Orange County is a growing area and as the population grows houses need to be built to hold them. As real estate picks through plots of land and houses begin being built, the critters that lived there are evicted and ushered along. But where do these rodents go after they’ve been evicted? Well, in some cases, they don’t move, but instead they adapt and make little burrows in new and old homes of our neighborhoods to settle down.

Green Rat Control is an owner operated professional rodent control and attic cleaning company that dedicates their work towards helping homeowners remove their intruding houseguests. Our team of trained wildlife control specialists work to ensure every service is provided professionally and with the best results possible. And though we may handle rodents, Green Rat Control is by no means an exterminator. At Green Rat Control, we hold great respect for those we relocate and do everything we can to remove pests with as little stress as possible.

Rodent Control & Attic Cleaning in Orange County

Our Attic Cleaning and Rodent Control Services

Green Rat Control believes in friendly service and carefully going over clients’ problems with courtesy and respect. Our services are honest and up-front so our clients know what they are paying for and for how much.

Green Rat Control does more than relocate unwelcome residents and are willing to handle attic insulation and air duct replacement, damages that rat nests can cause on the home. We love providing wildlife control and attic cleaning services in Orange County, CA!

Rodent Control & Attic Cleaning in Orange County

Orange County History

Orange County’s culture comes out in its history of music with the Devonshire Downs being home to two major music festivals. The lesser known, 1967 Fantasy Faire and Magic Music Festival hosted a variety of bands such as The Grass Roots and Iron Butterfly. 1969 hosted the Newport Pop Festival, a festival that briefly stood as the largest music festival until Stock wood took the position. Soon after, a ban on rock music festivals was placed due to crowds of gate-crashers camping out nearby in suburban areas to attend the festivities.

As one of Los Angeles’ southern neighborhoods, Orange County holds a growing population of over 3.1 million. Orange holds a rich culture and diverse ethnic backgrounds that are perfect for anyone looking to find a piece of home or explore a new lifestyle.

Rodent Control & Attic Cleaning in Orange County

Points of Interest in Orange County

Rodent Control & Attic Cleaning in Orange County

The Old Town Orange Plaza

Disney Land

The Honda Center

Angel’s Stadium

Huntington Beach

Amazing Escape Room

Orange County Fairgrounds 

What Our Customers Have to Say

“I had a very dedicated and personal experience with both the office staff, and the team who came to do the work. They were professional, friendly, and neat… and I was truly impressed by the effort they put into cleaning up after themselves.”- Malia M. a Green Rat Control client

“If you are unfortunate enough to be faced with the disgusting problem of rats, look no further and call this fabulous company.”- Tracy L. a Green Rat Control client


Rodents are no fun to deal with, especially in the booming community of Orange County. Let us handle the pests so that you can get back to the excitement this city has to offer!


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