Home Remedies To Kill Mice And Rats

As the temperature falls and the weather turns cold, rats and mice alike begin searching for warm spots to escape the cold. You guessed it right! Such warm spaces are usually our homes. You already know you’ll be frightened if any mice or rat comes running in front of your sight. Trust me, it is a bigger concern if you can’t spot them since you never know where they’d be sheltering in your home!. Here in this article we are going to discuss some Home remedies to kill mice.

Home Remedies To Kill Mice And Rats

For a quick thumb rule, go with plaster of Paris and cocoa powder to kill the mice and rats. You can easily sprinkle a mixture of plaster of Paris with one tablespoon cocoa powder on the trail area. Cocoa powder is the favorite food for rats and mice, they eat it and die due to the suffocation and dehydration caused by plaster of Paris. 

But in this article, we have quite a few remedies that can help you kill the rats and mice without spending big bucks. 

Why home remedies are crucial to killing mice and rats?

An invasion of rats and mice in our homes can be terrible. The possibility of contagious infections is as well present with these pests. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. It is therefore important to take necessary action to control these rodents. Although rat poison and trapping are among the best way to eliminate rats, they can be risky if you have young kids or animals. 

Why home remedies are crucial to killing mice and rats

There are other measures to lower the threat of these infestations in your house. You might test several straightforward and efficient home remedies to kill mice and rats as well. Therefore, based on extensive study and attempted approaches, we’ve created this article with 12 Natural Home Remedies To Kill Mice And Rats. But wait there’s more! Along with homemade remedies, we’ve put forward 6 techniques to make homemade rat poison. Rat poison prepared at home can be more affordable than the one sold at stores. 

So, let’s get this job done at once!

How to Remove Mice and Rats from Your Home

Mice and Rats are typically recognized by their moderate bodies, black to brown coloring, and tails. These may be slid through even the smallest cracks in your house as they are quite small. There are a few indicators that mice and rats are around. They usually leave a great amount of poop in the house. Rats even nibble on your clothing, cartons, and any exposed foodstuffs. Hence, it is essential to locate and eliminate these pests. Keep reading to learn about a few home remedies to kill Mice and Rats:

How to Remove Mice and Rats from Your Home


Many pests, including mice, dislike peppermint. The powerful scent of the peppermint oil is enough for these tiny beings to handle. Mice can be prevented by sprinkling slight peppermint oil on a few cotton balls and dispersing them throughout your home. Also, you can use cotton balls to stop mice from entering your kitchen by placing them in your kitchen cupboards.

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A typical supplement that you most likely have in the fridge is soda. Place a small container filled completely with the soda in the location where mice movement is being observed. Once the mice consume the soda, the carbonation eliminates them immediately after they swallow it. You should bear in mind that if you leave the soda for too long, ants will be drawn to it, which could create additional problems on their own.

Cocoa powder and plaster of Paris:

Mice and rats can be killed with plaster of Paris and cocoa powder. Spread plaster of Paris combined with one spoonful of cocoa powder all over the rat and mouse usual route. These pests are lured to this combination by the cocoa powder, which drives them to consume it, resulting in rapid suffocation and dehydration. They flee their homes in a panic and end up dead.

Cocoa powder and plaster of Paris

Cloves or Cloves oil:

Cloves are not popular among mice. Hence, putting several cloves near rat holes in some muslin or pantyhose fabric is an efficient home remedy to kill Mice and rats. Cloves must be wrapped in muslin and placed close to rat tunnels. Cloves’ aroma will be adequate to simply eliminate mice and rats from your house.

Bay leaves: 

Another effective home remedy to kill mice and rats is using a bay leaf. The smell emitted by the bay leaf attracts rats and mice. Unfortunately, the leaves have secondary metabolites which, when ingested by rats, are deadly to them.

Bay leaves

You may totally eliminate mice by scattering bay leaves across your home in areas where there are mouse infestations. Also, bay leaves are quite effective at eliminating bugs in your home.


