Green Rat Control is one of the number one rodent control and attic cleaning services in and around Los Angeles. We know that when rodents invade your home or business, it can be a huge headache and most people aren’t even sure how to handle such a situation.

From rat traps and chemicals, most rodent control options are harsh on the environment as well as the animals themselves. But at Green Rat Control, we only stick to solutions that are safe for humans, pets, and our environment. We enjoy helping our customers reclaim their homes, and one of our favorite service locations is the beautiful city of San Jose, CA.



The city of San Jose boasts a culturally rich history, which means it has a number of historically significant landmarks. In fact, San Jose has many more landmarks than the average city. From the Luis Maria Peralta Adobe and St. Joseph’s Church to the Hayes Mansion and the Vintage Tower, there are actually 200 designated city landmarks throughout the area. Even more interesting, any historic property can be nominated to be a City Landmark by either the Historic Landmarks Commission or the City Council. Nominations can be made here.




San Jose was officially founded on November 29, 1777 as the very first civilian settlement in California. It was primarily known as El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe before becoming the San Jose we know and love today. This city was also the home of the first state capital.

Since its founding, San Jose has grown steadily, reaching its apex in the 1990s with the flourishing tech industry. From here, it earned its signature as the Capital of Silicon Valley. Today, San Jose has over one million residents, making it the largest city in Northern California and the 10th largest city in the entire U.S. It is home to various buildings, destination, and sites with high historical importance, and is a major tourist spot all year round. To learn more about this iconic spot, click here.


Why We Love Doing Business Here

San Jose is all about tech and innovation, meaning they’re always moving forward. This greatly appeals to us because, as a green company, we’re always looking for new ways to make our rodent control and attic cleaning solutions better for you. Rodent control in San Jose is always going to be evolving, and we’re at the forefront of each new development. As a Los Angeles-based company, we also love reaching out to further cities in California, and as one of the most popular cities in Northern California, San Jose is a great city to reach to.


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Interesting Stuff

Though not unheard of for California cities, San Jose is known for having perfect climate. Nestled within a beautiful valley, the city gets over 300 days of sun a year, has little to no humidity, and has comfortably cool days. The few rainy times a year are often light and breezy, making for perfect sweater weather.


Drive Time / How Long Will It Take Us to Serve You?

Though our main office is located in Northridge, we have a department in Santa Clara, CA, just fifteen minutes from the city of San Jose. We can get to you in just a matter of minutes, and we vow to never make our customers wait on us. Our service time will vary depending on the job we’ve been hired for, and we offer a variety of services. Rodent control in San Jose could take a few hours to a few days, while larger projects can take a bit longer. For an accurate reading of how long our services will take, visit our site for a quote and a free estimate.


What to Expect When We Service

We offer a number of service in both rodent control and attic care. For rodent control services, we offer everything from inspection to cleanup and sanitation after removal. We also offer prevention services and sealing to ensure that the rodents won’t come back. Each of our services come with a 5-year warranty so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service possible. Rodent Control in San Jose has never been easier!


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