Strangely, Santa Clarita is most recognized by and associated with the Six Flags Amusement Park, which sits just outside of the city limits and the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), which is actually in Valencia. That isn’t to say, however, that the bustling city doesn’t have equally as wonderful things that are all its own.rat control santa clarita

An old pioneer town with many historic sites, the City of Santa Clarita has plenty to offer thrill seekers and homeowners, artists and families alike. There’s the Canyon Theatre Guild, the Newhall Walking Tour, and the William S. Hart Park Museum for all your cultural-outing needs.

You could try hiking or biking as a way to see the sites too. With more than 70 miles of trails set aside in the area simply for recreational usage, you could be out all day! Additionally, one cannot forget the Placerita Canyon Natural Area: a 350-acre wildlife sanctuary near the Western end of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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There’s shopping, there’s golf, there’s art, and there’s more even! Schools in the Santa Clarita Valley rank among the top 10% in California. There are endless community link opportunities ranging from the American Association of University Women to garden and astronomy clubs to volunteer organizations and Toastmasters. Really, the City of Santa Clarita can pride itself on being a great place to live and learn.

Whether you’re married, have children, or are just getting out of college and whether you have a car or an apartment or a house, the city will treat you well. Being that it’s the third largest city in Los Angeles County, we’re assuming that most of the population is happy to be there. It’s one of the reasons we love working in the city so much!

With our business located about a half an hour away in Northridge we are always willing to make the trip. Whether it’s to do our best to help the people or whether it’s for a cup of coffee at Honu, there’s always a reason for us to be drawn to Santa Clarita. Truly, in a business of rat control and attic cleaning, it’s perhaps not what you do but why and where and who for.


We love Santa Clarita Valley. You can grab a morning latte at the favored Way Station Coffee Shop or gorge yourself on the massive menu at Thelma’s Morning Café. Stop in for a health kick at Eat Real Café or hop on over to the Old Town Farmers Market. Either way, it’s a city that’s fresh and clean and happy. In fact, we consider it part of our job to keep it that way!

You see, we’re willing to bet that the third largest city in L.A. County has its fair share of attics and, potentially, its fair share of rats. We’ve seen them! We’ve done it even! Attic insulation, rodent control, attic cleaning, rodent proofing – you name it.

We do free estimations and the occasional free rat control tip. For instance, these problems are startlingly linked! Cluttered attics offer up tempting spaces for rats and other pests and, inversely, rodents can dirty even the cleanest of attic spaces. Knowing this, we work to make both rat control and attic cleaning easy for our customers.


rat control santa clarita


There will always be small fixes to problems like rattraps or rat poison, baits or rodenticide; however, small fixes usually only work on small problems. Right? Well, no matter how small, the problem of a rodent infestation is never quite that. As a health hazard we do our best to make it simple for our customers. Set up an estimate, after all, what’s a smaller fix than that?

Give us a reason to take to the freeways and visit the increasingly lovely Santa Clarita Valley. Help us have a reason to dream about Honu Coffee or an omelet at Thelma’s. Don’t let mice and rats and pests rival the population of the third largest city in the county! Let us help you with your attic cleaning and your rat control and, together, we can keep the City of Santa Clarita the clean and fresh home you all adore.