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El Monte, California, is a city located in the San Gabriel Valley and is about 30 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles. A highly populated area, El Monte ranks as the 51st most populated city in California and is also typically a city for commuting families. The city itself isn’t what you expect when you hear of how much it takes to actually live there, especially when you think about the cities next to it.


When you think of El Monte, California, your next immediate thought would be of its neighboring cities. Cities such as Arcadia and Alhambra are cities in the San Gabriel Valley that garner more attention due to aspects such as education, entertainment, and dining. Arcadia, however, is most likely the biggest competition for El Monte since families that move to El Monte are generally there to take advantage of Arcadia High School’s esteemed education system.

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Living in El Monte, CA

While housing costs are still relatively high in El Monte, they’re significantly higher in Arcadia (the average home is worth more than $1 million). For inhabitants of both cities, when Arcadia High School students graduate, families typically tend to move out of both cities to avoid the high housing costs, especially if they’re only renting a home or apartment. Families that have lived there for years will sometimes move out once their children have graduated high school, especially when they’ve been commuting their entire lives.

El Monte is considered as more of a suburban area; there are many houses in the city, but most stores and companies are run privately or are family-owned. There you will find more “mom and pop” shops than you will large corporations. This is one of the main reasons why El Monte residents commute; not only are kids commuting to the next city over for school, but parents typically commute to further cities such as Los Angeles where jobs with larger corporations are more in surplus. All this points to one thing: homes are being neglected and are open to unwanted guests.


Preventing Pest Problems

Families are always entering and leaving the city, mainly because of the school system that’s so close and because moving out leads to a shorter commute time. It becomes very easy for homes to become neglected, only being aesthetically renovated to meet the demands of constant tenant rotation. Once homes start to become old and outdated, it leads to problems with the structural integrity of the house, electrical or plumbing issues from families that DIY, and also pest problems, specifically rats and rodents. Since families are typically spending less time at home than they do outside of it thanks to hectic schedules, there is more opportunity for rodents to come and go as they please. If you were a rat, don’t you think it’d be nice to walk around an empty home rather than one filled with people?


Rat Control and Attic Cleaning in El Monte, CA

The biggest fix to a rodent infestation is simply to call an exterminator. With a 6-step process that ensures home protection from rodents, Green Rat Control solves the needs of El Monte homes.

One of the best aspects of Green Rat Control is how long the job will last. We have a 5-year warranty with the promise keeps out any rodents. If families that send their kids to Arcadia High School only live in El Monte for the duration of high school, they will still be residing in El Monte for four years. For those four years, they’re guaranteed to have no rodent issues in their homes; and since we gladly service the greater Los Angeles area, when families move to a different city, Green Rat Control will still be able to get those pesky rodents taken care of. This also makes homes more appealing for incoming families, as they’ll be more inclined to move to a home that’s rat-free than one where rats are the main guests.


Why Green Rat Control?

Despite the name, Green Rat Control also deals with other types of animals and pests. In a city located about 5 miles from a mountain, it’s safe to say that you won’t only be seeing rats and mice. It’s common for animals to wander down the mountain and start scavenging around and we understand this. Adding on to the variety of animals, Green Rat Control will also replace anything that the pests have damaged, from house insulation, drywall, and even the wall itself. While a rat may make a small hole in drywall, a raccoon or a possum could do even more damage.

All this goes to show is that Green Rat Control’s ability to prevent rodent infestation is best-suited for a city where rats and rodents live in homes longer than the residents do. With constant tenant rotation every year, houses start to become outdated and every year they break down a little more, making it that much easier for rodents to enter the home. With a 5-year protection guarantee, families can feel much safer knowing that their homes will only be invaded by high schoolers and not rodents.


Photo Source: The Rose Institute of State and Local Government