Using Bora Care? Here is a complete Bora Care Review that covers it all

Do you have concerns about wood-destroying insects? Do you want to protect your property from insects, termites, and fungus that causes wood decay? Almost all wood-destroying organisms cannot penetrate its protective coating. We use Bora-Care as one of our termite treatments to eliminate wood-eating organisms. Here is a complete Bora Care Review that covers it all

Bora Care

Bora-Care is an environmentally friendly wood preservative with low toxicity. Unlike other wood finishers, BoraCare does not require retreatment. Bora-Care stops them from processing food effectively and safely by adding borate salt. Thus, termite Treatment with Bora Care is one solution that fits your needs. Keep reading our bora care review.

Exactly How Does Bora-Care Work?

It works by using borate salt, which is its active ingredient. Termites, ants, and other insects have a unique feature that makes boreate salts effective. Ants, beetles, or termites that ingest it cannot extract nutrition from their food and die.

Is Bora Care Effective At Killing Wood Insects Forever?

Bora-Care is the most effective wood treatment available today.  After treating wood, it can take up to one month to diffuse thoroughly.  It is normal to see activity after Bora-Care passes through the wood since powderpost beetle larvae can be deep inside.  However, the real benefit of Bora-Care is that it kills the larvae after it diffuses through the wood. Wood-destroying insects will never be a problem again because this product will stay in the wood forever.

The Benefits of Bora-Care

  1. Plumbing pipes made of CPVC can leak due to soil termiticides. With Bora-Care you can replace old-fashioned soil termiticides, which is compatible with CPVC. Metal fasteners, fittings, and nails will not rust under Bora-Care.
  2. Sustainable Green Solutions.
  3. Bora-Care pretreats save residential builders a full day of cycle time. With Bora-Care, cement companies and pest management professionals (PMPs) no longer have to coordinate schedules.
  4. Crews don’t have to leave a job site when using Bora-Care. Traditional soil pretreatments require workers to leave the site during application and stay away until completion.
  5. The HUD permits Bora-Care treatments. Bora-Care, a primary termite treatment used in constructing new homes, is available on the HUD 99-A form.
  6. International building code. Under the International Residential and Building Codes, Bora-Care has been evaluated for use.
  7. Landscaping and excavation do not affect the treatment. 

Bora-Care Product Review

The Bora Care termite control system sustainably eliminates wood-eating termites. There are a variety of pests that it can control. Thanks to its patented formula, your home will be free of these nasty creatures. Read the bora care review below: 

Nisus Bora-Care Mold-Care

Nisus Bora-Care Mold-Care

Interesting facts about it

  • User-friendly and unbeatable.
  • Long-lasting, low-odor product
  • Useful in moist or wet crawl spaces

Take note

Individuals with sensitive skin experience tearing and redness.

Feature Description:

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Using Bora-Care requires diluting it with clean water. You can use hot or warm water. Bora-Care offers long-term protection against termites, insects, and fungi. In addition to fighting Brown Rot (including dry rot), it fights Wood Decay, White Rot, and Molds. It is suitable for bare wood, plywood, drywall, particleboard, and OSB use.

Additionally, this product has a low odor and lasts for many years. It prevents wood rot and wood-destroying insects. In addition, it may use on both new buildings and older, established ones. It is possible to spray or mist Nisus Bora-Care Mold-Care using a pump sprayer or a mister. Bora-Care is suitable for use on live trees and plants. In fact, it works well in wet or moist crawl spaces.

In addition to killing and preventing every mould, it also provides residual protection and creates a buffer zone, which delays significant flood damage. A pest control company sprays Bora-Care with Mold-Care on wood. In addition to killing existing mould, Bora-Care with Mold-Care helps to prevent future mould growth.

Combining Bora-Care and Mold Care helps prevent the growth of dry rot, wet rot, and mould. The residual protection it provides also helps prevent decay fungus and insect infestation. In addition, it’s the most effective way to fight mould. Bora-Care with Mold-Care penetrates wood; it does not just sit on top. In fact, it penetrates the wood’s interior to protect it.

I recommend it for the following reasons:

My grandmother used this product to repair a wall damaged by termites. She worked on her project for about three days. She should have paid more attention to the one-day usage since we used a 1:1 mix. The product crystallised in my sprayer and took a while to clean. To keep the sprayer working properly, you need to re-rinse it after every use. However, the effort is well worth it.

After my grandmother’s experience, I sprayed this on my home to get rid of wood post beetles, and they disappeared…until today. Over a week passed without any sightings. In fact, this product kills when it comes in contact with the skin. However, I bought it because it claimed it would kill for twelve months. It took me longer than twelve days to get peace. I have saved thousands of dollars as a result of this work. Additionally, I take my time and ensure the job gets done correctly.

What Are The Steps To Using Bora-Care?

Using Bora Care Treatment, you can kill wood-destroying insects. Termite treatment with Boracare may be used in new construction. Apply a compressed air sprayer to the bottom two feet of studs and framework.

  • Using a brush, spray or mist, apply two (2) coats of the BORA-CARE (5:1) solution to all wood surfaces until wet.
  • It is recommended that you wait at least 20 minutes between applications. Please use only on bare wood or surfaces without a water-repellent or finish.

