How to Rodent Proof Your Shed

How to Rodent Proof Your Shed

You’ve done your research and taken the right precautions and proactive measures to keep your home rodent free. Good for you! But did you think to go a step further? If you’ve done a bang-up job of making your home impenetrable, pests and rodents will be looking elsewhere to nest. This leaves other spaces on your property vulnerable- particularly, your shed. The shed is commonly not the most up kept thing, but is often home to valuable and expensive items- lawn mower, bicycles, landscaping tools, snow blower, excess storage, and more!


If your shed becomes overrun with rodents, your valuables inside will be at serious risk. Not to mention that the materials of your shed itself will begin to deteriorate due to the gnawing, nesting, tunneling, and contamination damage that rodents do to whatever space they inhabit. Worst-case scenario, you’ll be looking at thousands of dollars of damage! Safeguard your space and protect your assets- make rodent proofing your shed a priority.

Follow these tips to effectively rodent proof your shed:

1. Check for cracks or holes

Start by checking the shed for any cracks or holes- remember that mice can fit through spaces as small as 1/4 inch! Rodents love to gnaw on wood, which helps them easily gain access into an uninsulated wooden shed. Examine the outside of the shed and cover any cracks and holes you find with wire mesh and then sheet metal or, if possible, concrete. Sealing entry points is one of the most important ways to keep rodents out. To ensure you covered them all, contact your local rodent professionals to do an evaluation.

2. Insulate your Shed

Rodents are known to gnaw on electric wires, which can cause fires. One way to prevent this hazard is to insulate your shed against pests and rodents. Shed insulation also makes it harder for rodents to gnaw or tunnel their way in. For a metal shed, fiberglass insulation with a vinyl cover is recommended. Fiberglass is recommended for insulating a wooden shed. Insulation fills in empty negative space, making it difficult for rodents to weasel their way in. It also protects your shed from collecting condensation and becoming damp which will also attract rodents.

3. Stay Clutter Free

Finally, keep things around your shed clutter free! Piles of wood stacked against the shed, compost bin, bricks or old lawn furniture have got to go! These are all prime hiding locations for rodents, inviting them closer to your shed. They can also collect standing water which rodents will utilize as a water source. Throw out whatever you don’t need. Rodents love cardboard boxes and will tunnel and nest inside of them. For what you do keep, upgrade your storage containers. Use airtight, closed containers with tight-fitting lids.

Follow these simple and easy tips to be in total control of rodent proofing your shed. Protect your assets and eliminate the possibility of future deterioration and property damage. When in doubt, contact your local rodent control experts at Green Rat Control. They can handle anything!

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