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If you’ve got rat problems, your first priority is to get rid of the pesky rodents.

When found in a home, unwanted rats are viewed as dirty, disturbing, and a huge distraction from your everyday activities. They can also cause you to worry about things like rabies, disease, and even parasites.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get rid of rats that are both effective and permanent. However, some rat traps such as poisons and pesticides allow the rodent to hide in small places or return to their nests to die.

When this happens, the bodies can’t be found until the inevitable dead rat smell starts to permeate the building. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, there are a few easy ways to pull the dead rat smell right out of the house.

remove dead rat smell

The beginning of dead rat smell removal starts with the corpse. Once the corpse is found and disposed of, you can really began airing out your home. It can be difficult to find the corpse if the rat has been hiding, but it can typically be located where the smell is the strongest. You should never remove dead rats on your own, either. This should be a job for the professionals to handle due to the health risks involved with handling dead and decaying organic matter. Once you’ve got this step out of the way, you can move onto the 5 easy tips on how to get rid of dead rat smell.

Coffee Grounds: Coffee grounds naturally absorb odor while leaving behind the fresh and often strong smell of coffee. When left near the most affected areas, they can help suck the smell of decay out of the air without too much headache or work. Coffee grounds should be changed daily to keep them effective.

Odor Absorbing Bags: There are odor removing bags that are especially designed for removing odor when you can’t get to the dead rodent just yet. To use, simply place them near the source of the smell. This could mean hanging them above a crawl space or other area and simply locking the room. Within a few hours, the smell will start to decrease, and in a few days, it will be gone all together. The best absorbent bags to use are Earth Care Odor Removing Bags. Users have reported these to be effective, easy to use, and fairly inexpensive. For best results, hang one bag in a smaller room and two or more in larger rooms. This will hold you over until the professionals are able to come and remove the corpse from the home.

Open all the Windows and Doors: Simple but effective, allowing fresh air to sweep through the house can actually help remove dead rat smell in a matter of hours. It costs you nothing and is fairly efficient—especially on a particularly windy day. Move the process along by placing fans at the opening of doors and windows to help pull the smelly air from the inside the house, out. A quick note: someone should always be home when using this method—never leave your house open and unattended!

remove dead rat smell

Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator: The organic elements to odors are often what cause them to be so strong and lasting, and this is certainly true for the smell of death and decay. Pet stain and odor eliminators are biologically constructed to get rid of smells like cat and dog urine, which means they can be used to remove other harsh, organic smells. When used around areas with dead rat smell, Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator should be able absorb and kill the smell.

Onion Slices: Like coffee grounds, onion slices are effective absorbents. Get a large onion and slice it up into medium sized cuts. Then, place them in a bowl or on disposable plates. Place the slices in different parts of the house—especially near where the odor is strongest. Let them sit overnight. After a few hours, the dead rodent smell should be totally absorbed. Some people follow onion slices with bowls of vinegar to really remove the smell completely. Of course, after using these methods, air freshener and cracking a window or two will most likely be needed.


Dead rodent smell is certainly awful, but you don’t have to live with it forever. Wondering how to get rid of dead rat smell? These easy methods can help you get your home smelling normal again without having to spend too much money or time on odor removal. Another option is to use no-kill methods to catch rats and mice should they enter your home again. This way, there’s no dead rat smell to deal with, and you can reintroduce the pesky animals back into the wild where they belong.

Green Rat Control understands how bothersome dealing with rodents can be, which is why we offer comprehensive help throughout the Los Angeles area. Our company specializes in all types of rodent removal and catching service and we only use green methods so as not to harm the environment. Our company offers knowledge, tips, and expert services to get your home rodent free. Give us call or visit the main site today!

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