Where to Use

A wide range of residential, institutional and commercial structures can treated with Bora-Care

  • Garages, Homes & Apartments
  • In museums,
  • A wide range of public and private institutions,
  • Hospitals, schools, and hotels
  • Further, Stables, kennels, etc.
  • Trucks, trailers, and farm buildings
  • In supermarkets, warehouses and non-food areas,
  • Food processing plants and restaurants.
  • Among the raw, wooden elements you can apply Bora-Care are
  • Decks, fence posts, and other structures
  • Moreover, Siding made of wood,
  • Including furniture 
  • Preventing or controlling termites, algae, and fungus on wooden surfaces.
How Does Bora-Care Work
Infographic: How Does Bora-Care Work

Bora-Care Precautions: What Are They?

  • Actions to take if released or spilt: Ensure the liquid is absorbed with a liquid absorbent made from organic materials. Keep sewers and waterways clear of waste materials and washwater.
  • Respirational protection: Proper ventilation is essential when you perform the application.
  • Proper disposal method: Ask your local authorities, state pesticide, and environmental control agency how to dispose of the chemical properly.
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A Quick Guide To Bora-Care

Bora-Care is the industry’s fastest-growing termite pretreatment. To strengthen their reputation for dependability, professionals prefer to use it. Pros’ secret weapon for killing.

In addition, pest control companies are reentering the pretreatment market by using Bora-Care. Termite prevention with Bora-Care is highly effective.

As a result of Bora-Care, the following are proven to be effective:

  • Drywood termites
  • Old house borers
  • Carpenter ants
  • Subterranean termites
  • Powderpost beetles
  • Formosan termites

A Guide For Builders

With Bora-Care, you eliminate the wood as a food source while reducing cycle time by one full day. To protect your structure from subterranean termites, apply Bora-Care in 2-foot bands above the foundation. You can also use Bora-Care to treat all structural wood in the house, thereby protecting it.

  • It saves builders one cycle day during construction
  • U.S.’s fastest-growing termite pretreatment.
  • Penetrates and remains in wood for its lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly formulation

The Bora-Care system eliminates weather delays. In the traditional soil treatment method, the application is made to dry ground after the footers are dug. Bora-Care is applied to walls, subfloors, sill plates, piers, pipe chases, expansion joints, and plumbing on wood and concrete. In addition, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

The Benefit Of Homeowners

  • Bora-Care protects your home against termites, carpenter ants, wood rot, and more.
  • A residual protective layer of Bora-Care remains in the wood for the lifetime of the wood.
  • Plus, Reduces the need to spray hundreds of gallons of pesticide around your house
  • Construction of new buildings

New homeowners should request Bora-Care to pretreat their homes for termites. The Bora-Care product replaces old-style soil termiticides pumped into the ground around and under the house.

  • Existing Homes

It is also ideal for eliminating existing infestations with Bora-Care. Termite treatment companies can inject high-pressure mist or foam into wall voids where termites are present. Besides crawl spaces, they can also treat wood-infested areas.

  • Treatments for the whole house

Using Bora-Care will also protect your house from termites, carpenter ants and wood boring beetles, and general pest control inside your walls. Additionally, Bora-Care prevents wood decay.

A Guide For Remodelers

It is easy to deal with infestations. A pest professional can treat your home’s wood with Bora-Care if termites are detected in it. Any insecticide will kill termites that come in direct contact with it, but Bora-Care penetrates the wood to kill termites that cannot be seen or detected. It will remain in the wood for as long as it exists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of Boracare treatment?

Bora-Care is an effective fungicide, insecticide, and termiticide based on borate. It offers long-term protection against termites, carpenter ants, wood-destroying beetles, and decay fungi. The long-term protection goes up to thirty years.

How is Bora-Care diluted?

To foam Bora-Care in void spaces, apply a 1:20 to 1:30 foaming ratio (1 gallon of mixed solution expanded with foaming agent yields 20-30 gallons of foam). Applying enough foam in the void space is essential to fill it and contact all the wood surfaces.

Can Bora-Care be applied with a brush?

Bora-Care can be applied with

  • paint brush or
  • a hand pump or
  • backpack sprayer.

Is Bora-Care a safe product?

Bora-Care is a very safe and environmentally friendly product. A typical drying time for wood is about an hour. Pets and children can return to the house safely as soon as it has dried completely.

Is Bora-Care odorless?

Bora-Care does not emit any odors.

Do humans have any side effects from Bora-Care?

Bora-Care contains a borate salt compound, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, a borate salt derived from boric acid and borax. It is very safe for humans and pets. However, it has excellent antifungal and insecticidal properties.

Final words

Mineral salts such as Borate work on wood that termites damage. In addition to dry wood, it works effectively on subterranean and Formosan termites. Active termite infestations are effectively treated with this product.

Why our pick

  • It contains 40% Borate or Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate as the active compound.
  • Bora Care does not depend on the weather for application, which saves builders time and resources. Water and time are also saved through the easy and quick application.
  • In fact, it can use on wood structures as a pretreatment, a protective barrier against future infestations, and active infestations.
  • A non-toxic termite treatment, Boracare is safe for both pets and humans. Additionally, it has a low odor, making it very safe to use.

Most termiticides either work on an active infestation or as a pre-treatment. Bora Care serves as a triple threat in this regard. Additionally, it prevents the decay of wood. The cost of Bora Care is higher than other termiticides on the market. Due to its longevity, it is worth every penny you spend on the initial purchase. 

Hopefully, our bora care reviews will be helpful to you.

I hope you enjoy your shopping!

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