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Need Los Angeles Attic Cleaning Company ?

Los Angeles Attic Cleaning and insulation is an essential process. Attic cleanups will help you eradicate rats, rodents and mice from your homes. Southern California has several exterminators to fight against rodents and pests. One such proficient company, which saves homes and offices from “rats & mice”, would be Green Rat Control.


Risk causing creatures

Attics in cities like Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County are targeted by roof raccoons, bats and rats. These creatures tend to urinate and defecate the whole ambience. The fecal matter contains various disease causing parasites. If not removed, these micro-organisms will pose a great risk to your health.

A challenging field of work!

Attic decontamination is recognized as a challenging field of work. This is a separate unit of the dead animal removal and rodent control process. The decontamination service includes the subsequent features.

1)    Removal of animal feces and urine.

2)    Removal of fecal stained materials and rooms.

3)    Removal of soiled and damaged insulation.

4)    Location and eradication of deceased animals.

5)    Removal of materials affected by dead mice, rats and rodents.

6)    Decontamination of affected areas with natural enzymes and biological agents.

Importance of Flawless repairs

Attic decontamination is followed by flawless repairs. This is a special service, which distinguishes Green Rat Control from many other service providers. The animal control and animal trapping company eradicates pesky animals in a tidy manner!

Prevention and Maintenance

Attic cleaning is followed by various maintenance and prevention strategies. Small pests and rodents will cause massive damage to your property. Poisonous chemicals would kill them. Nevertheless, it will not stop them from returning! Consequently, Green Rat Control specializes on preventive maintenance. It prevents animals from coming back. This is acknowledged as a permanent solution. The preventive service includes the subsequent facets.

1)    Regular trapping of pesky animals.

2)    Controlling the entry of unwanted animals.

3)    Elimination of bad smells and effective odor control.

Work done in Style

The professional company inspects and cleans attics. It sets up appropriate traps to capture rodents. The company works in style! Green Rat Control traps animals in a humanely manner. The company works with trained and licensed professionals. The removal is done as it has to be! Conversely, this prevents the re-entry and infestation of rodents.

As mentioned previously, Green Rat Control specializes on preventive maintenance and repairs. A single call to Green Rat Control will confer you with all that you need to keep pesky animals away from your precious homes and priceless valuables!


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    Exclusion is an important rodent control technique. It will get rid of the rats by making it difficult for them to enter the home or structure.