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The presence of small, blisters, itchy spots, or red rashes in your bed is an indication of bed bugs. There is no doubt that bed bugs are a serious problem. This tiny creator has a considerable effect on you and your bedtime. When it comes to bed bug control, one possible solution is diatomaceous earth. But before that you need to understand how this Diatomaceous Earth works. Good thing is thet we have compiled almost everything that is related to D.E in our Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs Review.

Best Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous earth is much safer and more natural than chemical sprays or other alternatives. Moreover, one option for removing bed bugs from your home is diatomaceous earth. Further, we recommend Lumino Home and Harris as two of the best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs: What Are they?

A bed bug is a small, and flat that feeds sleeping humans and animals blood. There is about 1 mm-7 mm in length, and they are red-brown in colour. You can have an infestation of bed bugs within a few weeks if a female bed bug lays up to 500 eggs during her lifetime.

Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs Review – What is D.E?

Fossilised diatoms are the raw materials in diatomaceous earth. Further, Silicon dioxide makes up most of the body of a diatom. Rivers, Streams, lakes, and ocean sediments are mined for diatoms. After being ground up, the best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs is produced. Known as a desiccant, diatomaceous earth works to keep the environment dry. You can apply it when diatomaceous earth mixed with water. Diatomaceous earth’s two most important properties make it ideal for killing insects.

  1. It’s jagged and sharp. It is difficult to smooth or round these fossilised remains. Their sharp, jagged edges make them easy to latch on to insects that come into contact with them on a microscopic level. 
  2. It absorbs lipids. An insect’s exoskeleton has a waxy outer coat that helps it maintain moisture. Diatomaceous earth is toxic to insects. Most bugs die of dehydration after the waxy layer erodes over a period of days to two weeks.

Is DE Effective Against Bed Bugs?

I would say YES, in a nutshell.

But the best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs is 100% safe & natural compared to many other chemical solutions.

5  Product Reviews For Best Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bugs

Let’s have detailed diatomaceous earth pest control reviews below:

1. Lumino Home Food Grade 1.5 Pound Diatomaceous Earth

Lumino Home Food Grade 1.5

Feature Description:

Earthborn 1.5 Pound diatomaceous earth is available in its natural state and effective against bedbugs. It is made from a natural freshwater deposit that contains 1.5 pounds of salt. In addition, the bag is resealable, so you will be able to store it and use it in the future if needed. All this product’s mining, milling, sifting, and packaging occur in the Western United States.

Lumino Home Food Grade 1.5 Pound Diatomaceous Earth

The best way to treat bed bugs is to use these products with a full, comprehensive treatment plan. Moreover, it is critical if you want to eliminate the problem. You should always consult a professional before battling bedbugs, even when these great diatomaceous earth products are on hand.

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My recommendation: why should you try it?

It’s awesome. I love it. Moreover, I used this method to kill carpet beetle lava. Additionally, the residue prevented ants from invading this year. The amount of product here is quite impressive. A person will be able to get enough with half of this amount, and a squirter is necessary to get it in along the walls. In theory, it can help detoxify the body of heavy metals.

2. HARRIS HDE-8 Bed Bug 8oz Powder Diatomaceous Earth


Feature Description:

HARRIS HDE-8 Bed Bug 8oz diatomaceous earth powder bed bugs efficiently treat hard-to-reach areas, making it great for thorough treatments. Within forty-eight hours of initial contact, insects will die from the powder. In spite of the fact that it could just be marketing, it’s always nice to see something marketed specifically for a particular use.

With this highly-rated product, you will be able to apply diatomaceous earth accurately via a small nozzle. In order to lay down diatomaceous earth, it’s essential to be able to reach small spaces where bed bugs live. Once the treatment is applied, bed bugs will continue to die as long as it is kept dry.

My recommendation: why should you try it?

My bedroom was infested with bugs, so I bought this to combat the problem. It is working as promised at the moment. The only thing that has worked for me so far is this product. The bedbug numbers went from growing to GONE when I discovered it and ordered it! In just over two weeks! That’s great! I hope this will continue and that these nuisances will continue to disappear. I love it!

3. Hot Shot 8 Ounces Bed Bug Killer Diatomaceous Earth

Hot Shot 8 Ounces Bed Bug Killer

Feature Description:

Bedbugs, fleas, and other listed insects die when contacted with Hot Shot 8 Ounces dust. In addition, it kills fleas, ants, silverfish, earwigs, cockroaches, millipedes, crickets, centipedes, and other crawling insects. Thanks to the built-in spout, using the product for windowsills, cracks, bed frames, and other small areas around your home is easy.

Hot Shot 8 Ounces

You can save the day by using Hot Shot Insecticides as the best powder to kill bed bugs when creepy bugs try to pass through. Additionally, this product promises to eliminate slugs and grasshoppers. Place a light coat on areas where listed pests are found and may hide – make sure they are dry.

My recommendation: why should you try it?

It is difficult to get rid of bed bugs if you have ever had them. Our two-year battle against the problem culminated in discarding furniture and clothes after washing and vacuuming. In the past, I’d heard about diatomaceous earth bedbug, a dust that killed bugs by consuming the dust and eliminating them from the inside. The process does not involve chemicals. To curtail the problem, we lined the corners and baseboards with dust. Thus, it is a good product at a reasonable price.

4. Earthborn Elements 5 Gallon Diatomaceous Earth Resealable Bucket

Earthborn Elements 5 Gallon

Feature Description:

This best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs from Earthborn is an effective product. It can eliminate bed bugs, ants, fleas, and many other insects. You will have enough product to solve your bed bug problem with the 5-gallon bucket. 

