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Norwalk, California, is a suburban city located in Los Angeles County and less than 20 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. The city is relatively populated, ranking in the top 60 highest populated cities in California.

Rodent Control and Attic Cleaning Services in Norwalk, CA

Norwalk is mostly known for its iconic water tower which was built by the Johnston family which is known for being one of the first families of Norwalk. The water tower has been around for over 100 years, and is currently still standing without having ever been tinkered with aside from stairs being added back in the 1930s. Norwalk is also home to Cerritos College, a community college which was built in 1955. Aside from the historic water tower and Cerritos College, Norwalk still has much more to offer in its museums, parks, and sports complex. Norwalk is a city full of history and excitement, which is why Green Rat Control wants to help keep it that way.

When There’s a Rat Problem…

Rat problems are not something we like to hear about, but the reality is that at some point in our lives we’ll most likely have one to deal with. When there’s a rat problem, remember to always be careful as rats are highly infamous for being some of the dirtiest and most bacteria-ridden animals around. When dealing with a rat problem, it is highly recommended that you are covered in long clothing such as jeans or a sweater, wear gloves and close-toed shoes so that you’re protected against any biting or clawing.

Remember to keep these three tips in mind if you’re dealing with a rat problem:



  1. Follow the signs left behind by a rat. These signs include any rot droppings, urine stains, and shredded pieces of paper. Looking for these signs will help speed up the process as it’ll most likely lead you to the rat infestation and possibly even the rat’s entry point.
  2. Seal the hole left by the rat. Once you find out where the rats are coming in through, it’s important that you seal up the hole. Getting rid of rats is only half the battle. If the hole is left open, then there’s virtually nothing stopping the rat infestation from returning. Remember that rats have the ability to enter through holes that are significantly smaller than the rat’s size so don’t dismiss a potential entry point simply because it looks too small for the rat to enter through.
  3. Clean everything. This last tip seems a little obvious, however, it doesn’t excuse it from being mentioned. Cleaning and sanitizing areas that rats come through is highly important to dealing with the rat infestation. Not only are these areas highly contaminated by bacteria from the rats, but rats will also be able to smell it and start looking for ways to reach it.



Why You Should Choose Green Rat Control


Green Rat Control is a company that puts customer satisfaction above all else in all aspects of the business. Whether you’re waiting for them to come to your door or waiting for them to pick up the phone, they’ll always make sure you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary. While customer satisfaction is a must for this company, they understand that it’s not enough for you to put your trust in them. Green Rat Control’s most famous offer is, of course, their rat removal services. Their 6-step rat removal process is guaranteed to keep your home rat free for at least five years. This process entails a home inspection, rat removal, clean-up and sanitation, rat prevention, and repairs. Not only will they get rid of the rat infestation, but will also remove damaged materials such as insulation and replace it. This goes for both any attic issues and issues within the walls of your home. All this is done using natural products that won’t harm any of your family members or pets. In short, Green Rat Control’s natural and effective rat removal processes will leave your home without a trace of a rat infestation. If you’re not satisfied for the next 5 years, simply give Green Rat Control another call and they’ll come by to resolve the issue to make sure you’re left completely satisfied.

Call Green Rat Control

Promising a 5-year rodent free guarantee isn’t something you can boast about without having the ability to back it up. Many customers of Green Rat Control have been completely satisfied with the company’s service and few customers ever do have to give them a call back. If you’re having difficulties getting rid of your rat problems and aren’t exactly sure what to do, then go ahead and give Green Rat Control a call. If you’re still unsure of their services, they even offer a free estimate to make sure that you feel safe leaving your rat problems in their hands.

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