How Do I Get Rid Of The Rat Urine Smell In My House?

Generally, many unnecessary situations inside the house can disappoint the upcoming guests. One of them is the rats urine smell coming from rat and mice urine which is very concentrated on the woods or furniture.


Rats urine smell can pose serious health risks to humans and animals. Rats and mice can spread viruses, parasites, and unpleasant pungent smells in your home through their urine and drops. If you notice signs of rat urine in your home, it is essential to clean the area immediately to prevent further infection.

From “How do you identify rat urine?” to “How do you get rid of rat urine smell?” We will provide solutions to all your problem in this article.

Does Rat Pee Smell? What Does Rat Urine Smell Like?

Like other rodents, rats urine smell like ammonia. Rat urine is full of nitrogen. In the presence of oxygen, the nitrogen breaks down to form ammonia, which has a strong odour. Over the time, when it dries, it leaves a chalky residue due to the high amount of calcium. Some people call the rats urine smell “MUSKY”.


If you can observe rat urine smell, you need to confirm that you have an infection immediately. Their urine can spread all kinds of diseases from which you want to stay clean. You can get rid of rat urine stains by mixing vinegar and water in vinegar and water solution. Spray it on the infected areas and leave it for an hour before rinsing with water. You should also thoroughly clean surfaces on which rats have urinated.

  1. Rat urine smell is one of the most potent and pungent smells globally.
  2. It can get described as being very sickening, disgusting, and overwhelming.
  3. The rat urine smell can travel long distances and is challenging to get rid of.
  4. Rat urine contains a high level of ammonia, which is responsible for the strong odour.
  5. Ammonia is also a powerful cleaner and a sanitiser, so rat urine can be dangerous to humans.
  6. In addition to ammonia, rat urine also contains other harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems.

How Do You Identify Rat Urine?

  • Rats’ urine is recognisable by its strong, distinct odour. The easiest way to tell if you can smell rat urine is if your nose starts to itch or get hot, indicating that there is a possibility that some bacteria got spread by rats’ urine.
  • You can identify the presence of rat urine using UV light. Rats’ urine glows under UV light, making it an effective way to find trails near potential entrances that rats can use to enter your home. Similarly, you can use a UV light to find a course of urine that travels from a rat’s fall to a rat’s nest.
  • Rat urine can get identified by thin lines, droplets, or lines running between cartons and bags. Signs of tail drag will also be fluorosis because it has such a rich reserve that there is very little coordination.
  • Other than the strong smell, it also produces chalk-like crystals. You can identify urine of rats by noticing a thin-looking line of dark, wet dots or streaks on your carpet or bags.
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Will Rat Urine Smell Go Away?

Male mice have a very nasty way of marking their area with their urine. That means the rat urine smell is still left behind even after removing these annoying creatures from your house. However, in contrast, the droppings and faeces of rats go away when rats leave the house. 

So, the question arises, HOW LONG DOES A RAT’S URINE SMELL LAST? 


When it comes to the complete elimination of the rats urine smell, it depends on several external influences, such as temperature, savouriness of the infection and number of rats. If the numbers of rats are few, then the complete smell will go away in a week or two, but if the rats are large in number, it can take three weeks or four.

Note: A disinfectant can remove the odour temporarily in 5 to 10 minutes but remember it is temporary. 

What Happens If You Smell Rat Urine?

Rats transmit more than 35 diseases through their urine and odour, so it is vital to get rid of rat urine smell in your home and kitchen. These diseases can be transmitted directly to humans through contaminated food or contact with rats and their urine, drops or saliva.

Is Rat Urine Smell Harmful To Breathing?

Yes, breathing rat urine is dangerous because it can cause Hunta virus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), a severe and potentially life-threatening disease. Infected mice, such as rats, spread this disease. Some diseases usually spread by rat urine and its odour are:

Hantavirus PulmonaryBlood, kidney, respiratorysystemFatigue, fever, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, chills,abdominal complaints
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM)Central nervous systemFever, malaise, lack of appetite,nausea, vomiting
Lassa FeverOrgans such as the liver,spleen, and kidneysFever, weakness, malaise, headache, sore throat, chest pain, nausea, cough, vomiting,diarrhea
LeptospirosisLiver, spinal cord, brain,respiratory systemChills, muscle aches, high fever, rash, vomiting, abdominalpain, jaundice

How Do You Get Rid Of Rat Urine Smell?

