How To Get Rid Of Ants In Bedroom Carpet And Prevent Future Infection

Have ants attacked your carpet? Get rid of them by following this guide that explains why you have ants on the carpet, how to get rid of ants on the bedroom carpet, and how to prevent future ant infections—All-natural, safe remedies that will help you destroy the entire colony.

Have you ever room in your house and gotten stung by an ant on your carpet? First, you will don’t notice. But then you will get stung again, and when you look closely, you will see dozens of ants feeding on your carpet. You will get frightened and think, where are they coming from? How did they get there?


When you see only a few ants, there are more hidden, waiting for the food to come back. There is probably a nest nearby, and these are scout ants looking for an opportunity to feed their queen and the entire colony. These are just worker ants that leave the colony, so they are the ones you need to target to bring poisonous bait into the colony and the queen.

In this article, you will learn why ants attack your carpet, how to get rid of them, How to make ant killers for carpet and much more. Stay with us till the end, and you will learn how to keep your carpet ant-free zone. Let’s get started

Why Do I Have Ants On My Carpet? 

Many ants crawling on the carpet are probably a sign of leftovers of food or drink in your carpet fibres. In addition, carpenter ants can attack wood under the carpet and enter from close range. The best treatment is to remove the ants from the carpet by applying carpet powder for ants, vacuuming and applying the ant baits.

There are many reasons why ants attack your home, and we discussed them below:


(a)- Leftover Food:

Ants come in many forms and differ in their behaviour. Unlike bed bugs or cockroaches, ants usually do not have to worry about finding or eating home. It is the food and water they are looking for. If you see dozens of ants on your carpet, it could mean that there are pieces of food or liquid residue on the mat that attract the ants from a great distance.

If you find ants on the carpet, ants can use this carpet to reach other parts of your home through food or liquids. Unfortunately, leaving food out of the fridge or uncut or closed open food containers can invite ants. If you ever have doubts, you can always follow the ant trail to see what is pulling the ants in and out of the carpet. 

(b)- Moisture And Rotten Wood:

Another reason you see ants on carpets or ants under the carpet is because many ants are attracted to moisture and rotten wood. If there is wood under your floor or you are struggling with water leakage in your pipes, you will eventually get some infection. It’s not just ants – sometimes you can get fungus or even cockroaches. That’s why it’s essential to maintain your home well maintained. 

Can Ants Live In Carpets? 

In general, no. Ants cannot live on the carpet. Ants prefer hiding places, such as under the refrigerator. If you see ants on the carpet, they may be living under walls or floors. Ants are not insects that infect carpets. There is nothing attractive about carpets for ants unless there is food or moisture feeding and hydrating the ants. Ants don’t live in carpets either, so you don’t have to worry about ants laying eggs. The queen does all this activity in the nest outside.


Carpets are usually a source of food or a way to reach food sources. However, if the floor under the carpet is of wood, it could be carpenter ants that are entering and exiting their nest through the carpet.

Carpenter ants usually look for rotting wood to build their nest. If the wood under the carpet is attractive to them, they will cross the carpet regularly searching for food, as this species of ant does not eat wood and only lives inside it.

Can Ants Live Under Carpets?

Ants do not usually live under carpets, and in most cases, they end up there because there is either leftover food or the floorboards are rotten due to moisture. If you find some dirt under your carpet, it could signify that you have a problem with ants’ colonies inside walls or floors. That’s why you see ants on carpet.


Ants are attracted to food and moist places, and these are the main reasons for them to make their home under your carpet. Keep the floor free of food debris and check the condition & structural integrity of your floor. If you do these things regularly, ants will have less than two reasons to stay under your carpet. If you doubt that ants are living under your carpet, you should take an in-depth look at the floor construction of your home.

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Do Ants Like Carpets?

Ants don’t like carpets because when they attack carpets, they are in everyone’s eyes, and there is a constant danger of them being seen and chased away. They come to the carpet to collect leftover food and then, in most cases, leave as soon as possible. They build their colonies and nests in more desolate places. 

