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Los Angeles county is a large region sub-sections as diverse as the people who live there. Rats, characteristic city pests, are inevitably going to be found in more run down areas of the county. That isn’t to say that rats won’t also be found in the more luxurious areas of LA county. The grungy rodents can be found in the attics of rickety apartments just as often as they can be found enjoying pools in Beverly Hills backyards.

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Signs of an Infestation

There are a few signs to look for when determining if your attic is infested by rodents. Listen carefully for any scratching or gnawing noises coming from the attic, especially at night. This could indicate that there is rodent activity.

Check the attic for further signs, such as further proof of gnawing and scratching. Rats will gnaw on plastics and wood. Look for damaged materials or holes in the walls.

Rats also leave grease markets against walls or objects that they frequently rub against in passing. Droppings can also typically be found around heavily frequented areas.

If any or all of these signs are discovered, it is time to take proper preventative attic care and call for back-up.



Rat Control Tips

Aside from rats being destructive by chewing on material, they can also carry serious diseases. Any signs of a rodent infestation should be taken seriously.

Proper attic care is the first step in creating an anti-pest environment. Start by cleaning out the attic thoroughly. Use tightly sealed containers to seal off anything that might attract rodents. If possible, use metal storage containers. Also search for holes in the walls or floors and patch them up with plaster or steel wool.

Set rat traps along walls, in corners and in vents. Also set traps outside along fences. Make sure that tree branches or poles are far away from the roof of the home. Rodents can use them to easily access the roof and get into the attic.

If attic insulation is damaged or soiled, call a professional to remove and repair damaged insulation. At Green Rat Control, we specialize in insulation repairs and humane rodent eradication.


Calling for Help

Rodent control and Attic Cleaning in Los Angeles for residents is vital for multiple reasons.

Not only should you call for pest control as soon as signs of rodents can be found, but you should also call for help to have your attic decontaminated. Attic decontamination is a challenging job that includes, removal of animal feces, finding and removing deceased rodents, and removal of soiled insulation. At Green Rat Control, we use natural chemicals to decontaminate infested areas.

We also are unique in that we offer repair services and preventative maintenance.

Our methods are all humane and we aim to be environmentally friendly through our services. Rodent infestations are no joke and can become a serious issue if not addressed as soon as possible. Know the signs, know when to call for help, and keep your attics and homes rodent-free!

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