Summer Rodent Control Tips

Summer Rodent Control Tips

Summertime and the livin’ is easy- right? You’re probably envisioning grilling out, kids playing in the yard, hosting friends, a bountiful garden, or a fun bonfire. Summer should be your time to relax and make memories at home with your family and loved ones. But you don’t want your summer to be memorable for the wrong reasons. Pests can ruin a family reunion or picnic in a heartbeat. Forget inviting guests over to stay in your home for a vacation if you’re plagued by rodents. Use these tips for rodent control to prepare your home for all the summer activities that are in store!

Home Preparation

1. Keep a clean kitchen

While you’re trying new summer recipes, be sure to clean up after yourself in a timely manner. Don’t leave crumbs on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink overnight! Rodents are nocturnal and will take every opportunity to scavenge a dirty kitchen at night for scraps. They’re known to bite electrical wires and will obviously contaminate food sources. Keep your kitchen safe- keep it clean!

mop cleaning a floor

2. Garden harvest

Summer is a time of abundance in terms of fresh fruit and veggies. However, don’t let produce sit out and ripen on the counter. The aroma will attract insect pests and rodents alike. Store fresh produce in the fridge to ensure long lasting freshness.

3. Check the toys at the door

The kids are home for the summer, and playtime is now all-day-every-day! Beware of what the children are bringing inside your house. Outside toys need to remain outside. Kids will unwittingly bring in unwanted insects or other pests accidentally.

4. Meat management

Meat leftovers can wreak havoc on your garbage. The odors from meat spoils, sitting at room temperature in the garbage, will attract insects and rodents alike! Know your trash pickup schedule and plan ahead. Never leave rotting meat in your trash for more than 48 hours.

Outside Preparation

1. Tidy the firewood

Maybe you’re looking forward to an epic summer bonfire. As you save and stock up on firewood, be sure to store it properly. Firewood should never be stacked against the home or shed. It is a perfect hiding place and breeding ground for insects and rodents. Piles of firewood also collect standing water that rodents use a water source for survival. For best success, always store firewood at least 5 feet away from your residence, preferably stacked off of the ground.

fire wood pile

2. Landscaping maintenance

It’s not so much about winning lawn and garden awards as it is about pest control. Landscaping maintenance needs to deal with any overgrowth, which is a prime location for pests and their nests. At the minimum, trim back bushes and trees that are brushing up against the house, and rake up any debris.

3. No standing water!

Eliminating standing water in your yard is the first step to combating mosquitoes. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and a sought after water source for rodents. It’s easy to overlook standing water, so make it routine circle your property to check for it. Normally it’s best to look in rain spouts and check for leaks around the air conditioning unit.

To really get your home rodent proofed for the summer, consider hiring a professional team to do an assessment of the inside and outside of your home.

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