Do Ants Eat Carpets?

Ants do not eat carpets. Common insects that can eat your carpet are carpet bugs, carpet beetles and silverfish. There are no known species of ants that like to eat carpets, so if you have holes in your carpet, look for the carpet bugs above.

How Do You Get Rid Of Ants In The Bedroom Carpet?

Although ants do not make a home on the carpet, the appearance of ants on the carpet indicates that you will need to treat this problem. Here are four steps you can take to get rid of ants from your bedroom carpet.

Step 1: Look For Food Particles Or Moisture Problems.

9 out of 10 times, the problem of ants on the carpet will be related to food or moisture. Only small pieces or drops of sugar liquid can attract ants, especially in the spring and summer months.


Inspect the carpet to see any food particles or wet spots. If you feel wet spots, it could be a spilled liquid or a leak somewhere that could be a problem. Therefore, eat food and drink only in the kitchen or dining room and regularly sweep and vacuum leftovers.

If you know that you have not spread anything on the carpet, but it is still wet, you may have to pick up the carpet and inspect it further. A leak can come from the ceiling, enter through a wall, or a pipe somewhere around your floor.

It is also helpful to identify your ants carefully. If you have tiny black ants, these are probably stinking house ants. If the ants are gigantic and black, they are probably carpenter’s ants, so you need to find wet and rotting wood.

Step 2: Vacuuming:

Running a vacuum on the carpet is something we all probably do at least once a week. If you see many ants on the carpet, you should double down on repeated vacuuming. Ants can move out of the colony much faster if they find a good food or water source.


You can easily vacuum the ants seen on the carpet, apart from any food source. Instead, choose a vacuum with a bag if possible, or make sure to empty the box’s contents into an outside bin to prevent ants from scattering indoors.

In addition, regular vacuuming of the carpet can prevent food particles from sitting longer and attracting ants. Be sure to use a vacuum with solid brussels sprouts to make sure you’re picking up all ants and food particles.

Step 3: Install An Ant Bait.

One of the efficient ways to deal with an ant attack is to use ant bait. Ant baits first work by attracting the ants on the carpet to the bait, which allows them to take the fodder back to the colony, and then the slow-moving poison kills them. The food gets distributed among the other ants and the queen, who is responsible for reproduction. This technique effectively kills all the ants in the colony over time. Common types of killer ants baits that you can use to kill ants on carpet include:


Gel Ant Baits: Ant gels are excellent for treating holes, cracks, fissures and other hard-to-reach areas. They can also get applied to an index card or bait station. These products usually come in a tube with a syringe for use. The gel contains a slow-acting insecticide, and the ants take the bait to the colony to kill the other ants. Ant gels are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Granule Ant Baits: Granule Bates are commonly used in outdoor applications such as garages and backyards but can also get used indoors. Granular baits are effective and retain their insecticidal properties for a long time after use. Also, granular ant baits usually work against a wide range of insects.

Liquid Ant Baits: Liquid ant baits are uniquely effective for sugar-eating ants. These baits are the oldest and have been tested by pest control professionals. Ant baits are incredibly effective in eliminating the problem of ants both indoors and outdoors. The Indoor ants crawling on the carpet are probably the working ants that carry food to the outside nest.

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Terro T300b Liquid Ant Killer With 12 Bait Stations

  • Attracts & kills common household ants 
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don’t 
  • Works Fast 
  • Ready to Use
  • Use Throughout Your Home

NOTE: An important detail to remember about killer ant baits is that you do not have to use other products on ants when using baits. The process is slow, but the poison spreads throughout the colony, which means the problems will eventually disappear. 

Step 4: Consider Additional Products To Eliminate Ants.

If you do not have time to wait for the ant baits to work, you have some other options that you can consider.

