How to Prepare for Attic Decontamination Services

How to Prepare for Attic Decontamination Services

Catching and removing pests from your attic should be viewed as step one of two. While it is always important to deal with a pest or rodent problem head-on, the problem doesn’t go away once the pest itself is gone. Pests always leave a little something behind.This can be dirt, grime, droppings, nests, as well as chemicals and odors.

In some of the worst cases, the lingering presence of a rodent can lead to more rodents moving in and getting out of hand again. In more benign cases, this lingering presence means your house is not as clean as you want it to be.Wherever you fall on the spectrum of a post-rodent problem, attic decontamination should be on the horizon. This service is important because it not only returns your home to a state of normalcy but can also discourage new pests from making a home in your attic.

What is Attic Decontamination?

In essence, attic decontamination is the process of removing all lingering health risks that come from a rodent infestation. After a rodent infestation, your home is contaminated in every sense of the word. Rodents themselves can carry disease and other pests like fleas and ticks. In addition to this, they can also leave traces of feces, urine, hair, oil, and even blood. Allowing these substances to stay in your home can lead to serious health risks for you and your family. Among these risks are diseases such as the hantavirus, which is a “life-threatening viral infection” that is spread almost exclusively by rodents to humans.Attic decontamination is a necessary step after a rodent infestation.

Humans can contract this virus by breathing in contaminated dust from the nests or droppings of mice. One way sure way to breathe in this dangerous dust is to attempt the attic cleaning yourself. Attic decontamination is serious business and must be handled by professionals who have undergone proper training and know the importance of proper masks and cleaning materials.

In short, a simple wipe down after a rodent infestation isn’t going to cut it – you need a full-scale professional decontamination to remove all harmful substances from your home for good.

How is Attic Decontamination Done?

Attic decontamination services entail the heavy-duty cleaning of rodent droppings and infected areas such as nests after the rodents themselves have been removed. This can be done through power washing, vacuuming, and the removal and replacement of infected insulation. Attic decontamination services can also include attic cleaning and sanitation, attic insulation, and odor removal.

Cleaning technicians will first inspect the attic space to ensure that all rodents are completely gone. From here they will search for droppings of any sort, bag them, and trash them.

During a rodent infestation, rodents often use insulation, bits of wood, fabric, and other soft and malleable things to create their nests. These nests are then infected, as well as the areas the rodents touched to gather materials. As mentioned, this means that some areas of your attic must be removed completely and replaced.

From here, technicians will employ “green” disinfectant materials such as sprays, wet cloths, and more that are gentle enough for use around your family and pets, but strong enough to obliterate germs, traces of bacteria, mold, fungus, mildew, and more without harming the environment.

Overall, attic decontamination can take anywhere from one or two days to a week or so. It all depends on the magnitude of the infestation and level of contamination left behind. Usually cleaning technicians can give you an estimate of the extent of the contamination, how long it will take to clean the attic, and how much these decontamination services will cost.

Are Attic Decontamination Services Expensive?

Due to the extensive work that attic decontamination services include, the event itself can cost quite a bit. Inspections, cleaning, odor removal, insulation replacement, and sanitation are services that can really rack up your overall price.

The cleaning supplies and materials, especially those manufactured to be eco-friendly, can cost a bit more as well. Due to this, the entire process can become rather expensive, especially if you require more than just the standard services. At Green Rat Control, however, we believe that cleaning your home after a rodent infestation should not cost you a ton of money.

Due to the health risks and other issues a rodent infestation can lead to, we know that the last thing you want to worry about is money. You have already got enough going on and a huge price tag for a necessary service can only lead to stress.

When you use our green attic decontamination services, we do not want you to think about money. Before we even begin working together, you can call us out to your home for a free estimate and consultation. This means we will visit your home, check out the damage, and give you an accurate estimate about the attic contamination services and the how much they will cost. You can call or email us to set up a consultation or visit us here to correspond online.

We also offer our customers a 5 Year Guarantee Solution. This means that when you work with us and use our attic decontamination services, you can rest assured that you won’t have any additional rodent problems for at least 5 years after our services. Green Rat Control is so confident in our services that we promise that if any rats, mice, or other pests manage to find their way back into your home and reproduce, we will honor a complete rodent control service completely free of charge.

With this guarantee as part of the deal, you know your money is being invested in a worthy company with worthy services that truly work. In short, you haven’t much to lose! Learn more about our promise and what it means for you here.

How to Prepare Your Attic for Decontamination Services

Though Green Rat Control works so that our services have the lowest impact on your family, pets, and home, we do recommend some pre-attic decontamination preparations. These preparations are put in place to ensure that the attic decontamination services run as smoothly as possible:

Remove Pets and Children from the Home: Although we work with eco-friendly disinfectants and other materials, it is still a good idea to remove children and pets from home during service hours. We understand that animals, children, and even the elderly have delicate immune systems and may be affected by certain cleaning materials in a negative way. Arrange to have pets taken in by a friend, neighbor, or kennel for a few hours and arrange for children older family members to be out of the house as well. A cute baby and puppy enjoying some floor time.

Schedule an Outing: If you are worried about your own sensitivities to certain cleaning supplies, contaminated dust, or other substances, it might be a good idea to clear everyone from the house for a few hours. This ensures that you won’t be exposed to any harmful substances or materials while we work. An outing to the zoo, beach, or just to run errands could do just the trick.

Ventilate Home: To keep the house airy and ventilated, open the windows during service hours. This ensures that any odors left by cleaning services are removed from the house after a few hours. It also helps to cleanse lingering odors from the infestation taking a while to clear out.

Clear Away Clutter: To help us gain easier access to the attic and other infected areas, consider clearing away any excess clutter in the home that may impede our cleaning technicians. If we have to work around lots of objects, a one to two-day job could actually take much longer. Make things easier both for us and yourself by clearing away any excess clutter that may be around the attic or other infected areas.

Clean House

Attic decontamination services can transform a compromised home into one that is brand new again. We hope that this how-to preparation guide gave you useful information on pre-attic cleaning tips as well as explained just what makes rodent infestations so dangerous. If you have more questions or need a free estimate be sure to schedule an appointment with Green Rat Control for all your attic cleaning, and decontamination needs.


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