How to Prepare for Rodent Control Services

How to Prepare for Rodent Control Services

You find yourself in the dreaded situation of facing a rodent problem. You’ve seen a mouse or a rat- maybe you’ve even tried to set a trap for it. The first important thing you need to take into consideration is that seeing even one mouse or rat can indicate that there is a whole family of rodents living somewhere in your home. (A rat spotted in the kitchen could mean a nest in the basement. A mouse seen in the crawl space could mean more in the walls!)

Don’t make the rookie mistake of thinking you’ve cleared up the problem if you manage to snag the pesky rodent you saw. Invest in rodent exterminator- you’ll get a knowledgeable professional with the right tools to know where the rodents will be and how to get them out of your house. Contact your local rodent control specialist the moment you identify the problem. Visit the experts at Green Rat Control, for a full range of services.

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Rodent Control Preparation

Once you have scheduled an appointment with rodent control services it’s time to get your home ready for their visit. There are several proactive measures you can take to make their job go smoothly, and help the rodent control treatment be as effective as possible.

Rodent Control Prep in the Kitchen

  • Store food securely. If it’s not in a jar or can, food needs to be stored in a heavy plastic tupperware or in the fridge. Do this before rodent control services arrive, and for two weeks after treatment.
  • Check upper and lower cabinets for pantry items such as chips or bread that are usually stored in bags; this stuff is rodent bait! They can chew right through the plastic bag. Toss it or store it securely.
  • Move any items under the sink or on top of the fridge. Rodent control services will need easy access to these areas.

Rodent Control Prep in Living Areas

  • Clean, sweep and vacuum the living areas of your home.
  • Take out all trash and keep lids on trash cans.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary storage- boxes, bags, paper, etc. Rodents love to nest there!
  • Move furniture slightly away from walls to allow for inspection.
  • Check all walls and baseboards for small holes or spaces that don’t seal properly. Fill and repair them. See for more info!

Grey mouse coming out of a crack in the floorboards

Rodent Control Prep Safety

  • If you have seen a rodent in your home, or know you have a rodent infestation, your home is vulnerable to certain health hazards.
  • Rodents can carry a whole host of diseases.
  • To keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, dispose of rodent feces and urine. Remove any rodent food sources. Thoroughly wash your hands after handling rodent infested areas and feces.
  • For more information on rodent health hazards and safety visit for an indepth guide from Green Rat Control experts.

Make yourself a list of all places you have seen rodents or signs of them. That way, during the visit from the rodent control services, you’ll be prepared to explain the situation with him or her, showing areas where rodents or signs of rodents have been seen.

These rodent control preparation action steps are a general guide to ready your home for professional treatment. They can also be practiced before you use any over-the-counter pest controls yourself. When followed correctly, this guide will help your home effectively remain rodent free.

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