Why You Should Hire a “Green” Pest Control Company

Why You Should Hire a “Green” Pest Control Company

When you find yourself faced with a pest control problem it’s tempting to jump into possible solutions without weighing the pros and cons. With all the noises, such as scratching or gnawing, and the odors that go along with rodent infestation, you make not think twice when choosing a pest control company.

One of the first DIY solutions people turn to is pesticides. The lethal-ness of pesticides feels attractive when all you want to do is completely wipe out the pests! But what you might not consider at the moment is that pesticides are not only deadly to rodents, but also to pets and can be very dangerous around children. Luckily, there are Pest Control companies, like Green Rat Control, that specializes in “Green” pest control. Getting you effective results, without dangerous methods.

Before you break out the rat poison, consider the following reasons why you should consult with a Green Pest Control Company.

Protect Your Children

The EPA estimates that thousands of children under the age of six are poisoned by pesticides annually. A pesticide is any spray, liquid, powder, or bait used to kill a pest. They are usually applied at ground level where young children crawl and play. When stored or used improperly, pesticides can be lethal for young children. Their bodies are changing and growing, their organs are not mature, which makes them more susceptible to the negative effects of pesticides.

Protect Your Pets

Pet animals are part of your family too and rely on you for safety and protection in the home. If the instructions aren’t followed correctly, pesticides can be seriously dangerous to pets. Bait and traps that are set out and left unattended are at risk for being sniffed or lapped up by a curious pet.

Protect Wildlife

Even spraying products on a windy day can potentially cause pesticides to be carried into a water source for wildlife and contaminate it!

Consider the Neighbors

Thorough spraying of pesticides outdoors in your yard can actually lead to a contamination of the water source for an entire neighborhood. Think about the big picture and the other people who will be affected by your pest control plan of action.

Pesticides are rarely needed to combat even the most serious pest infestation, and should only be used as a last resort. The EPA outlines a completely “green” approach to pest control  that uses three simple and effective steps:

  1. Starve Them Out
  2. Dry Them Out
  3. Keep Them Out


A licensed and certified “green” pest control company will be experts at these methods. They know that removing all food sources, water sources, and points of entry will successfully result in pest elimination and future pest prevention. They can show you tips for storing your food securely so as not to attract pests. A “green” pest control specialist can do a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home and seal all possible entry points to keep rodents out for good. The “green” methods are not only safer but more effective in the long-run.

When you want to eradicate pests quickly and safely you need to hire a “green” pest control company to get the job done right!

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