10 Most Rat Infested Cities and Why They Are So Infested

10 Most Rat Infested Cities and Why They Are So Infested

Ever wonder where all the rats in America are hiding out at? Get the scoop on the most rat-infested cities and what makes them a hotspot for the rodent infestation!

There are all kinds of lists and rankings for U.S. cities, worst cities for driving, best cities for raising kids, most expensive cities to live, happiest cities, etc. Surely you know the basics of your area, but what do you know about how clean it is? We are not talking about litter or air pollution- we are talking about rat infestations. Out of sight, in the underbelly of major cities rats are lurking.

Before you go apartment hunting or pack up and move to a brand new city, find out where rat infestation is thriving. We have the scoop on the rattiest cities in the U.S. and around the world!

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Most Rat-Infested Cities in the US

Washington D.C.

Our country´s capital has a long history of being plagued with rats, and the city has yet to find a solution. Under pressure from rising rat complaints, D.C. rolled out a plan for rat birth control just earlier this year! According to NBC Washington, the D.C. Health Department has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on this liquid contraception venture. Although the price is steep and the solution seems a little far fetched, D.C. residents and commercial business owners are so fed up that they have pledged their full support- anything to get the rats!

the white house in the most rat infested city

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New York City

Even the trendy Brooklyn and swanky Manhattan boroughs of New York cannot escape the rising rat populations taking over the city. Residents feel that they are quickly becoming outnumbered by the feral city rats. The rodent problem is so severe New York City has its own rodent hotline to take calls and reports!

New York is one of the most rat infested cities

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The Windy City is also known as the rat capital of the U.S. for the fourth year in a row. The rattiest city in America has residents on edge, and law enforcement is urging citizens not to take action themselves. The Norway rat is highly prevalent in Chicago and it can carry infectious diseases. Authorities strongly urge Chicagoans not to take matters into their own hands, but instead, call the hotline and have professionals safely remove the infestation.

chicago is on of the most rat infested cities

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Los Angeles

Rats have clawed their way to highest levels in LA, having successfully invaded and infested City Hall just earlier this summer. The City of Angels struggles with homeless camps, illegally trumped trash and other unsanitary conditions that foster rat infestations. Conditions in residential and commercial areas have become so dire that government officials are calling it a public health epidemic!

San Francisco

Although a humane and compassionate idea, in reality, San Fran´s no-kill, catch-and-release rat policy is directly correlated to the rise in rat infestations throughout the city. The government ban on rodenticides is limiting options for pest control. Rat issues are not exclusive to residential properties, restaurants and businesses are struggling too. Citizens are fed up and are calling city officials to organize a strategic plan for rat control.


Earlier this year President Trump called Baltimore rat-infested, embarrassing city officials who are working hard to improve the city´s status. Despite their best efforts, Baltimore landed in the top 10 on Orkin´s Rattiest Cities list yet again.

Baltimore is one of the most rat infested cities

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The Motor City makes the list of Rattiest Cities every year. Recently, the city has been climbing up the list as rat infestation continues to rise. As the city undergoes revitalization, rat cleanup has become a major priority.


For years, Atlanta has been a hot-bed of rat and rodent activity. Atlanta city officials have been working diligently to reverse the issue and there has been steady progress. The city no-longer tops the charts for rat infestation, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Rat treatment programs targeting garbage cleanup, homelessness and more are helping.

Most rat-infested cities in the world

paris is one of the most rat infested cites

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The City of Light has a nasty secret lurking in the shadows. In the underbelly of Paris lives a thriving rat population. It is estimated that there are now more rats than residents in Paris, with the number of infestations continuing to climb. Spotting rats in parks, grocery stores, and schools are commonplace. Emmanuel Macron is taking action, investing in pest control research


London´s underground has become overrun with rodents and residents are seeing more rats invading their flats than ever before. Officials are receiving upwards of 100 complaints per day related to a rat infestation. London rodent experts have studied the situation and believe that extensive sewer systems, surplus garbage on the streets and people living in tight quarts are all contributing to the growing rat population.

Why Cities Are So Infested

Many of these cities are undergoing a great deal of development and gentrification, which is a key reason for the rise in rat populations. Every time buildings are demolished for urban revitalization projects, rat burrows are disturbed and the rodents are forced to relocate to the surface.

Global warming also appears to be affecting the rise of rat populations in the United States. Winters across the U.S. are warming up, thanks to climate change, allowing more rats to survive the cold season and reproduce.

Homelessness is thought to be a possible cause of rat infestation as well. Homeless communities attribute to heaping piles of trash, clothing, and collected junk that rats take shelter and breed in.

Government restrictions in many cities are also believed to be directly affecting the rise of rat populations.

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