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Green Rat Control dedicates their work towards helping homeowners remove any intruding house guests. Our team of trained wildlife control specialists work to ensure every service is provided professionally and with the best results possible. At Green Rat Control, we hold great respect for those we relocate and do everything we can to remove them with as little stress as possible. We also provide attic insulation services for old and damaged attic insulation. In an area with California summers and coastal winters, bad insulation can cost you a lot of money in heating and cooling energy which could be put to better use.

Green Rat Control believes in honest, friendly service and take pride in employing the best tactics to achieve the best results. We believe it is important to understand the dilemma at hand and take the time to listen and explain solutions in an informative and clear manner.

5 year guarantee for rodent control in long beach ca

There are many companies in this field that deploy ineffective or shoddy tactics that result in problems later. Green Rat Control works to make sure everything is handled in a neat, clean and professional manner so you won’t get headaches later.

Rodent control in Long Beach, CA from GRC does more than just control the pest infestation. Once the home is inspected for any lingering pest they can also handle the clean-up and sanitation to remove the leftover waste. Following they deal with prevention and sealing so you never have a problem again and if you do they have a 5-year warranty and will return and fix it free of charge

About Long Beach- Past the Rodent Control

Home of the Queen Mary, Long Beach holds a rich history and costal culture that draws in tourists and residents alike. The regal RMS Queen Mary stands as a piece of history, a hotel and museum that records its distinction and time of use during World War II. Along the beach, at Rainbow Harbor, is the Aquarium of the Pacific which features over 12,500 animals with popular interactive exhibits like Shark Lagoon and Lorikeet Forest. The Aquarium was rated image of sailboats in long beach second only to Disneyland as one of the top Los Anglos area Family Destination.

Long Beach has other attractions such as singing gondolier rides, the Walter Pyramid and more. These make the area a popular living destination, and an expensive one. Some try to skirt around the expense by getting a fixer upper, something that hasn’t been live in for a while and needs a little love. But those typically already have tenants of the furry persuasion which would have to go.

Points of Interest

RMS Queen Mary

Aquarium of the Pacific

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Anthelion Helicopters

Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show and Cruise



“I’m extremely happy with their work and amazing customer service! I highly recommend using this company! Thank you, Green Rat Control! You saved me!” -Natalie P

“The crew was very neat and efficient., they respected my home and kept it clean! I am thankful for your their help! If you have the same issue of rats in the attic give them a call.” -Avi K

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