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The Rodent Control page answers any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after your rodent problem is gone and your house is returned to its normal state. You can count on our industry leaders to give you honest advice when tackling any rodent problem in your home.

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Prevent Identify rats

Useful information that will help you reclaim your home from rats.

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When mice invade your attic, the first sign is the noise coming from that area. But how exactly do they get in your attic?

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major signs of mice in the attic

A mouse or two may not seem like a problem, but mice in numbers are extremely dangerous. Learn the signs of mice in your attic and stop the issue before its too late.

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How much does it cost to insulate an attic

Helpful insight on how much insulating your attic will cost based on insulation type and home size.

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attic insulation guide

A guide to why attic insulation is important and an overview of some the different types of attic insulation.

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Some simple insulation and energy efficiency tips for your home and attic.

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attic condensation in winter

Here are some tips for what to do about and/or how to prevent attic condensation in winter.

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