When you require rodent control services but don’t want to compromise the safety and integrity of your home, you need a rodent control company that is committed to environmentally safe practices. At Green Rat Control, we are the leading experts in safe rodent control strategies.

It’s not a wise choice to deal with a rodent problem on your own, in fact, it can really backfire! Rats and mice are known to contaminate food, spread disease, and develop rodent infestations, which can cause serious health risks to you and your family. We highly recommend hiring pest control specialists to come to handle a pest infestation. Green Rat Control’s expertise isn’t just limited to mouse or rat infestations; we’ll provide excellent service for almost any kind of pest invasion. This includes possums, bats, squirrels, and even raccoons!

We service the Orange County region, the greater Los Angeles area, SF Bay area, San Jose, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Riverside, providing quality service throughout Southern & Northern California. Whether you’ve got unwanted rodents in a home or business, we would be honored to service your property with our 100% environmentally friendly techniques and products.

If you’re just beginning to research rodent control methods, you might be feeling overwhelmed. What is the best way to get rid of rodents? How do I find their entry points? Do I set traps and baits? Do I need the help of a control specialist? These are all valid questions! Our GRC team can help you make informed decisions that will benefit your situation and ultimately help you get rodent free!

Here’s a rundown of our rodent and pest control services to help you identify which of our processes might be needed for your situation.

Rodent Control Home InspectionSTEP 1 – Inspection:

To effectively remove rodents it is essential to search for and locate all of the rodent entry points. This is why inspection is a central part of the approach and is crucial to successfully keep your home free of rats and mice. You’d be surprised at the lengths a mouse or rat will go to for access to your living space!

What to expect: believe it or not, before they sneak into your home, rats usually camp out somewhere in the yard. From here, they scout out your property and formulate a plan. Do you keep a woodpile up against the house? This is a popular hangout for rats and mice while they are strategizing how to get inside. They can survive on the water collected between the wood and the shelter it provides. The GRC team will inspect the yard for signs of rodents first.

Next, our qualified inspectors perform an inspection of your home to identify all current and potential entry points. They will inspect the lower crawlspace, the attic, the roof, garage, and the entire exterior perimeter. All rodent entry points will be found and a trapping system will be installed in the infested areas. After the inspection is completed, your inspector will fill out a rodent exclusion report and go over the details of the report with you.

Included in your report is a proposal for Green Rat Control to repair all of the entry points of your home. Your inspector will also give you a detailed sanitation report which addresses any rodent damage that has been done to insulation, air ducts, and your vapor barrier.

Attic Clean-Up & SanitationStep 2 – Rodent Proofing

Professional exclusion services are your best defense against rodent invasion. It only takes one weak spot for in your property’s exterior for them to get in!

Due to their body build and shape, rats and mice are capable of fitting through holes much smaller than you would expect. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter, and mice the size of a dime! Commonly exploited areas include exterior vents, loose chimney caps, holes in walls, broken gutters, cracked foundation, garage doors, and loose or broken roof shingles.

The attic is one of the rodents’ favorite places to nest. Roof rats, in particular, are adept at scaling nearby trees and making the leap to your roof. They will easily find an eave gap or small hole in the roof to gain access to the attic. For these reasons, thoroughly inspecting the entire roof for structural issues, holes, and faulty shingles are very important.

After investigating your property, our team will rodent proof your property by sealing up any entry points created by these critters. GRC has a tried and true rodent exclusion method for sealing entry points:

  • Fill The Holes: There’s no rocket science here. Once we’ve found the entry point, we fill the holes with steel wool or copper mesh. We make sure to fully extended the product through the length of the hole.
  • Seal It Up: next we use caulking and get to work sealing the area around the mesh. We always use the hardware cloth first. Although it might seem easier to just fill a space using caulking alone, we must remember that mice and rats can chew through the stuff like it’s peanut butter, so we fill small holes with steel wool first to deter chewing.
  • Use Grout And Broken Glass: This method works best for outdoor foundations and sidewalks. We can patch holes and cracks in your foundation using wet cement mixed with broken glass. The glass will deter rats trying to take advantage of the cement before it dries.

Next, we’ll prevent rodent activity by installing safe trapping systems where the rodents are most active and ensure that every one of them is caught.


Attic Prevention and SealingStep 3 – Attic Cleaning Services

When was the last time you were up in your attic? It’s isolated, undisturbed, and probably stocked with junk you forgot all about- which is exactly why rodents love attics and usually make their homes here.

Everything rodents touch becomes contaminated by their urine and droppings. Unfortunately, mice and rats naturally gravitate to your attic insulation. They tunnel and burrow within the fluffy dense material, using it as a nesting ground and ruining it!

We offer environmentally safe attic cleaning services to homeowners looking to clear out toxic fecal matter leftover from rodents, soiled insulation, foul odors, and more. Our company will rodent proof and decontaminate your attic upon request, leaving it clean, safe, and better than ever. This is an additional specialty of GRC that is not traditionally offered by a pest and rodent control service.


Attic / Crawl Space Repair & RestorationStep 4 – Attic Insulation

Without the necessary skills and knowledge, removing rodent infested insulation can be a nightmare. You could put your health at risk, succumbing to diseases like Hantavirus and Leptospirosis. Worse, it’s also possible to spread contamination throughout your home in your attempt to remove the product.

Our pest control company is well equipped to remove even the nastiest of insulations safely and without worry. We’ll even properly install new insulation into your attic so you don’t have to make an extra call.


Rodent Prevention CompanyStep 5 – Dead Animal Removal

You’ll notice that rodents are more active during the hours of the night. They’re nocturnal creatures that prefer to use the cover of darkness to conceal themselves against potential predators. They’ll scurry along the floor, clinging to walls, desperate not to be seen. That’s why, if given the chance, they’ll use your inner walls as a form of transportation. Many rodents become trapped within crevices and end up dying this way.

