When we think of pests, we often think of squirrels in our garden or rats in the basement or what? Mice in the attic? Definitely. In fact, mice might just be one of the peskier pests! If you have experience with mice in your home, then you will know that they are so small that they become harder to see, harder to find, and thus, more difficult to control than other invasive creatures. First things first, though, how do rats get into your attic?

how do mice get in the attic

1. Holes

How did you get a mouse in your house? Well, according to Attic Pest Authority, the minuscule creatures only need a hole about ¼ of an inch big to gain entry to your home. Meaning that any hole the size of a dime or larger can create a direct path for mice to gain entrance. Not to mention that mice can also enter through gaps in windows and even by traveling through sewage lines.

Logically speaking then, it would make sense that attics tend to be the favored locations of these animals: being that they are some of the least occupied, maintained, and monitored spaces in the homes of many. Mice tend to like the warmth too and, when heat rises, it’s likely that one of the coziest nooks of your house may be your attic.

2. Climbers

Moreover, mice are good climbers! Whether it’s through cavities in your walls or even just on the brickwork outside, they’re natural inclination is to progress upward. This lands them up near your roof, where all they need then is an access point and like we said, even the smallest hole might do.

In fact, even if you have a hole smaller than a dime, that may not stop a mouse. Like rats, both creatures aren’t opposed to chewing through the wall to make their gateway big enough to pass through. You might be wondering what exactly you can do to stop these pests then right?

3. Warmth & Shelter

To begin, it’s important to understand what mice are after when they run to your attic. Warmth and shelter may be the obvious ones but by knowing what else they are seeking you can potentially prevent them from finding it.

So, if housing and warmth are the obvious reasons why mice congregate in attic spaces, you should be keen to the fact that mice will be trying to build their nests there. Newspapers, clothes, and other rubbish are perfect for the job. Meaning, what most people keep in their attics. Making these cluttered spaces into oases for pests!

Once rodents have their home, it’s sustenance that they will seek out next. Most people know this all too well, but having mice get into your food and water is one of the last things you want. While they scramble to find something to eat, they inevitably leave dirt and rare disease in their wake. That’s why it is important to keep a careful eye on your cupboards and to keep your food in airtight containers because mice in the attic won’t stay there for long.

mice in the attic

With food and a nest, the next step for mice is simple – reproduce. About informs us that the average house mouse can have up to 10 litters in a single year, with each litter producing between six and 12 young. Then, with mice being fully grown to adulthood within seven weeks, a mouse population could increase on a massive scale within a matter of months.

Orkin states that after a colony moves into a structure and finds it to be safe and warm, they rarely venture outside again. Once they are there, it becomes a control problem: controlling your food and water, your health, your home. Ultimately, with all of the worries that come with such a pesky problem, it all starts from the same, prominent place. How do mice get in your attic?

4. How to Find Mice in the Attic

Miraculously, the question here is also the answer. Find out how the mice are getting inside your house. Whether they are entering through vents, spaces in siding, and gaps in windows, locations where wires and pipes go into the house, rooflines, the foundation, or so on – find it. By determining rodent entry points, you can stop them from entering.

Remember, pest prevention is easier than pest control. Seal even the smallest hole and be diligent! Like we said, mice won’t stay up near the roof for long. Mice in the attic are mice in your home!

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