How Often You Need Attic Sanitation

How Often You Need Attic Sanitation

When you think of areas in your home that you want to be sanitary, but when was the last time you thought about attic sanitation? You probably have a mental checklist- kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, and other eating areas, bedrooms, and so on. Your attic space (if it crossed your mind at all) is probably not topping that list. Out of sight, out of mind. Who cares if it’s a little dirty? It’s not a living space. But actually, if it’s not well-kept the attic can become a living space- for rodents.

Attic sanitation is not just important in our daily spaces where food is prepared, where we eat, sleep, or shower. To live in a safe and healthy space, sanitation is also key in the unseen spaces, like the attic. Follow along to learn what it means to have a sanitized attic and how often you should plan to sanitize yours.

To begin with, there is a difference between cleaning a space and sanitizing it. When you clean something, that means that you simply remove any visible dirt, food, dust or grime from surfaces. Basically, you’re taking care of what meets the eye. The space may be organized, and surfaces may be shining after a cleaning, but germs and pathogens may still be present.

When rooms are sanitized it means that those spaces have a reduction of pathogens. They are more hygienic because germs other bacteria that cannot be seen are eradicated. It’s going a step further and getting a deeper, long lasting clean.

The attic and other storage spaces in your home, like a crawl space, are usually isolated and go unvisited for long periods of time. The lack of attention leads to neglect, and before you know it, a real mess has accumulated in there! Just like any other frequented space in your house, the attic needs a regular deep cleaning and sanitation to protect the quality of your home.

Many people shy away from this tough task because the attic can be stuffy, dusty, uncomfortable, or for some- downright creepy. But opting out of a quality sanitation is not just lazy, it’s risky. Without proper care and cleaning, unwanted problems such as mold, dust mites, and pests will begin to fester!

Don’t let your attic end up in a state of emergency. Get on a regular sanitation schedule! If you have kids, some of the basic cleaning tasks make great job additions to the chore rotation. Follow this guide and mark your calendar to keep on top of your attic maintenance!

Winter Sanitation

This is the time that desperate critters are most likely to burrow, tunnel, or gnaw their way (through almost any material) into your attic for protection from the elements. The winter months bring on severe weather conditions that drive wildlife and rodents inside, seeking shelter. You’d be amazed at their determination.

Rodents can gnaw through many materials- wood, siding, plastic- to gain access to your home. They can squeeze through gaps that are just a quarter of an inch wide. Before the weather gets too terribly bad, clear out the junk and check the inside and outside of the attic for any possible entry points (holes, cracks, gaps) and seal them tightly to keep pests out.

Spring Sanitation

During the spring sanitation process, it’s extremely important to check your attic for any signs of rodents that may have snuck in and nested during the winter. In addition to ruining the insulation in your attic, rats and mice leave disease pathogens in these areas. This is why the first step in the attic sanitation process is to remove the infected insulation and debris. Removing these hazardous materials is dangerous and should only be handled by professionals with the proper protective gear.

You really shouldn’t put your health at risk. Green Rat Control can sanitize and disinfect any affected area. Airborne dust from dried droppings are very dangerous and contribute to respiratory diseases. Using the proper protective gear, they will remove all contaminated insulation, debris, and vapor barrier. All rodent droppings will be swept off of pier pads and the entire crawlspace or attic will be sanitized with a high-grade disinfectant.

attic cleaning

In the spring sanitation process, it’s also a good time to check your attic for any signs of dampness or moisture that is collecting. Moisture will ruin your attic insulation and attract rodents. Check for leaks, and seal any immediately to prevent further damage.

The rainy season naturally keeps folks indoors and for many of us, March and April are associated with ‘spring cleaning’. This is an excellent time to put attic clean-up on your to-do list. Before the hustle and bustle of summer begins, give your attic a thorough sanitizing.

Immediate Emergency Sanitation

If you haven’t already been in the habit of sanitizing your attic, you could be reading this because you’re already in trouble. Sometimes, you have to react fast to minimize potential damage. There’s no telling when a determined rodent might be able to tunnel or gnaw their way into your attic. If you see or hear pests such as roof rats, house mice, or other wildlife scurrying around up there, don’t waste any time! You need to have your attic inspected and sanitized right away!

Rodents love warm, isolated and dirty places- a sign that you have some serious cleaning to do and rodent removal is serious business! Let the experts take over that part of the task. Your local experts at Green Rat Control will know just how to handle the situation. Left undealt with, rodents will nest and reproduce. Be proactive and come up with a sanitation strategy before they can get started.

Another red flag that you need to inspect and sanitize the attic asap is if you smell strong unpleasant odors emanating from the attic. If you are noticing an unbearable stench, the most likely culprit is a dead animal in the attic! Dead animals cause damage to insulation, can seep and stain ceilings and floors, and can also carry infectious diseases.

Again, this is a time to call in professional help. Dead animal removal has many health risks and should be done by an untrained individual without the proper gear or tool. Protect your family’s health and the integrity of your home by sanitizing the space and removing any harmful residue or bacteria.

Finally, if you are experiencing unusual shifts in temperature in the house, it’s worth taking a look at the attic right away. Attic insulation plays a major role in regulating the desired temperature of your home, as set on your thermostat. Fluctuating, or uncomfortable temperatures in the home are a signal that your attic insulation is old or damaged and is in need of being replaced. Cleaning up the attic and replacing damaged insulation in a timely manner will help you save energy and money!

Getting into a routine of sanitizing not just your everyday spaces, but also the unvisited and tucked away parts of your home is essential for successful home care and maintenance. Your attic plays a key part in keeping your home warm and dry. It is well-worth the investment of your time and money upfront to prevent a rodent infestation in the future.

All of these sanitizing tips can help keep your attic safe and sanitary. For the steps that are not DIY, be sure to schedule an appointment with Green Rat Control for all your attic cleaning needs. With regular sanitation and the assistance from attic cleaning and rodent control experts, you can maintain the integrity of your attic and your home.

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