rat control and attic cleaning in santa monicaDo you have a rat problem in your home or office building? You may be at your wit’s end trying to get rid of the little beasts, but you don’t want to kill or harm them in a harsh or inhumane way. Most rat control companies use harsh chemicals and rat traps to take care of the job, but this is not always the best way to go. Green Rat Control is the right choice for humane rat traps, rat control tips, and overall rodent control services that are safe for the home, for you, and the environment.
The humane services offered by Green Rat Control make it so that you can experience guilt free, efficient work that leaves your home free of these pesky rodents. We service areas all around Orange County, including the beautiful Santa Monica.

Santa Monica is a popular spot, perhaps second only to Hollywood itself. This beautiful, beachy city is home to some landmarks, the most popular being the famous Santa Monica Pier. Tourists from the world over visiting California are sure to hit this spot where they can find lights, sand, sea, a Ferris Wheel, and quaint beachy shops. In addition to the Pier, some landmarks include Ocean Avenue where tourists and locals can find great restaurants and Third Street Promenade located in Downtown Santa Monica.

Our Location

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“City by the Sea,” “Pearl of the Pacific,” and “Jewel of the Sunset Bay” are all names for Santa Monica that have been used throughout history. The beauty of the city area was not lost on its first inhabitants, the Gabrielino and Chumash Indians, or the early Spanish explorers and eventual settlers, who no doubt chose it for its beautiful mountains and canyons, rippling hills, deep valley, and of course, the ocean. The right climate was a bonus. Santa Monica earned its name after Spanish explorer; Gaspar de Portola lead a party on an expedition to California in 1769. After trekking through dry, dusty land, they came upon the fresh, green springs, sycamore trees, and sparkling water of Santa Monica, resting there for some time. After a quick meal, they decided the area should have a name, and it being St. Monica’s day (on their religious calendar), they named it after her.


Why We Love Doing Business Here

One of the most beautiful cities in California, Santa Monica is an excellent and rather an affluent place to do business. Loyal customers, plenty of homes and businesses, and environmentally conscience locals make this area one that meshes well with Green Rat Control. We adore all of our service areas and customers, and Santa Monica is no different. Some may think that rats and other rodents are less likely near the beach, but rodent control is a universal trade, and these little pests can show up anywhere as long as there is food, shelter, water, and warmth.

Interesting Stuff

One of the trendiest spots in the Greater Los Angeles area, Santa Monica is home to many interesting facts, things, people, and events. A beach city, a place for hiking, a place for shopping and glamor, and a widely acknowledged hub for the arts, Santa Monica has a little bit of everything. People from all walks of life can find something they enjoy here, making it more welcoming than perhaps Hollywood and Los Angeles themselves.

How Long Will It Take Us to Service You?

Green Rat Control is based in Northridge, CA, making it about a 30-45 minute drive from us to you. Of course, all customers must first make an appointment and fill out a form outlining the issues they’re experiencing so that we can provide the best possible services for you. As we do both rat and rodent control, as well as attic cleaning services, service time will vary. For rats, it could take a few hours to a few days, while attic cleaning can take longer. When making an appointment with us, simply outline your needs, your time frame, and any other special instructions you may have so that when we arrive, we’re ready to go.

What to Expect When We Service

Working with Green Rat Control means finding humane ways to control and remove rat infestations in a home or office building. We offer rodent control tips, rat control services, and other green services to rid your home or office of these animals that often carry disease and can do a lot of damage. We only work with green methods of ridding your home of rats, meaning we don’t use harsh chemicals or rat traps that are messy and barbaric. Further, we offer attic cleaning services that help our customers learn to keep their attics proofed against further infestations and other rodents. All in all, when working with us you can expect kind, eager, and experienced professionals who know what they’re doing and show it.