Whether you have a home in Seattle, Washington or Houston, Texas or Burbank, CA, it will always run the risk of housing rats. Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring, it 11787980315_616459ea33_zdoesn’t necessarily matter to  rodents, so long as there’s shelter and an occasionally available source of food. Ultimately, what we’re saying is that, no matter the season or the city, there will always be a need for rat control and, with that, attic cleaning.

Now, while we cannot necessarily help those in Seattle or Houston with their rodent problems, we can offer our best to Burbank. As it is, we’re located in Northridge, less than a half an hour away from the great city! It’s always been one that we look forward to visiting, even for business in the field of pest control.

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About Burbank, CA

Burbank itself truly is a wonderful city, a famed place. Often referred to as the “Media Capital of the World,” it hosts a slew of companies like Warner Bros. Studios, Nickelodeon, ABC Studios, Walt Disney Company, NBC, Marvel Studios, and ABC Family. People flock for tours and wait years for tickets to see the Ellen DeGeneres Show live.

Burbank’s legacy, however, does not stop there. It’s also widely recognized for eateries such as the beloved Bob’s Big Boy, Castaway, and Hill Street Café. Not to mention that there’s an equally exciting and compelling life in the city past dark as well. With spots like Flappers Comedy Club, The Blue Room, and the Premier Restaurant and Bar, you’ll never run short of things to do.


With all that said and done, it’s really no wonder that people and pests alike want to inhabit the city of Burbank!

It’s unfortunate then that neither really desires the company of the other, right? Well, we assure you that it’s actually for the best. Mice and rats are more than an inconvenience; they’re a health hazard. And with a city whose population was 104,709 in 2013, we don’t doubt that the rodent population is quite high as well. Where there are people with homes and homes with attic spaces and crumbs and places to hide, there are often pests.


It’s all linked. Attic care and rat control, rodent proofing and rat control methods, traps and insulation, you name it. And ultimately, that’s why we reach out to Burbank. It’s more than just a fondness for the city and an extensive knowledge of rat control tips. It’s for safety, for the people, and for the betterment and durability of it all.

Before you break out the rat poison or the baits or call another attic cleaning company, consider Green Rat Control. Set up your free estimate. Give us a reason to visit Burbank. Local rat control and attic cleaning are what we do best. Give us a reason to help!

Photo Source: William Garrett/Flickr