Cimexa Dust

Cimexa dust is a powerful and effective pesticide that is safe for humans and pets. It is made from 100% silica dust, having a small granular microscopic surface made of materials such as sand, rocks and even bricks.


Once the pests crawl through the product, the waxy outer part of their body gets cut off, which causes dehydration within 24 hours. It is an efficient product to use as an ant killer for carpets as the product can spread over a wide area. Only a thin, almost invisible product layer should get applied to all places where ants crawl. The dust applicator is most helpful in ensuring that the product does not accumulate and that the ants keep moving around it.

The best thing is to vacuum the dust out of the carpet once you completely remove the ants from the area.


[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#2b9754″]

  • In addition to ants and even spiders, it kills various insects.
  • It is safe to have pets around.
  • Odourless and don’t leave a stain



[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#cd4532″]

  • Ants will not get killed on immediate direct contact


Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth, sometimes called D.E. Or DIATOMITE, effectively kills ants and repels them completely. Many professional exterminator companies often prescribe this product because it is effective. However, it would be best to use food-grade Ditomecius Earth as an ant killer for carpets because the particle size must be small enough to infect the ants. By nature, D.E. is abrasive & also absorbs some lipids from insect exoskeletons. It is why ants will die, usually from dehydration or excessive abrasion to their exoskeletons.

Insecto Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Insecto Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#2b9754″]

  • 100% natural
  • D.E can kill ants in under 24 hours.
  • It can get vacuumed.



[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#cd4532″]

  • D.E. powder is dehydrated to the touch.


Step 5: Use Carpet Powder For Ants

The bait should kill the excellent majority of ants. However, some will get remain. For these straggler ants, professionals recommend using carpet powder for ants. It will kill them quickly. To make a homemade carpet powder for ants, mix baking soda and one part borax and sprinkle on the carpet and around the nest. Vacuum up after a few hours. Repeat if necessary. Alternatively, you can also spray boric acid on your carpet.

1. Borax (4 oz) Sodium Borate

Borax (4 oz) Sodium Borate

2. Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Dust, 1 L.b.

  • Delta Dust Bed Bug Insecticide – 1 lb.
  • Yield: 1 lb. of Delta Dust covers about 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Target Pest: Ants, Bed Bugs, Boxelder Bugs, Cockroaches
  • Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin, 0.05%
  • It cannot ship to N.Y. or C.T.

Step 06: Use Ant Killer Spray:

Because ants come from outside, using a powerful spray insecticide with a robust residual effect is best to prevent ants from entering your home. Most sprays are insecticide and termite killer that provides excellent control over more than 75 insects.

You can mix ant killer products with one gallon of water in a gallon sprayer. This product leaves a lasting residue of up to 3 months, is odorless, non-stained, dry clean, and safe around children and pets when used as directed. It should help kill the ants before forming a large population near your home and prevent ants on carpets. Spray all areas around the house that can act as an entrance to the house with window seals, doors, and edges.


[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#2b9754″]

  • Effective for straight three months.
  • Ant Killer sprays can kill ants on direct contact.
  • It can get used indoors or outdoors.



[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#cd4532″]

  • Slightly potent when used indoors









How To Prevent Ants From Being On Your Carpet?

Sometimes, it is better to prevent a potential pest problem than for pest control professionals to deal with one of the most prominent ant infections. Doing one of the following should be a great way to ensure that there are no ants on the carpet.

  • Store food in sealed and airtight containers.
  • Do not leave any pieces on the floor after breakfast.
  • Close any cracks that may allow ants to go unnoticed. One of the best ways to prevent ants from entering your home and accumulating on your carpet is to vacuum the carpet regularly to ensure that the pieces of food do not stay down too long. In addition, be sure to clean hard floors regularly and keep countertops clean and free of food and liquids.
  • Some ants are attracted to moisture, so regularly check for moisture leaks inside and around the house and on the carpet.
  • To control carpenter ants, always check for any wood rot or moisture inside your home. It’s not an easy task to prevent these ants from affecting damp wood, but a routine inspection of your floor under carpet is a good practice.
  • Because ants are external insects, pesticide sprays with residues go a long way in preventing ants from coming into the home. Also, seal any cracks in your home’s foundation so that ants do not find their way inside.
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How Do You Get Rid Of Ants On The Bedroom Carpet? |Naturally|

