Orange Oil Termite Treatment Reviews – How Effective Is It?

There are not mant Orange Oil Termite Treatment Reviews out there and that’s why Homeowners spend thousands of dollars yearly on termite-related problems, cures, and restoration. While conventional termite treatments are pretty good at reducing termite colonies, conscious homeowners commonly look for more eco-friendly pest management solutions. 

Orange oil termite treatment

Here’s the thing, there are many diverse treatment options, but hardly all of these are completely secure! On the contrary, Orange oil has increasingly become a termite control method. The Orange Oil Termite Treatment reviews tell us how it is eco-friendly and all-natural since it is derived from citrus peels! Yes, you heard it right. Oranges are a source of orange oil, a variety of essential oil.

In addition to helping to kill termites, this oil has numerous other advantages. These might include lowering stress levels, pain healing, general house cleaning, and much more! But it doesn’t stop here, there are several other benefits and drawbacks that you may come across in Orange oil for termites reviews. Today, in this Orange oil pest control review, we will discuss everything you need to know about this treatment to control termites.

So, let’s get started:

Orange Oil Treatment Reviews: What is Orange Oil?

Orange oil, an organic substance from oranges, is a well-liked ecological alternative for termite treatment. It has an active constituent designated D-Limonene, which is suitable for people and animals to consume while highly capable of killing pests such as termites. Contrary to standard termite treatments, orange oil is safer for eliminating these pests. 

Orange oil treatment reviews

Products made from orange oil are commonly accessible in supermarkets for inexpensive charges. Also, the procedure is quite simple and rapid. Additionally, it smells like an appealing, fresh orange. It has no harmful impacts on people, animals, or the surroundings. 

The bulk of termites get killed by immediate touch, and because orange oil prevents termites from consuming, a few will result in death. The first step in orange oil treatments is a termite examination to identify the kind and level of the infestation. The operator will make a hole through the wood and clean the infested sections after locating the termite destruction and movement spots. Orange oil therapy is not usually preventive but must be used if a fresh infestation is identified.

Advantages of Orange Oil Termite Control

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  • It is a less harmful and more significant item for the environment than other procedures.
  • Helpful against pests other than termites, such as bugs and ants.
  • This termiticide does not require to be renewed for approximately a year once it has been appropriately applied.
  • This prevents the risk of roof tile destruction.
  • When sprayed, it destroys mature termites and larvae on the encounter. The solution and the flowing vapors kill termites in every location of the wooden shack on which they are sprayed.
  • Throughout treatment, there is no requirement to keep plants or animals protected.
  • This termiticide possesses a citrusy scent that remains for almost a week afterward and is refreshing and soothing.
  • You can undergo orange oil treatment without leaving your house since it doesn’t need shelter. 


Downsides of Orange Oil Termite Treatment

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  • If consumed, may cause lung discomfort, vomiting, and nausea.
  • The price of sizeable orange oil treatments may exceed the cost of fumigation.
  • As the Orange Oil termite treatment is provided in gallon containers, it must be transmitted to a spray bottle before use.
  • Treatment may not offer defense from follow-up infestation.
  • The National Fire Protection Association’s table of flammability rates this termiticide as obtaining a 2 grade. This suggests that Orange Oil is somewhat hazardous.
  • Long handling might produce eye and skin discomfort.
  • Since the complete colony is generally not eradicated in one treatment, many treatments are needed.
  • The process involves drilling into the wood parts and walls.
  • Kills termites just when they contact materials and is unsuitable for treating hidden infestations.


How Effective is an Orange Oil Treatment for Termites:

A University of Florida entomologist, Dr. Rudolf H Scheffrahn,  performed research applying Orange Oil Plus containing 95% d-Limonene. As a result, the overall death of termites was almost 98%, which is a reasonably significant outcome. This organic remedy prevents termites with its potent scent. If the wood is sprayed to eliminate the insect, it can adequately handle termites.

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 Anyone looking for a genuine, healthy, and environmentally beneficial termite control treatment will consider orange oil extremely helpful. Termites are moderately killed by orange oil. However, the termites are made to evacuate the existing building due to the obvious oil acidity, which interrupts their neurological system.

How effective is an orange oil treatment for termites

It contains the somewhat acidic active constituent D-limonene. This acidity is harmful to little insects, including termites, and therefore can easily be eliminated from them, although it is safe for people and other animals. Needless to say, some other couple factors influence this ecological termiticide’s effectiveness. These include, 

  • The termiticide is being administered appropriately.
  • The moisture content of the wood composition.
  • How distantly or nearly the wood is drilled and injected.
  • The intensity of termite or rodent infestation.
  • In this circumstance, drilling and utilizing the proper equipment to implant the termiticide are essential.

Orange Oil Vs. Tenting:

The terminology “tenting” describes the termite treatment method of surrounding a house or other property in a tent. Tenting is a necessary step in the typical termite treatment method in need for the method to be functional. Orange oil treatment is a targeted treatment that eliminates termites solely in the regions that have been addressed.

The tent is equipped with a fan and a pipe intended to pump gas into the area or building. This is essential so that the tented region can acquire adequate gas input. However, tenting is dangerous and demands leaving the house during the procedure.

xt2000 Orange Oil Reviews:

The XT-2000 orange oil is a pure, healthy, and environmentally friendly termite-controlling solution that comprises 95 percent d-Limonene. It aims to minimize the usage of toxic pesticides to treat carpenter beetles, ants, and dry-wood termites. It is a fully prepared essential oil that may be administered into a specific wood in an attempt to recover it for termites.

xt2000 orange oil reviews

Due to its extraordinarily high citric acid composition, XT-2000 Orange Oil PlusTM and d-limonene are notably destructive to termites. It is almost wholly d-limonene! Although this highly acidic pH level severely impacts termites, individuals are not considerably harmed.

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The XT-2000 flows across wood such as gas, killing termites, bugs, insect larvae, and eggs via vapors. Its specific qualities enable it to move via the wood in various areas like a flame. Another remarkable attribute of XT-2000 Orange Oil PlusTM is its capacity to flow into the wood, passing across permeable cells in all areas and perhaps even overcoming gravity!

Using this orange oil solution can also prevent the expense of tenting, possible consequences, pet care, and other pricy fumigation treatments. There is no requirement to exit the residence for treatment, which may address several infestations.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why is orange oil preferred more than tenting by homeowners?

Orange oil has proved to be a well-liked termite prevention strategy among householders as it contains d-limonene with low toxicity.

What is the price of curing termites using orange oil?

Based on the quantity of your infestation, the kind of termites, and numerous considerations, the actual price of orange oil termite treatment may differ.

The price of the XT-2000 Orange Oil termite treatment varies significantly between $120 and $150. Although for performing pest management alone, an orange oil plus gallon costs $159 with free delivery confirmation.

Does orange oil kill termites?

Yes, the active component in orange oil treatment comprises D-limonene. It is used to kill termites on interaction by decomposing their shell and killing their eggs.

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