How to Get Rid of Rats Like Jerry The Cat

How to Get Rid of Rats Like Jerry The Cat

It’s funny how rats and mice are often portrayed as our cute and loveable friend in television shows, but as soon as Jerry or Remy Rat shows up in your kitchen to cook, you take every measure to get rid of it. Turns out, rats typically don’t prepare food, dance, or pull off these elaborate stunts that we see in the shows; they naturally just want to eat and take up our living spaces.

In order to keep our boundaries clear, sometimes we have to take drastic measures to distance ourselves from them, but this can be a daunting task. There’s a reason why rats are associated with sneaking and thievery, and it’s because they accomplish it so well. Sure we can set traps, but the next morning we see the bait is gone with no sign of Mr. Mouse anywhere.

If only we could whistle our flute like the Pied Piper and get them to dance away peacefully. Hopefully with these few tricks and tips you can once again regain control over your own kitchen and you won’t need music lessons to do so. Here is your guide for how to get rid of rats:

1. Isolation

remy the rat eating cheeseThe first step in keeping rats away is simply not to get them in the first place. By keeping up with your household chores you can easily keep rats away.

Pests like warm and cluttered areas because there are lots of places to hide without being spotted. Keep storage in your attic and garage organized by using sealed boxes and tubs. We’ve all seen Tom and Jerry, and we know that a majority of the cartoon’s shows involve Jerry stealing food from the kitchen. Everyone likes to eat, including mice, so keep your food sealed and clean up any crumbs or spills that might attract pests. Fill holes bigger than ½” in your walls with copper wire mesh to keep rats from entering your living areas. Copper wire will not rust, it’s lightweight, affordable, easy to install, and most importantly rats cannot chew through it. A good defense can keep you winning the game.

2. Trapping

jerry the cat holding a rat trap

Even the best of us have problems with unwanted guests. Sometimes its in-laws and other times its your loud neighbor, but this time it’s a family of rodents.

One way to get rid of rats is by using traps. These are helpful for small populations of rodents and allow for easy disposal.

Start off by finding a location where you believe the rats are present (you can tell where they have been through small droppings or chew marks on furniture, walls, and food containers). Make sure the trap is secured down on the surface so the strong Mighty Mouse cannot carry it off. Next, choose a tempting piece of bait. Cheese, though used in television, is not effective because it is perishable (and could stink up your house) and it’s a solid, which can be easily taken from the trap without ever setting it off.

Choose something more sticky, like peanut butter, to spread over the toggle. This way the bait is secure and will have to be worked at in order to get, thus setting off the trap. Check the traps regularly to see if a mouse has been caught and dispose of it in an outdoor garbage receptacle.

3. Rodenticide

cartoon rat getting cheese

An alternative to traps is a poisoned food source, known as rodenticide. Sometimes Speedy Gonzales lives in your house and he is always able to avoid traps in your home, so if you have a fast and cunning mouse maybe it’s time to try a rodenticide.

This is most effective for large colonies of rats because the bait can be carried back to the clan to infect all its members once ingested. The food is toxic, and not just to rats either, so use tamper-resistant bait shelters to hold the food in place and to keep other wanted animals and children from eating it. The food comes in a variety of colors and forms including pellets, ground meal, and bars. The best bait to use is Final Soft Bait with Lumitrack because it has the highest rat acceptance rate, kills quickly, and causes rat droppings to glow so you can find the source of your colony.

Just like the trap, place the bait in an area where markings of rodent activity have been and secure the food in the bait shelter. However, unlike a trap, the bait is not an instant kill; it will take a few hours for the food to become lethal upon ingestion, so the rat has time to move to different locations. Finding a live mouse is difficult, but finding a dead one is even more tedious. The biggest downside of rat poison is finding the deceased mouse, which typically doesn’t happen until it starts to smell.

4. Call the Experts

jerry the cat calling a mouse exterminatorMost often, hide and go seek with a mouse is just not on your lists of priorities or skillset, so call in someone who can do the job effectively for you.

Many pest control companies offer a wide range of solutions to rodent problems, including bait and traps, but will also go the extra mile when it comes to disposal of the clan and preventions of future infestation. Some businesses, like the Green Rat Control, offer environmentally safe sanitization to remove unwanted odors and droppings and will even replace or repair damaged aspects to your property.

Leave the rats as a source of entertainment on your TV and not in your attic. However, if you find yourself in a sticky situation, you will know what to do. If you need any more assistance when it comes to taking back your home, or if you have any more questions or comments about pest control, please contact Green Rat Control.

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