Basically, rats urinate anywhere, and the rat urine smell will lead you to a significant cleansing operation. Here’s a guide to getting rid of the rat urine smell from the house.

1. Detect Rat Urine.

Initially, the first step in “how to get rid of rat urine smell?” is to find the place where rats urinate. In general, start your search by focusing on areas where you know rats are hiding.


It’s best to have a UV black light flashlight that can help you quickly detect rat urine. Further, the most common parts of the house where the mouse always urinates are particleboard or wooden surfaces. Once rats urinate in it, it can change the texture or colour of the wood. That way, you can quickly figure out where to start your cleaning process.

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2. Ensure Area Ventilation.

One way to get rid of the smell of rat urine from the house is to open the windows for ventilation. It applies when you are using bleach. Basically, it is also essential when you are using cleaning equipment.


Therefore, to get rid of the smell of cleaning equipment and rat urine from the house, ensure a well-ventilated place. Try to open all windows and doors as much as possible. In general, this will ensure good airflow inside the area.

3. Wear Protective Clothing.

When you clean up a rat infection, it is essential to protect your health. Rats’ urine can be extremely dangerous to humans, so it is crucial to keep these precautions in mind!

  1. Ensure you wear a reliable and protective pair of sanitary gloves when dealing with rat urine. These gloves can get made of vinyl, latex or rubber. Avoid thin, plastic gloves, as they can easily rupture, and rat urine or feces may contact your skin.
  2. Although it is not always necessary, it would be wise to have a face mask, especially if dealing with many chemicals such as bleach. Cleaning chemicals can be dangerous to breathe, be sure to wear a mask before working!
  3. Lastly, wear clothes that do not make you afraid of getting dirty when you clean rat urine or accidentally apply bleach or vinegar. Also, avoid barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes as most of the dirt will be on the ground with your feet.
  4. Be sure to wear socks and shoes close to the feet when cleaning rat urine and feces.

4. Clean The Area Infected By Rats

One of the most important things to do to remove the rat urine smell from the house is to clean the area where rat urine is present. In addition, you need to clear areas where other mouse activity is really obvious. Below are the essential cleaning tools you need to get rid of the rats urine smell from the house. 


Bleach is a cleansing agent that is very powerful in disinfecting and sterilising the area. In addition, bleach is one of the most effective cleaning agents in the house to get rid of the rats urine smell. 

NOTE: When using bleach to clean up a mouse infection, thoroughly ventilate the area.



In addition to bleach, you can use other disinfectant sprays. It may be helpful to disinfect these areas with evident mouse activity but no evidence of rat urine. In addition, antiseptic sprays are healthier when used indoors.

In addition, there are antiseptic sprays that contain a variety of fragrances that are already available on the market. To get rid of rats urine smell, you can try using this product as an option.

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Vinegar is a natural remedy for “how to get rid of rat urine smell?’. In addition, vinegar is an excellent masking agent for rats’ urine odour. However, the smell of vinegar is strong but does not last long.

Steam Clean

In general, steaming the area where the rats have been urinating can also provide an opportunity to remove any unwanted residue. However, professionals strongly recommend steam cleaning for carpets instead of wood surfaces.

Basically, the steam coming out from the machine cleaner will go to the bottom of the carpet and guarantee complete and deep cleaning. However, one way to get rid of mouse urine odour from wood using a steam cleaner is to work with a scented disinfectant spray.

5. Wash Any Material Near Mouse Infection

In general, always remember to wash things near where rats urinate. It is essential to cover all areas that got contaminated with rat urine.


However, don’t just focus on the infection. But, make sure to clean the surrounding area as much as possible. Remember, rats can climb anywhere and carry urine to the surface and the objects they step on, even clothing.

6. Eliminate The Smell Out Of The House

In general, getting rid of the rat urine smell in the house can be made easier with the help of some available items.

Ground Coffee

In general, ground coffee is an excellent absorber of smells. In addition, it also hides the common odours in itself.


Smell Absorbent

In general, this product is a good choice, especially when you are looking for ways to get rid of the smell of rat urine from the house surface of a confined area.

7. Disposal

It is an essential part of getting rid of the smell of mouse urine from the house. Once the rat’s urine has been completely cleaned, always remember to dispose of your used gloves and contaminated things. Generally, it is advisable to wrap these disposable gears in a trash can and keep them out of the trash.

10 Most Used Disinfectant And Rats’ Urine Smell Eliminator Products:















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