If you need rodent control and attic cleaning services in Mountain View, CA, look no further than Green Rat Control. We’re a business that understands how important it is to dispose of rodents in a safe and environmentally friendly way. With us, our customers get humane services, useful rat control tips, attic care advice, and the peace of mind that they are using a company that steers clear of harsh chemicals, traps, and other severe control methods. We service in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, and one of our favorite locations is in Mountain View, CA.


About Mountain View

In Mountain View, CA, you’ll find a number of landmarks that double as excellent spots for a day trip. From the Computer History Museum and the NASA Ames Research Center to the Moffet Field Historical Society Museum and the Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View is a great place to absorb some culture, history, and incredibly interesting scientific facts. These landmarks and more make Mountain View a truly unique place with attractions that offer a little more than meets the eye. Whether you want to spend a day surrounded by science, learn more about outer space, enjoy a concert, or indulge in some of the area’s history, Mountain View has a place for you.

Like many California cities, Mountain View’s first European inhabitants were the Mission Priests who came to build religious settlements. Before it was settled, the area was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians who lived along the San Francisco Peninsula. The area was known for it’s rich, lush plant life such as the California live oaks and the magnificent mountains that cradled the valley. In 1777, the Mission Santa Clara de Asis was founded and Mission Indians used the land now known as the city of Mountain View, as pasture for livestock.

By the 1830s, much if the missions were secularized by the Mexican Government, and the land was subsequently subdivided by Mexican land grants. By the early 1850s, the land grant of Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas was awarded to Mariano Castro, for whom the main street of Mountain View would be named.

The city was officially incorporated in 1902 and chartered in January of 1952. To learn more, go here.


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Why We Love Doing Business Here

Rodent control and attic cleaning services in Mountain View, CA are our favorite because we at Green Rat Control love doing business in the city. The shorelines, the gorgeous climate, and the beautiful city and seascapes make this one picturesque place to be. While Mountain View is a smaller city in many ways, the quaint feel of the downtown area, the rich history, and vibrant community make this a wonderfully relaxing place to work. Of course, the rich natural setting of Mountain View means that there residents are more likely to experience visits from rodents and other pesky creatures, and this is where we come in. With our expert services, we can guarantee our Mountain View customers that we’ll rid their home of rats and other rodents while protecting the natural surrounding environment. Mountain is truly a space where we can showcase just how safe our methods are on the earth.


Interesting Stuff

rat control attic services mountain viewPerhaps one of the most interesting facts about Mountain View, CA is that it is home to the Global HQ of Google. This tech giant has called Mountain View home for decades, and having this company plant in Mountain View has created hundreds of jobs for citizens and other individuals in the surrounding areas. The headquarters is located on a large, sprawling campus that’s as innovative as it is beautiful. Along with the other mentioned landmarks, the Google HQ is a major tourist attraction.


How Long Will it Take Us to Service You?

Green Rat Control has an office located in Satan Clara, keeping us a short 20 minutes from our Mountain View customers. We should be able to reach your residence in under 30 minutes, making drive time incredibly simple. Our service time may vary as certain needs may take longer than others. We offer services in rodent control and capture as well as attic care and cleaning. A rat control problem may be devastating on a home, and the worse your infestation is, the longer it could take us to service you. On average, we expect each appointment to take anywhere from an hour or two to a few days depending upon client needs.


What to Expect When We Service

Rodent control and attic cleaning services in Mountain View, CA are a specialty of ours at Green Rat Control. We understand that many rodent control and attic cleaning services rely on harsh methods, chemicals, and more to take care of a rodent problem when it simply isn’t needed. We don’t believe in compromising the health of our clients or the health of the environment to take care of rats and other rodents, which is why we specialize in green solutions that are just as effective, if not more, than traditional rodent control and attic care methods. Get in touch with us to set an appointment or simply learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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