Unfortunately for you, this can cause terrible odors to disperse throughout your house. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and often may locate the dead rodent before you do! If your pet comes into contact with a dead rodent they can contract a serious and infectious disease. Green rat control specializes in dog safe rat control and makes using environmentally safe practices a priority.

Luckily, we’re expertly trained at finding and removing dead animals. We’ll keep your pets and family safe while quickly removing the dead animal from the home. We even offer professional deodorizing services, eliminating the foul smell and leaving your place smelling fresh.


5 Year warranty SolutionStep 6 – 5 Year Warranty

We won’t stop until your rat problem is gone for good. If by some chance, we miss any rodents or entry holes during our service, we’ll come back, free of charge, and take care of the trouble. We value the homes and lives of our customers and want you to have full confidence in our capabilities. Our rodent and pest control specialists will even share helpful tips with you, (E.g., recommended rodent proofing, rat trapping, waste removal procedures) so you can feel comfortable tackling rat preventative measures on your own.


Why Hire a Professional Rodent Control Company?

Even if you’re a fan of Fixer Upper, you have to admit that DIY home projects can be a gamble. It only takes one epic fail to realize that wiring is best left to electricians and plumbing to plumbers. In this case, a failed DIY attempt at pest control could have huge negative consequences- mainly, serious health risks to your family and potential damage to your home.

Even with research, it’s difficult to understand and execute the proper procedures of dangerous tasks such as collecting and disposing of rodent urine and feces or finding and removing the rodents (dead or alive). For example, sweeping or vacuuming up rat droppings is a big mistake. It has the potential to kick up harmful bacteria and cause it to become airborne. Our team members are trained and licensed in the best practices for these tough situations. We have all the professional-grade protective gear and necessary tools for the job, which allows us to execute the job safely and correctly. At GRC, we can guarantee environmentally safe and pet safe rodent control.

Most people that attempt to deal with a rodent infestation themselves do so because they believe it will save them money. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case! Rats and mice are known for nesting in hard to reach places- including inside of interior walls. You might think you have pinpointed the pests’ location, but a mistake means paying to repair drywall!

Finally, time is another factor. While you are trying to solve your own rodent problem, the dirty pests could be gnawing away at your electrical wiring, ruining your insulation, or contaminating your food. You just don’t have any time to waste on trial and error DIY pest control. Our skilled Green Rat Control experts can solve your rodent infestation problem fast, making your home safe and secure again.

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  • Tom was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I submitted my online service request in the evening and he was out to clean my attic from the rat infestation that we had the next afternoon. Great service, Great Company! Susan Frank - Encino, CA

    Susan Frank – Encino, CA

    Susan Frank – Encino, CA
  • From the first phone call this company is very professional. they explained how they clean the attic and the price was really reasonable compare to other companies. The technician man, Mark called 10 minutes before he arrived to my house, which I found very helpful. Mark was very professional and friendly throughout the process. Highly Recommended. Great Work and service. Tom Stern - Woodland Hills, CA

    Tom Stern – Woodland Hills, CA

    Tom Stern – Woodland Hills, CA
  • I had rats.  At least one had died under my sub-floor. It had begun to smell. It wasn't the first time and I was frustrated.. :-/ I called Green Rat Control and they were there in the morning the next day.  It looks like the rat proofing has worked so far. Great Service! John Fox - Pasadena, CA

    John Fox – Pasadena, CA

    John Fox – Pasadena, CA
  • Green Rat Control was just phenomenal. They was there on time, told me the cost did the work and explained everything I needed to know. They guarantees their. I totally recommend them. You know that everything is taken care of. Ronald Wuless - Tustin, CA

    Ronald Wuless – Tustin, CA

    Ronald Wuless – Tustin, CA
  • Green Rat Control are the best.!! Fantastic! They just finished outfitting my home as we had a rat in the attic. They have been SO responsive; coming to my home 3 times this week. The serviceman was polite, knowledgeable, and did everything possible to make sure we felt comfortable with the process. I am VERY happy we spent the extra $ to go with a professional outfit like Green Rat Control. Joe E. Los Angeles, CA

    Joe E. Los Angeles, CA

    Joe E. Los Angeles, CA
  • I had a great experience with Green Rat Control, was very pleasant and helpful. They got rid of my problem and conducted follow-up to make sure the problem was resolved. Thank You Jenny S. Calabasas, CA

    Jenny S. Calabasas, CA

    Jenny S. Calabasas, CA
  • Green Rat Control is the master of rat elimination and a very pleasant company to deal with. They're quick, effective, answers questions, knows their stuff, and guarantees his work. A real professional. Susan Frenzo - Orange County, CA

    Susan Frenzo – Orange County, CA

    Susan Frenzo – Orange County, CA
  • Green Rat Control are amazing. We have some persistent critters in our neighborhood and Green Rat Control has rat-proofed out house and helped us to remain pest free. They guarantees his work so if you need him to come back, he will. I cannot begin to tell you how nice that is. The customer service is excellent. We could not be more pleased. Sam Gerson - Topanga, CA

    Sam Gerson – Topanga, CA

    Sam Gerson – Topanga, CA
  • Everyone I talked with from the first consultation to the dispatcher on the phone to the crew that sealed off my attic were all very nice, very professional, and answered all my questions. Samantha Brown - Palos Verdes, CA

    Samantha Brown – Palos Verdes, CA

    Samantha Brown – Palos Verdes, CA
  • The problem was solved and overall I found their pricing reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again in the future if I need pest control. Steve Mar Del - Beverly Hills, CA

    Steve Mar Del – Beverly Hills, CA

    Steve Mar Del – Beverly Hills, CA



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