“Home Sweet Home” is a phrase uttered by most of us, especially when returning back after a long day at the office. However, that “sweet home” can be a cozy dwelling for not only you, but for other unwanted little houseguests as well.

Yep, you guessed it. We mean rats!

Suddenly, your humble abode has turned into an area of frantic paranoia and hazards. But what do you do? It’s not often that one has to come face to face with a rat, which is why so many hike up their skirts and panic when it actually happens.

But have no fear, because Green Rat Control is here to save the day. We provide reliable and efficient attic cleaning services and rodent control in Santa Clara County!

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Our Legacy and Commitment To Pest Control in Santa Clara

Our practices are 100% humane and effective at both preventing and controlling a variety of rodent issues in the home and business buildings. Not to mention, there is no need to take the entire day off work to prep your home either, because we are fully prepared and equipped to handle every step of the controlling process from first inspection to final clean up. Plus, we are quick, effective, and stick to our appointments. All of our practices come with a five-year guarantee prevention and all of our solutions are ecofriendly and environmentally safe for your family, pets, and home. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy home, which is why we honor our valued employees with a quick response and friendly, effective service. We live in your neighborhood, which is why we want to continue its safety for all. So put up your feet, relax, and let us handle the stress of controlling your unwanted houseguests.

Our Location

One of our neighborhoods, which we service, is Santa Clara County, the beautiful coastal city just south of San Francisco.

Our Santa Clara Location

2464 El Camino Real #131
Santa Clara, CA 95051



rodent control santa clara countyEven though the city was not incorporated into a town until 1852, its important history began nearly a hundred years prior.

In 1769, the first European conquistadors visited the valley, currently known as Santa Clara, and quickly realized the land was inhabited by a large tribe of Native Americans. Not knowing the indigenous’ heritage or language, the Spanish explorers named them “Costanos”, translated “coast people”, since they settled close to the Pacific Ocean. Today, this group of Native Americans have been renamed Ohlone by a group of the tribe’s descendants.

Soon after visiting the land, the Spanish began to establish missions in order to colonize California, one of which is Mission Santa Clara de Asis. This mission is inspired by the Franciscan Order of the Poor Clares who follow the Catholic Rule of Saint Clare. She and her order of nuns vow to extreme poverty as their act of worship, which has always been, and still remains to be, the core focus of this mission. The mission and Saint Clare are both the symbolic references behind the city of Santa Clara’s name, which was officially state-chartered by the year 1862.

However, after the founding of the mission, Santa Clara’s population remained relatively stagnant, around 5,000 people, because of the agricultural focus in the land. Because of the city’s nutrient rich soil close to the ocean, livestock, vegetables, and orchards thrived. Still, the dynamic soon shifted. The movement from rural to urban began with John J. Montgomery when he conducted his first public high-altitude flight in a manually operated glider. His design for the glider became one of the first industrial tycoons in the valley and stimulated its residence into becoming a semiconductor industrial town. Today, little of the farm life past remains as the valley has made room for industrial super stars like Intel.

Things To Do

rodent control santa clara county

Geographically, three seasonal creeks known as the San Tomas Aquino Creek, Saratoga Creek, and Calabazas Creek surround Santa Clara, which make these locations perfect for any outdoor adventure. During the spring, the creeks become flooded and are ideal for fishing and other waterside activities, but even when the water level is low, there is still fun to be had! Each location offers a variety of outdoors hiking trails, mountain bike paths, and even some recreation centers like dog parks and barbeque pits. Because the state is so prominent about maintaining this land for all people and animals, it remains beautiful, clean, and fun year round. There is even a special reserve habitat for the burrowing owl, a rare species of ground-dwelling owls not found anywhere else, so grab your binoculars and go bird watching on these incredibly lush hillside hiking trails.

Even if nature is not quite your forte, you will surely find some source of great entertainment because Santa Clara is home to some of the most well loved sports teams from college level to the professional leagues. Santa Clara University sponsors 19 different sports teams, all of who compete in Division 1 of the NCAA athletic programs. Their mascot, the red and white bronco, is the direct inspiration for the city’s flag and its athletic programs play heavily into the culture and history of Santa Clara. In fact, the city’s sports arenas are noted as some of the finest facilities of their size in the West Coast. In a professional standing, Santa Clara is home to Levi’s Stadium, the renowned center of the San Francisco 49ers National Football League. In the year 2016, Levi’s stadium will be the host of the 50th Super Bowl, but when this arena is not serving its fans with pro football, it also hosts events from car rallies to country music concerts.

For more wild and crazy fun, we enjoy a trip over to California’s Great America theme park, which caters from high thrill rides, like the all wooden “Grizzly” roller coaster, to family style fun like bumper cars and water rapids rides. In the heat of summer, cool off with a dip at the neighboring waterpark Boomerang Bay, home to some of the most exciting waterslides and relaxing poolside lounges.

If relaxation is more of your “cup of tea”, then definitely check out some of the favored museums. The Triton Museum of art is home to both nationally acclaimed and local artwork and galleries. Take a lesson on painting, support local artists, or simply walk about the institution’s 7-acre sculptural garden for an afternoon of bliss. Visit the Intel Museum to discover the history and future behind this important technological resource or book a tour at Santa Clara Mission to learn of the historic begins of this great city.

Our Rodent Control and Attic Care Services

No matter what your definition of enjoyment is, you are guaranteed to find any means of entertainment here in Santa Clara. In a city so full of amazing recreation and events, it’s hard to imagine why anyone could easily return to work after a weekend away in this great town. However, we at Green Rat Control find it an adventure to come into work every day because of our loyalty to our customers and the safety of their families and property. We understand the importance of returning home to a protected environment after a fun-filled weekend, which is why we dedicate our rodent control and prevention tasks to ensuring this peace of mind. Our services include, but are not limited to:

All of our pest control in Santa Clara County, CA come with a five-year guarantee solution so you won’t have to worry about pests, and all of our practices are “green”, meaning they are environmentally friendly and safe around people and pets.

Connect With Us

Our homes should be a center of family, love, and refuge; however, those ideals can be blurred when we encounter the presence of unwanted pests. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes contract a rat problem. If you are in need of some expert hands in handling the situation, please let us know by contacting Green Rat Control at our online contact page to book an appointment or send us an email at greenratcontrol@gmail.com. For immediate questions, or to simply talk to a helpful and friendly voice, give us a call at 415-688-2047. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Source: Visit Santa Clara