Here are some natural, homemade recipes to get rid of ants on your carpet. These include:

Infographic: How Do You Get Rid Of Ants On The Bedroom Carpet

1. Peppermint Oil: 

Use peppermint-based sprays to get rid of tiny black ants on your carpet. Mix three parts of mint oil in a quarter of water and spray generously. Also, use sprays around all entrances to your home as a precaution.

2. Cucumber: 

Ants hate cucumber. Although it will not kill the ants, it will repel them. Place some pieces near the ant attack so that they can get removed. It is an excellent natural remedy if your home has no severe ant infection

3. Honey And Borax Spray: 

Mix a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of warm water, and borax to make an ant killer mixture. Keep the mixture close to the infection and wait a day or two. The ants will eat the mixture and die.

1 TABELSPOON1 TABELSPOON1 TABELSPOONPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet  is ready

4. Red Pepper And Garlic Spray: 

Mix three cloves of garlic and two teaspoons of red pepper in one cup of water, and your ant killer spray is ready. Sprinkle generously on ants and nests and wait.

3 CLOVES2 TEASPOON1 CUPPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet is ready

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Spray: 

With Apple Cider Vinegar, you can stop the ants coming on your carpet. Mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water and apply.

1 tabelspoon1 tabelspoonPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet is ready

6. Cinnamon Spray:

Ants hate the smell of cinnamon. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the edges of your carpet to block the ant’s way. If the nest is under your carpet, spray the nest and wait. If the ants do not come out, use something vital to kill them. You can make a cinnamon spray from the below methods:


The mixture of heavy essential oil and cinnamon for ants spray is considered the best way to get rid of ants in carpets instead of spending money on costly pesticides.

20 DROPS20 DROPS10 DROPS10 DROPSPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet is ready

NOTE: It not only has cinnamon oil in it, but it also has a potent nutmeg, ginger and clove bud oil! ants in carpets will struggle against this mixture


Cinnamon with water is a natural repellent against ants, and its fragrance is delicious too! That is why it is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of ants in carpets using this essential oil.

½ CUP½ CUP15-20 DROPSPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet is ready

7. Powdered Sugar And Baking Soda: 

Mix one part baking soda with one part powdered sugar. Keep this mixture close to where the ants gather (safe to keep on the carpet) and they will be drawn towards the sweet smell. Unknown to them, baking soda will kill them. Let them run to digest this deadly mixture, and you will get rid of the infection.

1 TEASPOON1 TEASPOON1 CUPPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet is ready

8. Dish Soap: 

Dish liquid is good for preventing infections on your carpet—Mix 1/4 cup dish soap with water in a spray bottle. Spray generously to disrupt the ant trail on your carpet.

1/4 CUP1 CUPPour this mixture into a spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to blend the mixture, and ant killer for carpet is ready


One of the problems with ants is that they can carry diseases in your home, like all insects, especially if they got infested with dead rats. Ants contain many different types of bacteria, including antimicrobial-resistant bacteria that can cause flesh-eating diseases. Professionals recommend a thorough cleaning of your home as the ants on the carpet can spread everywhere from your bathroom sink to your laundry to your kitten’s litter box. Ants also like to crawl into your toilet bowl and then perhaps travel to your soap dish, spreading bacteria. In fact, like fleas and other insects, ants are known to ride on pets. If you suspect that your pet has ants, bathe them immediately, inspecting the pet’s coat for any hiding ants.

Most environmentalists use steam to the fullest. If this is not affordable for you, you can try disinfecting your home yourself by using a mop and a thin bleach on the fabric and a hand-held steam unit. 

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