You need to fully count on the fact that rats hate strong smells in order to tick them off. You can scare pests away by dusting your house with a mixture of minced garlic and water. Also, you can kill mice and rats by sprinkling crushed garlic bulbs in their normal route.

Instant potato powder:

To keep rats and mice away, use instant potato powder. After you scatter this powder across your home, mice and rats will walk the route and enjoy this nice snack. These potato particles enlarge inside the intestine as the powder reaches their body and ends up killing them.


Rats can be stopped from breaking into your house by putting onions surrounding cracks and minor gaps. They will quickly go away due to the onions’ strong stench. Although, you will have to change the onion every other day with a new bulb.


Kitty litter:

Cats hunt on rats normally, therefore if mice sense you own a cat in your residence, they will hesitate in entering the house. Mice would stay far away from the property if used kitty litter is placed in tubs close to probable entry spots. They will leave the area after sniffing the cat’s feces and urine. Also check out, how to get rid off rat urine smell.

Hot pepper flakes:

This is the cheapest home remedy to kill mice and rats. It is an age-old practice to sprinkle pepper on crops to stop animals from eating them. Likewise, distribute the pepper on the edges and around the doorway to deter mice and rats.

 Dryer sheets:

You most likely already own dryer sheets in your house. The smell that the dryer sheets give off will chase mice out of your house.

Dryer sheets

Put them in sites whereby mice might be sneaking in. Although closing those areas is the optimal choice, dryer sheets do help for some time. Just keep in mind that the dryer sheets may end up losing their fragrance and requires regular replacement.

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 Toilet cakes:

A further home remedy to kill mice and rats in your home is to use toilet cakes around them. The toilet cakes give off a powerful aroma that is both naturally repulsive and ideal for freshening the air.

You can spread a few around your home in spots where mice are likely to reside, including the bathrooms, ceilings, entryway, and underground.

Ways of making Rat poison homemade:

Given that we have gone through several Home remedies to kill Mice and Rats, it is just to be clear, that using natural remedies won’t make mice suddenly vanish or in big numbers. 

Ways of making Rat poison homemade

Considering the simplicity of using poison, rat poison is frequently used as a first choice. The majority of rat poisons sold in stores are made with nasty chemicals that could be bad for your health. 

You may produce your homemade rat poison using a few popular formulas, each of which contains a distinct component. Here are a few of them: 

1. Homemade Rat poison with dry cement:

Homemade Rat poison with dry cement

What you need:

  • 1 cup of dry cement
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of salt


  • Take a bowl, and mix the above-mentioned ingredients. 
  • Pour the flour and dry cement mixture on a paper plate and set it down in a spot where mice have been spotted or mouse droppings have been found.
  • Put a water container close to the mixture. There’s still the option of adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder if you notice that the rats are not consuming the mixture.

2. Boric acid Rat poison Homemade:

Boric acid Rat poison Homemade

What you need: 

  • Chicken broth
  • Boric acid


  • Pour a cup filled with boric acid into a bowl. Then add ½ teaspoon chicken broth at a time and Mix it. 
  • Each time a small amount of broth is poured, stir gently several times.
  • Make marble-sized balls from this mixture while wearing gloves.
  • Put the balls in the throwaway tiny cups. Rats are drawn to the scent of the soup and ultimately die from the boric acid they eat.

3. Ammonia spray Rat poison Homemade:

Ammonia spray Rat poison Homemade

What you need: 

  • 2-2 1/2 cups of ammonia
  • 100 to 200 mL of water
  • 2-3 spoonfuls of detergent 


  • Simply combine 100 to 200 mL of water with 2 to 2 1/2 cups of ammonia.
  • Add a couple of spoonfuls of detergent to the dish. 
  • Then, put it in regions where rats are commonly found. Ammonia has such a strong scent that causes rats to quickly be killed by it.

