Does Fire Attract Mosquitoes? Will A Fire Pit Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Fire pits & campfires do a great job of meeting family and friends and providing a gathering place to keep us warm. Not surprisingly, people often ask, “Does fire attract mosquitoes” because nothing can harm your guests from gathering faster than mosquito bites at every turn.

“Insects, like mosquitoes, are attracted to fire by light and heat. It is their nature, and it will not change unless something draws their attention.

Does Fire Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not only annoying and have an itchy bite, but they also bring serious illnesses that you & your guests should be very worried about if you have an event outside in the evening. We’ll discuss some ways to minimize the effects of this as you go out.

An exciting way to deal with the problem of mosquitoes around a fire pit environment is to turn the tables on them. A fire pit, by definition, produces heat that can produce by-products that repel mosquitoes and other pests. We will also talk about “how will a fire pit keep mosquitoes away?”

Does Fire Attract Mosquitoes?

People may ask the most common question: “Does fire attract mosquitoes” As mentioned above, mosquitoes and other insects are always attracted to heat and heat sources. The root causes can be a bit deep.

Mosquitoes are not attracted to fire itself but to heat and light. That’s why certain fires are better at attracting mosquitoes while others are repelling mosquitoes. More importantly, that’s why you need plenty of smoke above your fire unless you want plenty of mosquitoes around it. Because mosquitoes have poor eyesight, they rely on body warmth to know where to find and draw blood. Also read our guide on how to kill mosquito larvae in pool.

Does Fire Attract Mosquitoes?

Fire trick mosquitoes into believing a warm-blooded host is near. So it means yes, fire attracts mosquitoes. Whereas fire can also repel mosquitoes, it must have certain characteristics, such as a large amount of smoke and proximity to a mosquito-infested area, to be truly effective. Those who decide to use fire as the only way to keep mosquitoes away need to know what makes fire effective in this endeavour.

So, Mosquitoes look for food during their active hours, often when the sun goes down (though not in all cases). Any sign of heat indicates the possible presence of food nearby.

What Are The 3 Things That Attract Mosquitoes?

`Mosquitoes find their potential hosts by three methods: sight (colour and movement), chemical signals (odours and C02 emissions) and infra-red radiation (heat).

Chemical Signals:

Carbon Dioxide: Both male and female mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe, both in terms of smell and quantity. As we exhale, we release chemicals such as lactic acid, octanol, uric acid and fatty acids that combine with CO2 to form our unique carbon dioxide cocktail. This combination of scents indicates to mosquitoes that there is a human target nearby.

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Body Odor: Bacterial colonies combine with sweat to produce that sweet human scent of body odour. Without bacteria, our sweat would be odourless; Along with bacteria, our sweat is one of the most attractive fragrances for mosquitoes. You can take steps like regular washing to reduce body odour. However, beware of fragrant scents that can attract mosquitoes.


Sections: About 80% of people secrete saccharides and antigens compounds through their skin and indicate blood type. Mosquitoes are magnets for secretors. There is nothing you can do to make yourself a non-secretary.

Blood Type: Depending on your blood type, you hide different scents. Research shows that mosquitoes are more attracted to type O blood and less attracted to type-A.

Lactic Acid: Lactic acid is excreted through your skin when you are active or eat certain foods. Studies show that mosquitoes are more attracted to people who have more lactic acid on their skin. To become a mosquito repellent, you can reduce lactic acid by washing with soap and drying well after exercise. If you want to use an ultrasonic pest repeller then you should consider the side effects as well.

Dark Colours:

Studies have found that mosquitoes are most attracted to the following colours: BLACK, AQUA, RED & ORANGE.


Darker colours are due to the environment in which they like to live. “Mosquitoes like darker colours, and this shows that they are really sensitive to drying out or losing water. So they want to find a dark, shady place to rest. “

They like red and orange because human skin looks like them. It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is or how dark or light you are; we highlight orange and red with our skin.

Heat Sources:

Well, people often wonder that “Do mosquitoes like fire?


To our best knowledge, mosquitoes have poor eyesight, so they rely on body warmth to know where to find and draw blood. Heat emitting objects trick mosquitoes into believing a warm-blooded host is near. Emitted infrared light also reflects off of water to allow mosquitoes to recognize potential breeding areas. In conclusion, yes, mosquitoes like fire because they believe a potential warm-blooded host is present around it.

Do Mosquitoes Like Campfires?

If you’re using typical firewood, then the campfire produces more carbon dioxide, which may attract mosquitoes. So in the case of a typical wood campfire, mosquitoes will like the campfire. Whereas, if you are using low hydrocarbons products in a fire, it may be possible that it acts as a natural repellent and keeps mosquitoes away from you due to excessive smoke.

The smoke from regular wood-burning (oak, alder, poplar, etc.) is often not enough to repel mosquitoes, but there are other natural ingredients that you can add for further assistance.


You can put fragrant scents on the fire to keep mosquitoes away. Ingredients such as lavender, mint, citronella and eucalyptus are excellent examples of fragrant natural herbs that you can put directly into the fire to keep mosquitoes away.

Does A Propane Fire Attract Mosquitoes?