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There is a resealable bucket included with Earthborn Elements Diatomaceous Earth. This product includes a resealable lid as well. Diatomaceous earth is effective only when dry. In addition to minerals such as iron, the earth often contains a high proportion of clay.

My recommendation: why should you try it?

During my stay in the hotel, I had bedbugs. In addition to bombs and silica, I also tried sprays. After researching this product, I decided to try it for my home. I cleaned my furniture and floors using a colander and a few pennies. There were no side effects from dousing the bed and covering it. My hard work had paid off! Use an antibacterial on sheets, towels, and bedspreads and remember that eggs can still reproduce. After 4 months, I was able to start cleaning up the powder. 

5. JT Eaton 203 Bedbug 7-Ounce Insect Diatomaceous Earth

JT Eaton 203 Bedbug 7-Ounce

Feature Description:

This 7-ounce bottle has 85% diatomaceous earth from JT Eaton.  It may be necessary to use more depending on the size of your infestation. This powder never becomes resistant to insects or bugs. 

JT Eaton 203

Also included in the product are other elemental oxides that may be more effective at killing bugs. Moreover, JT Eaton’s bottle specifically mentions bed bugs! In addition to killing bed bugs, ants, crickets, fleas, and cockroaches, this best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs can also kill cockroaches. Furthermore, JT Eaton powder is backed by a 1-year warranty.

My recommendation: why should you try it?

In light of all the recent infestation reports in my apartment building, finding something safe and effective was imperative. Bedbugs and Crawling Ins, by JT Eaton, proved to be exactly what the name implies. My experience was so easy that I barely noticed any hassle. Small crawling insects die from this powder, but humans and pets are safe. Among the crawling insects, it kills are bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, and other insects. Additionally, it is extremely user-friendly.  

Buying guide – What To Consider While Buying It?

Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs
Infographic: Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous earth types

It is the different methods of treatment that set each type of Diatomaceous Earth apart. It is usually divided into three types: food grade, pool grade, and feed grade.

Pool Grade Diatomaceous earth

A high level of heat is applied to pool grade Diatomaceous Earth. Calcination is the process of treating water with this type of treatment. As a result of the heating process, Diatomaceous Earth is not suitable for use in the home, yard, or garden. Moreover, filtering impurities from water is one of the primary applications of Diatomaceous Earth used in pools.

Feed Grade Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth of this grade is no longer commonly used since most animals are now treated with food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Regardless, it once dominated the animal feed industry.

Food Grade Diatomaceous earth

Natural de-worming properties of Diatomaceous Earth make it safe to consume by pets and livestock as well. Moreover, it protects pets against parasites like ticks and fleas. 

Diatomaceous earth is also effective in getting rid of pests like spider mites and fungus gnats in the home garden. Besides promoting weight loss, it strengthens bones and improves skin health.

Better than silica gel 

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As insects crawl over or through the particles, DE works by irritating the protective outer layer of wax. You can also make diatomaceous earth wet application solution for bedbug removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is diatomaceous earth effective at killing bedbugs?

It acts as a desiccant to kill bedbugs. The best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs has sharp, microscopic edges, making it highly abrasive. It removes bed bugs and other insects by scraping and chafing off their waxy outer coatings.

Sleeping in a diatomaceous earth room is safe, right?

Yes, you can sleep.

What is the appropriate way to apply DE to get rid of bedbugs?

Both prevention and treatment can be accomplished with diatomaceous earth. The steps for applying DE are as follows:

  • Locate the areas around your home where you suspect bed bugs might hide or return.
  • Diatomaceous earth can apply along the moulding, in drawers, inside cracks and crevices, behind appliances, and windowsills and door jambs. Plus, this is done using an applicator.
  • Apply DE behind electrical switches and outlets by removing all electrical faceplates.
  • Apply DE to furniture, mattresses, and carpeting and work it into them with your hands.

What is the time frame for DE to kill bed bugs?

By disrupting their waxy shells, diatomaceous earth eventually causes them to dehydrate and die. Diatomaceous earth does not kill bed bugs immediately, so keep in mind that it takes about seven to seventeen days after using it.

Is it safe to sprinkle diatomaceous earth on my mattress?

Yes, it is safe for direct mattress cleaning.

Diatomaceous earth’s effectiveness lasts how long?

The Diatomaceous earth will remain effective until dry.

Bed bugs: what stops them?

Ensure that all bed sheets, blankets, bedspreads, and clothing touching the floor is cleaned and dried regularly. There is a reduction in the bed bug population as a result. When doing laundry, remember to clean laundry containers/hampers to prevent bed bug infestations.

Final Words – Wrapping It Up!

Our best defense against bed bugs is diatomaceous earth.  The first step is to find the best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs. The other half uses it properly. As a mechanical pesticide, diatomaceous earth works by physically contacting insects.  

Here are our top picks

  1. Lumino Home Food Grade 1.5 Pound Diatomaceous Earth
  2. Hot Shot 8 Ounces Bed Bug Killer Diatomaceous Earth
  3. JT Eaton 203 Bedbug 7-Ounce Insect Diatomaceous Earth

Be sure to purchase the right size and type of diatomaceous earth when purchasing diatomaceous earth.  You should avoid pool-grade diatomaceous earth products to get rid of bed bugs. Last but not least, always consult a professional when dealing with a bed bug infestation. I hope you enjoy your shopping!

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