Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment: An Effective Treatment For Killing Bed Bugs in 2023

Have some blood-sucking insects ruined your good night’s sleep? Are you suffering from bed bugs in your own home, which was supposed to be a haven for you? No wonder bed bugs can make your life a living hell if not appropriately handled. Considering the nature of bed bugs and their sensitivity to extreme temperature conditions, there are many treatments and methods to combat these notorious little creatures. One of the remarkable advances against bed bugs is the cryonite bed bug treatment. Unlike traditional methods of heating or steaming, crayonite treatment for bed bugs is quite different. 


The idea behind this method is to freeze the bed bugs to death. I can feel a nasty smile on every bed bug victim right now. But trust me, those annoying little creatures deserved it after all these troubles when you struggled to sleep.

If you’ve been researching bed bugs, you’ve probably heard that freezing the bed bugs is a very effective way to get rid of them. Pest management professionals (PMPs) across the country are using cryonite to eliminate these critics, and for a good reason.

Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment

1. Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

People often think about the source of their infection. It is almost impossible to give a definitive reference in many cases because these insects are CRYONITE BED BUG TREATMENTpredators.


Bedbugs can be found anywhere globally and can get stored in luggage, handbags, clothes and backpacks. If a child goes to school with bed bugs in their bag or their clothes, it can spread rapidly to other homes in a few days. Similarly, as a result of going to the movie theatre, some bed bugs crawl on your clothes and hide until you reach your home. Bedbugs’ ability to pass through taxis, buses, retail outlets and restaurants allows them to spread and get introduced in various environments.

Don’t let the name “BED BUGS” deceive you. Bed bugs won’t just stay on mattresses or box springs. Like most animals, they want to be close to food (humans) and shelter. Because of this, bed bugs can hide in all sorts of places. In addition to the beds, you can also find bugs in them:

  • Couches
  • Curtains
  • Wallpaper Seams
  • Door Hinges
  • Toy Boxes
  • Bedsheets
  • Under The Carpets
  • Closets
  • Books
  • Pet Bedding
  • Window Mouldings
  • Electronics
  • Behind The Posters And Picture Frames

And many other places.

2. Effect Of Bed Bugs On Human Health:

Bed bugs can cause the following health risks to a human on direct or indirect contact:

  • Too many bites over time can lead to anemia and potential anemia.
  • Allergies from their bites and residue can cause asthma attacks in sensitive people.
  • Bite allergies, caused by bed bug saliva, can cause hives, itching, and irritation.
  • Biting can cause infection, causing additional problems.
  • Blemishes can form and persist for months or more.


  • Bed bug bites are most common on the face, neck, arms and hands.
  • The bite-bite symptoms of bed bugs are similar to those of other insect bites and rashes. Bed bug bites are usually:
  • Swollen spots, often with deep spots in the middle.
  • Arranged in a rough line or cluster.
  • Located on the face, neck, arms and hands.
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3. What Is The Most Effective Treatment Against Bed Bugs?

Most conversations about bed bugs end up with one question: What is the most effective treatment against bed bugs? Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to eliminate, so we highly recommend that anyone with a bed bug problem consult a professional. Also check out, does cinnamon oil kills bed bugs?

However, freezing with cryonite is a quick, safe and effective way to kill bed bugs. Due to its uniqueness and efficiency, the crayonite bed bug treatment has become very popular among pest control professionals. No matter how resistant bed bugs and their larvae are, this technique can kill them because dry ice temperature is well below freezing point. It works at an excellent sub-zero temperature and gives instant results. 


Note: Cryonite is not a consumer product and is sold exclusively to professional pest control companies, hotels, universities, healthcare facilities, long-term care facilities, auxiliary housing and shelters, and property management companies. 

The cryonite system eliminates insects without leaving any residue or without the need for post-treatment work. It will reduce the downtime for hotels, the food industry, schools and hospitals. cryonite can be used directly on mattresses, electronic devices and food products. If you are not sure whether you have bed bugs or not, bed bug traps may be a good option as a starting point. This method works just the opposite of bug-killing steam.

4. What Is Cryonite Treatment?

Cryonite bed bug treatment is an innovative, non-toxic patented technology used to kill insects at all stages of life. It has been widely used in Europe, Australia and the United States with proven results. The cryonite system releases CO2 as “snow”, which, when applied to the affected area, quickly kills bed bugs, cockroaches and flour beets on contact.

Cryonite for bed bugs has become very popular among pest control professionals due to its uniqueness and efficiency. A cryonite machine used in this treatment produces “snow” carbon dioxide at a freezing temperature of -110 ° F. Liquid CO2 totally freezes bed bugs. It works at an excellent sub-zero temperature and gives instant results.


No matter how resistant bed bugs and their larvae are, this technique can kill them because dry ice temperature is well below freezing point. As dry ice gets sprayed on the insect affected area, it kills the insects on the spot. Affected areas can be all parts of your home where bed bugs may be near you, so don’t let their names fool you.

INTERESTING FACT: You don’t even have to worry about the residue that Cryonite leaves behind because it leaves nothing! No toxic or harmful chemicals get used in this treatment, and once the dry ice gets sprayed, it evaporates with the spray after killing the insects.

The best thing about cryonite bed bugs treatment is that it can kill other insects and their eggs, along with the dirty bed bugs. Cryonite can also be sprayed inside electrical sockets and motors, as traditional steam techniques in such areas can be harmful.

