Get a 2 Year Guarantee Solution.

Green Rat Control is happy to provide all of our customers who suffer and are victims of rodent infestations with a full 2 Year Guarantee Solution on all of the services provided by our company. If any rodents such as rats/mice happen to return and do cause additional damage, or chew their way back through and reproduce past any of the areas that we have repaired, we will honor a complete rat control service free of charge. We are fully equipped and ready to solve any issues if by some fault of our workmanship rats are able to regain access into your home. This could include any required trapping, cleanup and/or new repairs that must be done.

It is very rare that we have to go back to service a home that we have conducted services for, but we extremely believe that our customers come first and we provide the peace of mind in knowing that we stand behind our 2 Year Guarantee Solution and we will go to great lengths to provide complete customer satisfaction.

When our clients hire us to perform services, they expect that we are going to be able to solve their rodent problem which is exactly what our solutions and treatments offer. Our technicians will take care of the rodent issue once and for all!!

Depending on the level of infestation in the property, after our rodent proofing method there is a possibility that one or two rodents may be left behind after all the holes and entry points have been properly sealed, therefore after completion of all services conducted, a second visit to your home is required to assure that there aren’t any more rodent activity. Our technicians will set traps and monitor to permanently eliminate your rodent infestation problem.

Once our job is complete we request that you inform us if you hear noises after our visit. On certain cases it could be required to have a second or third visit based on the extent of the problem you are dealing with. Do keep in mind that any expense invested with our company is secured and we will not stop until the problem has fully been taken cared of!

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2 Year Guarentee