The propane fire pit attracts mosquitoes more than any other heat source. When only propane burns, it burns without any odour and releases carbon dioxide, attracting mosquitoes. But, with a bit of modification to your propane fireplace, it can be an excellent mosquito repellent.

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Will A Fire Pit Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Fire pits can have far-reaching consequences for keeping mosquitoes away. The short answer is YES; smoke from fire pits can keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Burning fragrant plants often help repel mosquitoes. Plants that repel mosquitoes or natural mosquito repellents, the following plants or woods can get added to the fire pit to repel mosquitoes from a specific area.


The destructive properties of eucalyptus oil are well known. So, if you have a eucalyptus tree nearby, you can burn bark, wood, and leaves to keep mosquitoes away from your gathering.


As a bonus, eucalyptus wood smells tremendous and burns very hot, making it ideal for those cold nights.


Pinion wood is excellent for repelling mosquitoes. It has a pleasant cedar scent that many people enjoy, making it a popular choice for backyard fire pits.


Since this is a widespread and popular type of wood, you should be able to find it locally. You can find them in your neighbourhood’s big box home and garden supply stores. It will be possible in a nearby formation.

If you do not encounter Pinionor eucalyptus directly, you can always try to burn one of the following plants to repel mosquitoes naturally:

Burn The Lavender

Lavender plants contain very potent essential oils that repel pests, including mosquitoes. You can also add lavender essential oil or dried lavender plants to the fire to control mosquitoes.


Lavender’s ability to repel mosquitoes and insects has been used for years. Lavender is one of those plants that rarely die, if at all.

Burn Rosemary


Rosemary smells of solid wood and fragrant herbs that mainly repel mosquitoes.

Burn The Basil

Basil has a strong odour that stops mosquitoes immediately. You can burn the basil leaves to spread its strong smell and create more smoke, keeping mosquitoes away from your home.

Burn Citronella Grass

Experts recommend burning lemon-scented plants such as CITRONELLA GRASS to keep mosquitoes away. You can keep them away.


We know you may not like the smell of a wood-burning fire pit. The good news is, that you’re not alone. Even mosquitoes cannot tolerate the strong smell of smoke. This odour is not present when using a gas fire pit.

Burning produces carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. So, the simple answer to the question of whether gas fire pits can save your yard from mosquitoes is NO!

How To Effectively Repel Mosquitoes Using Fire?

Fire can repel mosquitoes, but it must have certain characteristics, such as a large amount of smoke and proximity to a mosquito-infested area, for it to be truly effective. Those who decide to use fire as the only way to keep mosquitoes away need to know what makes fire effective in this endeavour.

Consider The Proximity Of The Fire

Fire needs to get close to mosquito sources to be an effective repellent. It is believed that the FIRE may be effective in repelling mosquitoes found at a maximum distance of 10 feet. Multiple fires can be an alternative.


A better alternative is to light a fire in front of a water source. Water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Frequent fires along the water source keep mosquitoes away and prevent them from growing too fast.

You can light a fire in front of a pond, gazebo, or water-soaked area around the house. A well-watered lawn can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as are open drains. Having a fire pit near yards or gutters is one of the methods used to limit their access to high humidity habitats, which most mosquitoes prefer.

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Multiple Small Fires Are Better Than One Large Fire

One fire cannot be an effective way to keep mosquitoes away. Single fireworks are suitable for camping and keep mosquitoes away from the tent when built near the tent. A home fire can work when keeping mosquitoes out of the house—large courtyards with multiple water sources or multiple drains where mosquito breeding grounds require numerous fires.


Lighting more than one candle around the yard can work at night. Citronella oil torches are even more helpful around the tent or in the yard. The key is to use several candles or flashlights every 2-4 feet to keep mosquitoes away.

Continuous Fire Fueled By Hardwood Is Better

Keeping the fire burning is just as important as building a fire yourself. Fire can burn for hours at a time. The smoke spreads rapidly, creating a place for mosquitoes to re-enter the area.

Many anti-mosquito torch makers recommend burning the torch all day or all night. The fire produces more smoke than a long-burning fire and eventually completely stops mosquitoes from entering the area.


campers sometimes put more writing to light a fire for a few hours before going to bed to keep flies, insects, and insects away, overnight

Lighting a fire that only burns for a few minutes is not enough to stop mosquitoes. 

A Fire Pit Can Be Effective – It Keeps Mosquitoes 8-9 Feet Away

There is no scientific evidence that mosquitoes can get kept away from arson. However, campers & those who like to spend time outside often say that mosquitoes stay away from fires. The distance considered mosquito-free is usually 8-9 feet from the fire in the case of a fire pit.

Anti-mosquito torch torches are recommended to get kept about 3 feet away. It means that a small fire, such as a flashlight or a candle, keeps mosquitoes away within a radius of only 3 feet. The smaller the fire, the more sources of fire will get needed to keep mosquitoes away. When it keeps mosquitoes away, torches are less effective.

Essential Oils And Aromatic Plants Enhance The Efficiency Of The Fire

Essential oils are natural mosquito repellent. Some essential oil diffusers use only a tiny candle to spread a small fire in the air. Burning essential oils around the house or even during camping is one of the techniques to limit the number of mosquitoes.

Combined with essential oils, fire is one of the alternatives to burning hardwood, which produces a lot of smoke and can be difficult to live around.

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