5. How Does Cryonite System Works?

Cryonite kills bed bugs by freezing. The cooling medium is carbon dioxide snow, specially designed and sprayed with a patented nozzle. The freezing process accelerates and reaches shallow temperatures. Liquid CO2 freezes bed bugs and kills them instantly. It works at an excellent sub-zero temperature and gives instant results. The design of the cryonite bed bug treatment machine follows the following parameters:

  1. Dry: Frozen carbon dioxide, also called “dry ice”, converts from ice/snow directly to gas with no liquid phase. For example, when used in a food processing facility, the flour will not turn into dough! It enables treatment in electrical sockets, motors, pipes, cabinets, etc.
  2. Swift: With the perfect combination of the size and speed of ice particles, cooling is fast enough to ensure that insects, including eggs and larvae, will not survive.
  3. Ergonomic: The unit is ergonomic in terms of design, with a telescopic function with extended access and easy-to-operate posture, and a ” goose-neck” angle of up to 90 ° or more for maximum spraying angles. 
  4. Penetration: Cryonite ice penetrates quickly into deep cracks and fissures, complex machines and reaches long pipes.
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6. Cryonite Vs. Other Bed Bugs Removal Process:

1. Fast And Efficient: 

  • Standard bed bug removal methods are not effective as cryonite freezing. They usually do one or more treatments, which can make things worse. The use of insecticides can accelerate bed bug infections, cause insects to repel from your home or business, and search the surrounding area for a while.
  • Cryonite bed bug treatment is extremely useful as it immediately removes bed bugs. Freezing bed bugs on the spot mean immediate death, usually eliminating them in one visit. Another reason this method is so effective is that it eliminates bed bugs at all stages of life compared to other ways that cannot kill eggs or larvae and bring the problem back after a while. 

2. Non-toxic And Eco-friendly: 

  • Standard removal methods use chemicals and pesticides that do not kill the bed bugs because these insects can become resistant to chemical properties over time. However, this cannot be the case with cryonite because it does not contain chemicals. In addition, standard methods that include chemicals and pesticides can harm people more than good, especially homeowners who have children and pets. Chemicals can be dangerous when used near kitchens and tables, where they can easily interact with food or people.
  • Cryonite freezing is a non-toxic way to remove bed bugs and is also the safest way. It will not only eliminate bed bugs from your home or business, but it will also relax your mind knowing that the house is safe. Also, cryonite freezing uses recycled CO2 and will not add extra CO2 into the atmosphere, making it environmentally friendly.

7. Does Cryonics Work With Bed Bugs?

When two opposing views meet, there is a fight. The same is between steaming and killing insects versus freezing them to death using cryonite. This controversy questions, “Does Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment Works?”

Freezing with cryonite is a quick, safe and effective way to kill bed bugs. Due to its uniqueness and efficiency, the crayonite bed bug treatment has become very popular among pest control professionals. No matter how resistant bed bugs and their larvae are, this technique can kill them because dry ice temperature is well below freezing point. It works at an excellent sub-zero temperature and gives instant results. Below, we have provided the advantages of using cryonite treatment for bed bugs.

Advantages Of Using Cryonite Treatment For Bed Bugs:

  1. It kills bed bugs instantly when contacted.
  2. 100% effective, no resistance development
  3. It eliminates all stages of a pest’s life, including eggs and larvae.
  4. Effective against other pests as well as insects and fleas
  5. Completely non-toxic and non-allergic
  6. Hygiene, no odour or smoke, no liquid residue.
  7. Do not stain paint, plastic or wood
  8. Safe to use on all surfaces, including electronic devices
  9. No cleaning – can come in direct contact with beds, linen, tabletops, TVs, etc.
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One problem that can be a bummer to cryonite is its pressure. The hose’s pressure is sometimes so high that it can blow the worm out of its place. It increases their chances of survival and can spread the infection to other parts of your home.


To deal with this problem, you can try to cover all other areas of your home that may be breeding grounds for bed bugs while using cryonite treatment.

8. Do Bed Bugs Like Dry Ice?

Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide, a gas released by humans and animals. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and can get used as bait in bed bug traps. CO2 gas from dry ice will attract bed bugs. Bed bugs will crawl around the bowl and get stuck in your trap.

9. Crayonite Spray And Freezing For Bed Bugs:

Unlike expensive conventional heat treatments, cryonite freezing techniques are ultimately cost-effective and extremely safe. Steam and heat treatment are mainly get used with residual treatment, which means that, unlike cryonite, they depend on other methods.


This dry ice spraying treatment is also safe to use around children, the elderly and pets. It is safe to use this treatment in the presence of food, although we would recommend that if insects fly and live in new places, cover other unaffected areas.

Other methods such as fumigation and other heat treatments are expensive and not suitable for some affected areas such as electrical appliances or near sockets or engines. But Cryonite is a cost-effective method and very easy to use.

10. Cost Of Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment:

This treatment is a one-time and completely risk-free investment, relatively less expensive than the steam technique and fumigation method. If you want to buy the whole Cryonite bed bug treatment system that looks good, you can buy it for under USD 4000.

If you feel that you are exceeding your budget, you can choose from the other Cryonite system options available on the site. All systems come with applicators, high-pressure hoses, protective glasses, gloves, training DVDs, and an optional trolley. You can follow the below links and learn more about this system.










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