending on the size of your home, you might require up to 20 stakes. Make sure you put them within a distance of 10 feet. These aren’t harmful to plants but may harm aquatic animals in nearby ponds. 




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  • Easy to install 
  • Indicator and bait in one kit 
  • No liquid absorption involved 



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  • Needs frequent checking 
  • Not for large-scale infestation 


Final Words

The Spectracide Terminate is the best for making routine inspection simple and effective. 

4. Termidor Foam – Best Budget-Friendly Termite Bait System

Termidor Foam

Another Fipronil bait product is Termidor foam. This is less effective than baits and liquid systems but is great for mild infestations in cracks of your home. This is for indoor use and can take effect in 90 days. 

Moving onto how it works, it allows you to spray foam into as many difficult-to-reach areas as you choose. Furthermore, it expands to 30 times in volume inside the cracks, so it’s hard to miss termites walking around. Any termite hidden in crevices and cracks can carry it to their colony. From ants to flying termites, this foam can exterminate all at an inexpensive price! 




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  • No strong smell and cheap 
  • For indoors
  • Effects can last for a month 



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  • Not as effective as other systems


Final Words

For people looking for a cheap option that can be used for indoor termites, the Termidor Foam system can serve well. 

5. Advance Termite Bait System – Best Termite Bait System For Detection

Advance Termite Bait System.webp

For chemical-free treatment, you can try the Advance Termite bait system. With tempting wood bait inside, they are made to be buried outside your house. 

The termites are lured into the traps, and the bait is changed to a cylinder of poison pills. They can carry the poison and transmit it to entire colonies. Hence they are completely removed from your property. So, the problem is you need to get treatment baits separately.

5. Advance Termite Bait System – Best Termite Bait System For Detection (2)

This termite bait system might be too expensive for some people by including the initial cost and treatment cost. But we recommend this for pest controllers as one pack contains ten bait stations. 

Final Words

People who just want to detect termites can use this for detection. But in case you check and see termites, the treatment needs to be bought. 

Buying guidelines 

When to buy a termite bait system?

Termites, like any other building-eating insects, are hard to see with the naked eye. Check out these signs, and if you see any of these, get a termite bait station as quickly as possible.

  • The mud tubes are like mud-sand bridges on walls. This sign is easy to notice. 
  • If you want to know if a wooden area has termites, tap it. If the sound is hollow, then there is a high chance you have pests. 
  • Another thing is the fallen wings of termites as they shed them off. 
  • You might see brown-colored stuff known as frass with a similar vision to coffee grounds. This indicates a colony of termites. 
  • The warning sign on painted walls is peeling off of paintwork in a bubble-like form.

Types of termiticides

Types of termiticides
Infographic: Types of termiticides

Liquid termiticides

Pest controllers dig a trench around the exterior of your home and treat it with liquid termiticide to form a layer of prevention. The termites take the non-repellent product and poison the whole colony. 

Spot treatment 

Direct liquid termiticides also have a similar procedure. In this, the hole is drilled into the woodwork. The experts put foam directly into these holes and crevices. In the end, termites don’t detect danger, and they transmit poison which kills all of them swiftly.

Termite baits 

Lastly, termite baits are traps set in strategic locations near the termite-infested area. Usually, they are two in one; stakes or stations and a treatment product with an active ingredient. Termites are drawn to them; they think of the bait as a food source, but it’s a trap that eliminates all. 

How to use it? 

Bait stations have two purposes; finding hidden termites and killing them. Put bait in the soil around your house or near the area you think has termites, and if the bait is not eaten, then there are no termites. However, if the bait is eaten, it’s time to switch out the edible bait cartridge for one containing termite eradication chemicals. 

By looking at types, you already know how they work. For beginners, here is a step-by-step guide. 

  1. Find out where they are and form a protective belt that provides appropriate coverage.
  2. Distribute them around the building at regular intervals. The ideal distribution is often 3 feet from the house walls and 10 feet apart.
  3. Burry the bait systems and cover them with soil. 
  4. Change them frequently, and for caution, do this once a year, even if there are no signs of termites. 
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Things to consider 

You should select the termite bait system depending on how bad the termite situation is. Let us help you decide, 

  • Ingredients

Look at the main ingredient as they determine the strongness of the termite bait systems. The best main ingredients used are Fipronil, Bifenthrin, Imidacloprid, and Hexaflumuron. Check to see if they are harmful to pets and plants.

  • Scale of area

Many bait stations can get rid of all types of termites and flying termites. But if you notice too late and the infection is too much, even the best bait stations will not do the job. So, just call pest control if the problem is getting out of hand. You also have to see if it’s indoors or outdoors. 

  • Persistency and Budget

A one-termite bait system is enough for your house, but you might need more stakes depending on the area. So keep the initial cost and the number of bait systems costs in your mind. Check to see how long the bait will last and when the effect will take place. Remember that expensive ones can last longer than cheap ones, so consider this and your overall budget. 


People who would like to have professionals do the work can go for Orkin or Terminix pest control, as they have the best termite baiting system. Or you can do it by yourself by choosing from our favorite termite bait stations given above. 


Are termite bait stations safe?

If you follow instructions, most of them are safe to use. 

Is it worth it to buy termite bait systems?

To control small-scale termite infestations they are the most effective way to get rid of the root problem. 

How much do the best termite bait systems cost?

Professional services cost from 250$ dollars to 900$, whereas one bait station can cost less than 100$. 

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