4. Cornmeal and Plaster of Paris Rat poison Homemade:

Cornmeal and Plaster of Paris Rat poison Homemade

What you need:

  • 3 1/2 ounces plaster of Paris
  • 1 ½ cups milk
  • 3 1/2 ounces cornmeal


  • Combine the milk, cornmeal, and plaster of Paris in a bowl. 
  • The mixture should be fully mixed once kneaded. Shape into balls after splitting off into little portions. 
  • Put the balls around your home to kill the mice and rats entering your home
  • Swap the balls with fresh ones once they have dried.

5. Baking soda rat poison homemade:

Baking soda rat poison homemade

What you need

  • Baking soda
  • Cornmeal
  • Sugar


  • Begin by combining a cup filled with cornmeal and a cup filled with powdered sugar.
  • Mix with 1 cup baking soda.
  • The baiting mixture should be placed in jars until they’re halfway filled.
  • Put the jars in the places where the rats are engaged.
  • When the rat’s stomach contents and baking soda interact, carbon dioxide gas is generated. Since rats are unable to exhale, the carbon dioxide ends up causing ruptures or inner obstructions.

6. Mothballs rat poison Homemade:

Mothballs rat poison Homemade

What you need

  • Mothball
  • Small pot with lid


  • Grab small pots and poke several holes in each. Ensure that the pores are large enough to let the mothballs’ odor freely escape.
  • Each pot should have 2 to 3 mothballs inside.
  • Set the pot in areas wherever mice linger.
  • The rodents in your home will flee if you are using this strategy. As well as it will stop the outside mice from getting inside.
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Measures to keep Rats Out of Your Home:

Even though there are multiple widely used methods for the elimination of mice and rats, home remedies to kill mice and rats may not be the only choice available. Nobody loves having rodents in their home. If you’re willing to spend time and effort on a DIY mouse-removal method, first you need to take the essential measures to prevent a mice infestation! It satisfies our primary goal, and that is to initially restrict and deter mice.

  • Check your home for evidence of mice on regular basis.
  • Detect potential gateways and shut or block them. While it won’t likely get rid of the rats you already have inside of your house, this will assist stop others from getting there.
  • Remove the trash on a routine basis. The piles of garbage in your household are among the leading causes of rat infestations in homes.
  • Don’t plant any shrubs or plants close to your house. These obstructions are popular places for rats to hide so they remain unnoticed by humans.
  • Ensure that any vegetation is not near or around your home’s base. 
  • Check your home’s shadowy and vacant areas on a regular basis. Since rats and cockroaches prefer to hide in dark, empty locations, it is necessary to check such areas to help reduce the number of rats at home. 
  • Provide remedies to the lawn. The pests that might be found on our lawns are yet another item that lures rats. Employing a grass remedy that can make your lawn free from these insects, which the rats consume, is necessary to avoid these lures.

Frequently ask questions:

Does the Smell of essential oils Keep Mice Away?

Yes, some essential oils are excellent mouse repellents. Also, there are numerous commercial items that you may use that are appropriate to get rid of mice and rats. The mice-repelling smells include the scent of Spearmint, Cinnamon oil, Ammonia, Cloves, Toilet bowl freshener, and cat’s urine.

Are Mice and Rats Afraid of Animals?

Undoubtedly, yes! Cats and dogs terrify mice and rats. Cats are the natural enemy of mice and rats. On the other hand, the rodent problem could be handled with a pet dog as well. Due to their fury, dogs can usually chase rodents away. However, it is not advised to feed these pests to your cat or dog as they might be toxic.

Do rats wander outside in the daylight or do they stay inside?

Rats have a particular fondness for dark spaces with low light and dark edges. These cracks and holes in your house serve as cozy hideouts for such pests and provide a particularly fertile environment. To prevent these pests from hiding and multiplying, it is suggested that you periodically dust, wash, and eliminate pollutants from your home.

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