how to keep rats out of your garden

Whether it’s in the house or out in the yard, we know this to be true: rats are pests. These rodents are especially menacing when it comes to gardens because they can spread bacteria, nest in the fertile soil you’ve cultivated, and eat your homegrown fruits and vegetables. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping rats away from your garden:

Take Care of the Trash

According to Brooklyn Botanic Garden, rats need protein and fat that won’t be provided with a diet of only fruits and vegetables. If open trashcans or compost bins are easily accessible, nearby rats have everything they need to survive all in one place. Make sure all leftover food and trash is kept in cans with tight lids and sealable bag liners.

How to Keep Rats out of Your Garden

Remove Clutter

Take away the protection rats seek by clearing out clutter like tall weeds, piles of rocks or wood, and unkempt bushes. Rats that feel exposed will likely move on to a more secure living space and away from your property.

Fantastic Fencing

When installing a fence, make sure it is deep enough so the rats cannot burrow under it. Opt for electric fencing when possible to keep scampering feet off the top posts as well. As an extra measure, you can line the inside of the perimeter with rocks or bricks, which are unpleasant for rodents to walk over.

How to Keep Rats out of Your Garden

Keep Them Away with Certain Smells

There are a few smells that can help deter rodents from entering your garden. These include mint and urine. You can sprinkle urine-soaked cat litter around the garden or even purchase fox or coyote urine at select stores. Other deterrent smells include peppermint and camphor balls (also known as moth balls).

Put a Cork in it

If you are having a difficult time controlling your rodent population, the last measure may be extermination. One easy way of doing so is through a tricky snack or corks. Cork is not digestible to rodents, so, after they eat the material, they well soon come to an end by not being able to pass or digest the cork.

How to Keep Rats out of Your Garden

For this recipe, cut corks into chunks and slather the pieces with meat grease. The aroma and flavor is enticing to pests. Leave these around the garden and the rats will eat them and, unable to digest properly, will soon pass away.

To the people who deal with these sneaky critters, it seems as though no place is safe. Rats can weasel their way into every nook and cranny and are a public safety hazard that should be kept away at all costs, especially when it comes to your food. Dealing with rats can be tiresome, so utilize these simple steps to take preventive measures that will have a lasting effect on your garden.